What Are The Characteristics Of A Good Boss?

What Are The Characteristics Of A Good Boss?

In this article we are going to talk about the what are the characteristics of a good boss. All of us spends a majority of our life working. Some us do what we like, follow our passion while others try to love what they do. All kinds of work deserves respect. It is the will to work hard and earn for yourself and your family that matters. It is a means to earn our livelihood and to many it provides a sense of freedom and responsibility.

Most people find themselves working under certain others. Most work fields have a hierarchy of positions and there are people working in each strata. You could find yourself to be the boss of some people and the employee of another. It doesn’t matter what position you hold or how much you earn, as long as you do your job right you will find yourself going up, becoming better and aspiring for greatness.

As a boss or a leader there are certain characteristics expected from one. There is always the educational qualification, the certificates and the skills, but to be a good boss there are certain other traits and talents one should possess. These are qualities everyone can acquire over time by constant practice and perseverance.

10 Characteristics Of A Good Boss

1. Honesty


To be a good leader to your employees you need to first gain their trust and the only way to do that is by being honest with them. Show them that you are trustworthy and they will show you loyalty.

Honest remarks and appreciation can help your employees be better and do better. It encourages them to work harder and follow your orders. This makes them trust your decisions and support you in new ventures.

It also helps them to view you as a friend and colleague, and can ensure better lines of communication with them. This can help to avoid clashes of opinions and disputes in the work place.

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2. Decision Making

Decision Making

Bosses should have great and quick decision making abilities. More often you come across problems that needs to be resolved as soon as possible and this can only be done by someone who can decide fast and efficiently even under pressure.

Decision making can be a tough job. It requires careful analysis of the various aspects involved with it and the skill to anticipate the outcomes of such a decision. For this one should have the ability to think clearly, focus on his/her thoughts and reach a conclusion.

This also involves working with your colleagues and collaborating with them. Ask them for their opinions and suggestions before taking a decision.

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3. Problem Solving Skills

Problem Solving Skills

As the person in charge, you should be able to resolve the various problems and disputes that arises in your work place effectively. When problems arises that affects work such as a stock market crash or a dispute with your clients, it needs to be dealt with practical and analytical thinking. First one has to understand the root cause of the problem and work towards removing that.

Problem solving also requires quick thinking and the ability to analyse each and every aspects relating to it.

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4. High Emotional Quotient

High Emotional Quotient

Bosses are required to have high emotional quotient. They should let their emotions guide them. Leadership is not something suited for someone who can’t handle pressure and stress. In every work there is a possibility of being under undue stress and also an increase in work load. As a boss one should be able to control his/her emotions and also build an example for your subordinates to do the same.

Also any personal problems or stress should never interfere with work. Always remember separate your work life from your personal life.

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5. Ability To Motivate

Ability To Motivate

All leaders should have the ability to motivate their employees to work harder and be better. They should learn from you and you should be able to guide them. During a crisis, when everyone’s stressed and in despair you should be able to encourage them to keep working. Tell them that the real failure is not when you lose, but when you give up.

Bosses should always push their employees to give their best and should always keep encouraging and appreciating them for their good work.

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6. Communicates Clearly

Communicates Clearly

A leader should be able to convey his ideas and vision to his/her followers. The vision and mission you strive for should be their motto too. For this clear communication lines should be set up with them. Know all your employees, talk to them and understand them.

Also as a boss you should be able to provide a clear job description and clearly state the various employee goals. Help them envision their goals and show them how to reach them.

Give them feedbacks and effective criticism so that they can understand what is it that they need to improve.

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7. Shows Care And Respect

Shows Care And Respect

As a boss you are in power, you make the decisions and give out orders. But a good boss should always remember to respect his/her employees and to understand them. Just because they work under you doesn’t mean they are any lesser than you. Care for them, understand their problems and help them get through it. Be a friend to your subordinates, show them that you care.

Bosses are expected to be strict with their deadlines but take time to listen to them too. A great leader can be firm and caring at the same time.

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8. Team Development

Team Development

Bosses should encourage his employees to work together. He/she must be able to inculcate a feeling of team spirit in them and should be able to make a good team leader. Everyone has their own opinions and perspectives and they may often clash with that of others. You should be able to manage these diverse people and make a good team out of them.

Designate works to each of them based on their abilities and help them work towards the main goal. Working as a team also involves listening to your employees’ view and opinions and accepting their different perspective. It also involves being open to suggestions and criticisms and working towards correcting your mistakes.

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9. Give Rewards

Give Rewards

Good bosses always inspire their employees to be better by giving out rewards in the form of bonuses and incentives. This pushes them to work harder. It is also a way to recognize their good work and is a form of appreciation. They become more committed towards their work and shows more energy in achieving their objectives.

They provide a form of external motivation which makes work easy for them. It is also a way to help your employees love their work.

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10. Compassion


Always be compassionate. Try to understand your employees, their feeling and the problems they face. A good boss takes a little less credit for their success and little more of the blame for a failure of their company. They know what their employees want and how they all work together for the company. He/ she also realises the importance of these employees in the growth and success of the company they are working for, and how their lives revolve around their works.

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All kinds of work deserves appreciation and encouragement. As long as people are putting a one hundred percent effort in their work they will find success eventually only if we remember to never give up. Always be good at what you do. If you are a boss be a great boss. If you are an employee do your work to perfection and you may find yourself becoming the boss one day. Keep working towards your goals and dreams.

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