What are the Characteristics of a Good Wife?

What are the Characteristics of a Good Wife?

In this article we are going to talk about the what are the characteristics of a good wife. On the behalf of all guys, we all want a good wife who can be your best friend for fun as well care for you as a mother. Marriage is important form of relationship. Moreover, it is bond between two individuals where they grow together with the motive of succeeding together and living for each other.

Every girl out there tries and wish to become best wife and every boy try to become best husband. The words wife and husband on itself is so pure that every one in this relationship give their best for being they’re for each other. The definition of good wife may vary from boy to boy and every guy for look different characteristics in his wife. He may aspect something from girl which may be different from other guys. However, there are some common characteristics most guys try to find on their partner.

What are the characteristics of a good wife?

It is difficult to be become good wife for a modern-day girl which may seem to be offensive for girls but that’s the truth as good wife requires lots of sacrifice and determination. These characteristics of good wife are:

1. Express love  

Express love

Good wife is someone who don’t fail to express love at every moment. Every relationship has the base that is love. Most of the guys thrive for love and if you truly love your husband, express your love whenever you get time. Expressing doesn’t need to be cheesy every time, it can be some small gesture like forehead kiss or a hug which is enough to show your love. Other than that, you can send sweet messages if your husband is at work. Giving presents like chocolate are also way to express your love towards him.

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2. Accept


This is important factor to become a good wife. You should accept that you are not single anymore and responsibilities upon you. This is also lead to reduction of your shopping and party time as you have to manage the household too. If you have children, their responsibility is also upon you like studies and nourishment requirements. You have to accept that there will be shortage of “me-time” for enjoying and doing your personal tasks. Hanging out with your friends and fun will become considerably less.

 3. Understand


Good wife need to be understanding. She should understand the situation and condition of his husband at that point and act accordingly. It is also necessary to understand his wife in order to become good husband and make his marriage work. If he is not financially strong at that point, understanding that he is going through a bad phase is a factor in itself. If he has a fight with colleagues or fails to get promotion, accept his situation and don’t blame him if the fault is his. Most of the marriage fails as partners don’t understand that what each other are going through and gives importance their own problem only.

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4. Support


Most of the guys in India lack emotional support as they have thought to be strong in front of others and don’t cry. They aren’t able to express their emotions freely with their parents. Hence, they turn towards alcohol for reducing their pain and try to get out of their senses. Therefore, as they long for some emotional support, a good wife should provide. She shouldn’t judge her husband on any matter and let him express his emotions with no restraint. Apart from the emotional support, you should also provide him moral support so that he won’t go in wrong path and gets demotivated.

5. Avoid nagging

Nagging refers to heckling your husband for every work he does.  No one likes nagging and your husband is also included in that. Nagging him continuously will make him angry and can lead him to burst at you if you cross the danger line. Your fights will begin if you nag him regularly and failure of marriage is expected. A good wife is someone who tries to workout his drawbacks with him without nagging and maintain the love of the bond. Don’t complain to him all over the day as this will make him hate you. Compatibility is therefore needed to be tested before getting married.

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6. Private space

Private space

Guys are very personal about their private space and if you try to interfere in his private space, there might be situations where may face its consequences. Boys always hangout with their friends and have parties regularly. They also have a special part for gaming in their heart. Apart from this, he might have other passion or hobby which he does often. These all come under his private space and if they are restricted from doing any of these, their may be fights. A good wife never intrudes in his husband private space.

7. Respect


We all live for respect and status in the society. Respecting your hubby is the purest form of love a wife can show to her husband. No matter how much you differ from him on personalities, opinions, etc. there should always be a space respect for each other. Tell him your opinions and views but never say that he is wrong directly if he is wrong. Respect him in front of public especially when you are with his parents, friends or children. If you respect him properly, he will respect back to you.

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8. Forgive


No one is perfect in the world. Every one makes mistakes at some moment of his life. If you are married, accept that you both will make mistake but you have a partner with you to correct it. Don’t nag him for petty mistakes. In order to make your marriage work, you should make your heart too big and have willingness to forgive him if he commits some mistakes unknowingly. Moreover, it is important to forget that mistake and bring back those issue over and over again every time you have a fight.

9. Passion


Some of the guys after getting married continue to follow their passion to make his career in that field. This may also lead to financial problem for the family at some time and he will stop following his passion.  In order to become good wife, support him in his passion and try to stabilise the financial problem by doing some part time work.  You should cheer him up when he is going through a bad phase and make him believe that better times will come if you continue going in the right path. Help him to pursue his dreams. Praying for his is also a characteristic of good wife.

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10. Take care

Take care

In order to increase your love with your husband, take care of husband as a baby. Give him whatever he wants and let him do things he wants to explore till it is not affecting you. Cook him food that he likes and enjoys to eat. Trust him in his works and deeds he does.

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