Characteristics Of Demonstration Method Of Teaching

What Are The Characteristics Of Demonstration Method Of Teaching?

In this article we are going to talk about the What are the characteristics of demonstration method of teaching? I’m sure we all know the importance of education. We know why it is important to educate ourselves or our children. Proper education helps us have the future we dream of. It gives us the respect in society, it gives us a dignified job and also a nice salary package. There are a lot of factors that play a vital role in deciding the quality of education that one gets, and the most imperative role in this is of a teacher. The type of teacher that a student gets decides his future. They mould the student’s future and how they do it is all that matters. They help them acquire knowledge and think and they teach them how to survive.

Teachers have the most respectable position in society because they help the students to dream bigger and also they teach them how to achieve their dreams. In a very informal sense, a teacher need not be the one who teaches academics alone. Anybody can be a teacher as long as they teach you something valuable. In schools, teachers are the most respected as they shape the child’s future. They know what to be taught to whom and when. Teachers can be visualized as candles that fill the child’s life full of light. They work hard day in and day out just for the betterment of your future. A good teacher is the one who pulls out everything from their sleeve just to make sure that every single student in the classroom has understood the concept. They use different techniques and adopt different methods to convey a single topic.

What are the characteristics of demonstration method of teaching?

The real test is for the teachers during the exam time as it is their hard works, their blood, sweat, and tears that are being evaluated. There are different methods that teachers use to convey the subject in a way that is easily understandable by the majority of the class. It could be blackboard teaching, explaining verbally or even with the help of visual aids depending upon the easiness of the topic and the type of strength that the class has.

Statistically, students tend to understand better and retain most of the information when things are taught with a demonstrative approach. They understand more when they are taught using visual aids like charts, graphs, maps, or when they are shown related videos or photos. It is also a very clever idea to make the kids enact a small skit or play so that they can really involve themselves into it. Using such tools will not only make teaching easy for the teachers, but it will also make sure that every student has a hundred percent attention towards the teacher. It will also make the class more interactive and energetic, which will make teaching and learning more fun.

Ditching the old school methods of teaching via a blackboard and chalk or dictating the notes will be a great help for the students. This method of teaching with the help of visual aids, or an online presentation is called as demonstrative teaching. It has a very step by step approach and it breaks down toughest of the topics in the simplest form for the students. Here are some characteristic features of demonstrative teaching-

1. Involves students

Involves students

The biggest challenge that every teacher faces is that they cannot grab the attention of the students. They find it hard to keep them from wandering away, from going into the world far far away from what you are teaching. It is always a task for them to maintain absolute discipline. The only solution to all of these questions is demonstrative teaching. The demonstration method of teaching is very intriguing for the students. This makes the students very proactive and will automatically grab their attention for a whole period with ease. It makes them participate in the class wilfully.

It will get them to answer the questions being thrown at them and will also help them remember the content for much longer. Without students’ involvement, no matter how easy the topic is or how strict the teacher is, it will all be going over the head of the students. Demonstrative learning ensures the involvement of students in the class.

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2. Increases grasping power of students

Increases grasping power of students

Scientists have proven that when teachers use visual aids, the understanding capacity of a student increases exponentially. The students tend to pay attention to the props being used and will grasp more information. These teaching aids can mean using a simple graph or a chart, until the usage of powerpoints, videos, and short films to make them understand the topic. All of this sounds tedious and laborious process, but it is actually not.

There are tons of videos and photos related to literally any topic of any subject. Right from maths till physics, history till English. It is very easy, effective, and entertaining method of teaching. This will help you gather attention much easily and hence giving you the chance to impart knowledge to the fullest. Student’s brain is very easily distracted, but at the same time is capable of multi-tasking. Using these props, you will be engaging the student and hence forbidding their thoughts from wandering away.  Students will get the interest to listen and learn from your class only if you make it interesting for them to learn, and this is just the way to get things done.

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3. Stimulates all senses

Stimulates all senses

While teaching in the traditional method, only the ears of the student will be working, but while using demonstrative tools or props, the student’s eyes and ears both will be functioning to the fullest ensuring that they make the most out of the class. Having little skits and play will make the students to involve physically into the class and hence will help their analytical skills as well. You could come up with fun and easy games for them to play in the class so that they have fun while learning.

Engaging the students is always the best method if making sure you have the entire class listening to you. Know that the more interesting the visual prop is, the more effective results you will have. This will ensure that your efforts do not go in vain. Stimulating the senses like listening, speaking, thinking, seeing, etc will make the learning process much easier than you thought it would be.

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4. Maximum participation

Maximum participation

Participation is the key factor that determines the effectiveness of your teaching. Know that the more students participate in your class, the better. Participation could be of any form, they could ask questions, they could give answers. They could participate in the game you came up with or in the play you have drafted. Whatever may be the form of participation, know that as the students participate they are gaining knowledge. Try to get as many students as possible into the activity so that they do not get bored in the class. Demonstrative teaching enables the teachers with the power of making sure students are learning the subject. It is like a validation to both students and the teachers about the amount and quality or the content of what is being taught.

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5. Very interactive

Very interactive

Interaction is very important in any class. There are a lot of advantages of interactive sessions during class hours. These interactive sessions are very hard to achieve in the traditional way. This can be possible only by using demonstrative methods. It is a very active way of teaching the students. Interactive sessions during class lets you have a general idea about how much the students have learned. It helps you summarize all the questions asked, the doubts raised and help you arrive at a conclusion. It helps you determine what areas need a second revision and what topics the students are getting confused easily. Interactive classes are the self-assessments to the teacher or instructor as to how effective the teaching has been and how well the students have grasped it. It also makes the class engaging and the teacher can decide which student interacts and how much.

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6. Triggers coordination among students

Triggers coordination among students

The demonstration method of learning has a lot of advantages to it and a lot more characteristics of it. One of the major characteristic is that it makes the students learn coordination. It teaches them to work in groups, it helps them to get better at working with other people. This improves their skills at working as a team, it teaches them to respect their teammates and friends. It teaches them to listen and accept other opinions and also helps them to know how to say no to others.

It improves their competitive skills and also teaches them humility. They learn to work as a team, win or lose as a team. It also improves their skills to work on projects in the future. It also helps the student to pick up soft skills and other skills from their teammates. As a teacher, making the students work in groups helps you break the bigger and complex topics into smaller bits and parts making it easier for students to understand the topic.

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