What are the most important things a parent can teach a child?

What are the most important things a parent can teach a child?

In this article we are going to talk about the What are the most important things a parent can teach a child? The life lessons you have learnt while you are a kid is not easily forgotten. The values that your parents or your grandparents taught you leaves a strong imprint in our minds and it becomes our guidelines when we step into adulthood. We all have learned the good and the bad from them. This is a huge evidence that parents and their parenting style definitely does have an influence on their kids. It is in your hand the responsibility to shape them for the good of tomorrow.

What are the most important things a parent can teach a child?

We all have self-doubts regarding our parenting style. Are we qualified to take care of a precious life? Would our mistakes affect them adversely? It is perfectly fine to feel confused and at cross roads when dealing with children. Follow this article to have a guide on the most important things a parent can teach their kid.

1. Honesty


The age-old proverb, “honesty is the best policy” must be taught to children. Honesty in terms of the home work they do, assignments they submit and test papers they turn in. if a child grows up thinking it is fine to copy or give a mediocre copied work as presentation, he or she will repeat the same in adulthood. While they are children, teachers and parents have patience but the adult world doesn’t have that much time to spare. In worst cases they might lose their jobs. The repercussions of not apprehending them when they are young and of tender age will only be apparent in their late teens and adulthood. It becomes extremely difficult then to correct their values, as they will be more influenced by their peers.

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2. Empathy


The world needs a bit of kindness. The children are the beacon of hope for the next generations to come. They need to have developed empathy to get the capacity to understand others to share in their joy and pain. In 2019 when the world was in lock down, we got to know how important this skill is. Empathy is essential to have an effective conversation with others. It helps us to mirror others’ emotions without artificiality. The connections formed through empathetic communication is meant to last for a long time. If your child complains that their friend got 1st prize in the science quiz, encourage your child to be happy for their friend. It helps to be considerate of others.

3. Confidence


Think about all the opportunities you have missed, the many chances you did not take, the risks you overestimated. What did it cost you? A dream job? a huge business deal? The pain of regrets is capable of consuming and degrading our mind, reducing our precious time. Do you want the same for your child? Early on in their school life itself, ensure that your child gets a lot of exposure to all the field. It is natural that a child will feel nervous the first few times when they do something new, but make them push themselves to break the invisible barriers blocking them.

Enroll them in singing, dancing lessons, public speaking classes etcetera. it has to be something that involves them presenting their skills to people. Confidence helps them attain their goals easier. They won’t get anxiety often; their strong aura will attract similar minded people. Never constantly make decisions for them, let them have a say and understanding of the right and wrong. Little kids will develop self-value when adults give them important works to do, this boosts their self-confidence.

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4. Say no

Say No

No doesn’t always have to be a negative connotation. We come across many situations where it is imperative to give a big fat no. kids especially are taught to be pleasant and lively; this leads to many of them being victimized by the evil adults of the society. Whether it is a no to strangers’ candy, their free rides to school, as parents this must be taught to them. Saying No helps them to get out of unnecessary favors for others, they will not easily get manipulated by others. Equally important, if not more is to accept a No from others. In life they will meet many types of people, you don’t have to please each and every one of them. They must be taught to Work hard put in more effort and prove their worth.

5. Sharing is caring

Sharing is caring

What you give out comes back multifold is no joke. The more you give the more you get in return, but of course you get to choose what you send. Haven’t you noticed that the care you have given someone when they really needed it gets returned as a help from them later on when you needed it. instill the values of sharing between the sibling’s early on in life. Resolve the petty fights between children in the classic fight of “Who gets the last piece of cake?” by asking them to share among themselves.

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6. Hard work gives the best result

Hard work gives the best result

Motivate your child to work hard. Nothing in life comes easy, therefore to survive and live contently people require a fighting spirit. Inculcate the same by making kids realize the significance of hard work. Don’t always reward them or please them. It is ok to fail many times, but it is not ok if you quit without another try. Teach kids to evaluate their previous effort or performance and let them find the errors in their previous methods. This applies to their study method, a dance recital performance or even in athletics. this activity develops their cognitive skills.

Guide them in finding solutions to their problems, support them during their next try. Reward them when they successfully complete the task or tops the class. They will start associating the reward with the hard work they have put in. a hard-working individual always attains their goal, they don’t see failures but obstacles that needs to be overcome to achieve their target.

7. Money is not everything

Money is not everything

As said by Plato, “Let parents bequeath to their children not riches, but the spirit of reverence.” Money buys you all the materialistic luxuries, but not the most essential luxury and that is peace of mind. I would be gullible if I believe that the world operates with a simple give and take or a barter system and not through money. However, is it all there is to life? Kids need to have a childhood filled with lots of love and joy. They are young and can be easily influenced by their peers, movies, advertisements.

These usually are oriented to give off the impression that if you are rich you get to afford everything. They may even fight with you to buy them an expensive toy costing thousands of rupees. Don’t always give into their wishes. Tell them stories to make them understand that peace in life is equally important. Life has to be lived to the fullest. The price tag of gifts does not determine the love giver has. Spend quality time with them. Let them experience the greatest joys in life that cannot be bought with money.

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8. Independence


Prepare your kid to be future ready. It becomes hard for many kids who have never done anything on their own to suddenly adapt to the new found independence the moment they turn 18 years. Parents needs to realize that kids will have to leave their nest some time or the other. So why not equip them to better fend themselves. Assign them chores, let them look after their daily tasks. Teach them basic cooking skills. This will help them be more mature in their adulthood.

9. Finance and budgeting

Finance and budgeting

Money don’t grow on trees. Children need to learn this fact and it is your responsibility as their parent. Give them money to buy family groceries. This will give them an idea about the market prices of their daily necessities. They will think again before demanding for this and that. Kids who learn the financial state of their own family will be more inclined to work hard to alleviate their present situation. Include your children when you set the family budget. They will learn the value of cash and will be smart with money in the future. Give them small amounts as pocket money, teach the significance of savings very early on.    

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10. Social skills

Social skills

Children needs to taught the importance of developing social skills such as effective listening, communicating skills, conflict resolution. Provide them with opportunities to do the same. the first impression you leave on someone is very important, kids need to think before they act. By the time they enter into adulthood they will suddenly have to interact with different types of characters in their professional as well as personal life. Even a person’s facial expression can be misinterpreted so teaching them to be polite, the right attitude towards elders will benefit them. Socializing and networking is key to survive in any profession, make sure your kids master the same by giving permission to them to join a lot of after class clubs and games.

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