What Does A Man Wants In A Wife?

What Does A Man Wants In A Wife?

In this article we are going to talk about the What does a man wants in a wife? As many women would have expectation regarding their man even man also has a certain expectation as well when it comes to the topic of wife. Men usually love to have certain qualities or characteristics in them. Not all girls the man meets are wife materials. We tend to think that men have no feelings or he doesn’t expect as much as women do, but this is not true in every situation. Some men are quite emotional as well and expect a lot in the woman who is going to be his wife. as many women expect her husband to be caring, Understanding So does men also expect these qualities in his women.

What does a man wants in a wife?

We are in a generation where relationships are losing their respect. Even some relationship no longer exist for more than a week, so understanding and respecting the relationship is a major factor in having a successful relationship. Men and women are both equally responsible for the success of a relationship or even the failure of some relationship. So each partner has certain expectations regarding one another. So accordingly, here are some of the qualities that man would love to have in his wife.

1. Understanding


Understanding is the major an most prominent factor of any relationship. As it does not limit itself to husband and wife relationship. The clashes never come into any relationship if there is equal understanding between the two. So the men would look for this quality in his wife. He wants her to understand him thoroughly. She should understand the silence behind the smile and his care behind his angriness when there is a mutual understanding between the two, there will always be respect. They will always respect each other’s decisions, feelings, etc.

When the relationship is in tough phase, understanding is the factor which give the relationship together and make the relationship last longer. Understanding each other in every situation never makes up the relationship to fail. Understanding each other’s personalities, behaviours, habit, etc is the most important so as the husband and wife, relationship will last longer. So the man would definitely want this quality in his wife.

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2. Respecting


The next thing that comes to mind after the quality of understanding is respect. Respect is also the major factor in the growth of relationship. Respect doesn’t always limit limited to ‘age’ of a person. The Respect is also the aspect of accepting each other flaws and imperfections, respecting each other’s feelings, decisions, and behaviour is the most prominent factor in any long lasting relationship. It also refers to respecting and accepting him or her as a whole person.

We should accept that nobody is perfect in this world, so as our husband or wife. We should learn to respect each other’s mannerisms, their perception towards others. Sometimes our opinions do clashes with our spouses. That doesn’t mean that they are wrong and we are right, respecting their view of world is as important as respecting our own decision. So this is one of the qualities that men would like to see in his wife.

3. Trust


Trust is also the most significant factor that we would like to see in any person we meet. The Trust is something that is not gained easily but gradually. Trusting that we will never give up on each other as the mantra for any successful relationship. Trust cannot be owned immediately, but with helping each other in the problems, and making sure that we’re there for each other under whatever the circumstances might be. Gradually there starts a point where each other starts accepting and trusting each other. Every women should start trusting her man, that in any difficult situation that the man will be always available for her, and vice versa for the man as well. Trust is the bridge that makes the way for successful relationship, so the man. Always wants and expects this quality in his wife.

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4. Being together in any situation

 Being together in any situation

Whenever there are difficult circumstances, relationship starts to breakdown because the partners start to stop believing in each other. It is human tendency to go away from anything that is causing problem, but we should not also learn that this problem doesn’t last long as well. In a relationship when either of the partner is facing problem, it is the responsibility of other partners to be with him or her and face the problem together. If a person is suffering from difficult situations in his or her life, the respective spouses must be with him or her and give courage to them. And should Make him them to believe that this problem is not a big deal and can be found together. This is the major quality which the husbands want in their wives.

5. To Love him immensely

To Love him immensely

Love is something that is pure and everyone should. Every man expects his woman to love him unconditionally without any expectations and limitations. It is also the conscious decision that we make every day and in every situation and circumstances when in a relationship about each other. Each other should fall in love with spouses daily and to make sure that the love only increases day by day and not to diminish we should love each other immensely under whatever and how difficult situation might be. We should learn to choose each other every day. This makes our life better each day. So the man always wants his wife to love him unconditionally and immensely no matter what.

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6. Confident


Confidence is the key factor in whatever we do daily. A woman who is confident and determinant in a attitude are way more attractive than a normal woman. in whatever the decision she makes her confidence speaks more than her  words. This attitude attracts the man who thinks that this woman never get discouraged how hard the life might get. This brings a sense of safety and a will to improve and grow together in life. Every decision you take as a couple has to be respected and should be bravely implemented as well. This daring attitude keeps the man to taking the relationship further and this is one of the qualities that a man expects in hi wife.

7. Helping each other

Helping each other

In a relationship, whenever the situation gets or seems difficult, then this might end up in giving up the relationship. But this should not be the case. As a couple, every partner needs to help each other whether when anyone of them wants to take a decision or when a partner is struggling to get out of a particular situation, etc. There should be a clear notion that they should be there for each other in happy situations as well as unfamiliar circumstances. They should accept each other flaws and imperfections and should make sure that they help each other and grow old together. The man expects his wife to be the go to person for him in any circumstances. He also expects her to be with him through his thick and thin.

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8. Comforting him

Comforting him

At one point of their lives, everybody would have feel dejected, low or depressed. At this point of time, they crave for the people who give assurance and tell them to not worry and give them motivation to go ahead in life. Everyman wants his wife to comfort him when he feels so. Comforting doesn’t only give him assurance that is not alone in this struggle, but also helps him from coming out of stress and trauma that he is facing. But the only person he needs is the one who gives some inspiration and face any situation together with him. So these qualities is most like by the men because he does not like to feel alone and wants to share everything with his wife.

9. Be loyal

Be loyal

Being loyal in this generation is difficult that to in this generation as there is many distractions awaiting for the person. When a person is genuinely in relationship, this distraction doesn’t seem to appear in front of him or her. Being loyal at any point in life towards relationship being begins to form the trust between the two, which is very important for the relationship. We might succeed in gaining the trust of a person, but it is very difficult to maintain the trust and be loyal towards each other. Honesty is something that should exist in the relationship as it keeps the relationship strong and healthy. In a world full of cheating and hurting other people, the man always finds it attractive who makes efforts to be loyal and fight for the relationship.

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10. Being herself

 Being herself

Lastly, any man wouldn’t like to see the drama or fake personality in this woman. The woman who showcases her Real self, which might be good or bad, attracts everybody’s heart. The women should love her in first place and only when she loves herself; it is possible for her to love someone else. In the quest to impress someone, we tend to suppress our feelings which might be wrong. So women should start loving herself, being herself to attract others heart. So instead of being the person you really not, we should be ourselves and this genuineness and reality will definitely attract the man who accepts for being real and for who she really is. Every person seeks genuineness in relationship. This is one of the factors which make the relationship last longer and be successful as well.

Starting a relationship is easy but being in that relationship with accepting the difficulties that comes with it is the form of real love. So these are my idea of the qualities that the men would love to have in his wife.

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