What Does A Woman Wants From A Relationship?

What Does A Woman Wants From A Relationship?

In this article we are going to talk about the What does a woman wants from a relationship? We as humans are dynamic creatures, each with their own unique experiences, behaviour patterns and tendencies. It is however remarkable how we are so diverse in terms of our thought patterns, experiences and ways of expression yet we all are similar in the way we feel and process things for we are all in essence the same for we have the same needs to feel secure, to feel like we belong.

One common thing all of us, as humans desire, is the  need to get along and bond with a partner and have  quality relationships to feel like we belong in this big world.

What does a woman wants from a relationship?

What a woman wants from a relationship with a man can be highly subjective. As we know What one woman desires might not be a good fit for another due to individual differences stemming from the uniqueness of each individual. Someone might want a macho alpha man  while the other might think of it as the perfect juxtaposition to what she would want !

As a result, instead of looking at the external characteristics, we, in this article, are going to discuss what are the internal  traits a woman looks for in a quality partner and her relationship with the partner to be able to truly feel like she belongs.

1. Honesty


This one is unarguably the first and foremost thing a woman wants in a relationship. A relationship is an equation where you let our guard down and be real, raw and vulnerable with a person. You share your life with them, it is a mutual partnership. The last thing she wants from her partner is for him to be dishonest, lie, hide things from her. This can truly hurt a person because now they question everything about the relationship. Whether the promises were meant or not? From now on, they might question the true nature of every subsequent relationship in their life.

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2. Loyalty


This goes unsaid, faithfulness is the core of any relationship. Words of affirmations, tiny gestures can go a long way in establishing loyalty. This could mean a lot of things. Being with your partner shows them that you will be there for them in the highs as well as lows. While this can mean many things deepening on the dynamic of the relationship,  Ideally it means no emotional or physical cheating. Because it is detrimental and makes both the partners question themselves about whether all the effort was worth it or not? Lack of loyalty could indeed sabotage a relationship. It not only includes being faithful and true to the partner in their presence, but also in their absence.

3. Reliability


She wants to be able to rely on her partner. It could be for things as trivial as watering the plants or as big as telling a family secret. She wants to be able to trust her partner and gain surety that her secrets are safe and she can count on him whenever she needs him at rescue, perhaps during a weak vulnerable time, she wants to know that she has got someone to turn to at the times of crisis to be able to how her true and vulnerable side.

Truth is not a one time thing, it is formed and maintained as the course of a relationship progresses.

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4. Respect


Not just in a relationship,but for any person it is a fundamental need to be respected. To not be judged, looked down upon or treated as unequal. She wants to be treated like the high caliber women she is.

Respect not just in her presence but also in her absence. No one wants to be disrespected, be felt like they are not good enough because they made the choices they made, or to be made felt like they play a lesser role in the relationship.

It can be shown in tiny gestures also where she tells her partner that she is not comfortable with him getting his cat on the bed because it causes her an  allergic reaction. He disregards what she said and gets the cat on the bed anyway.

Relationships and disrespect simply do not go together!

5. Acceptance


Your relationship is your own personal sweet space. A space you can go to to seek comfort, solace and security. Ideally, a relationship is a blissful connection. A safe space where one can be themselves with absolutely no judgements.

She wants to be treated with empathy and compassion. To not be judged for her flaws and be accepted for the way she is. Empathy means to get out of your perspective and see the world through the other person’s eyes in order to truly understand and not judge the person.  This includes being open to new ways of seeing things and understanding that there is no right or wrong way to do things. We all cope from different backgrounds and therefore it is natural to differ from other people in certain aspects.

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6. Room for self reflection

Room for self reflection

“S” for stubborn , “S” for sabotage.

It is astronomically impossible for two persons to have the exact same habits, way of doing things etc. Since we all come from different backgrounds, it is very important to understand the other person’s reasons for doing things. Both partners should effectively communicate and come to a conclusion when some discrepancy arises, they should talk it out to reach an amicable solution. . One partner should not be too rigid. And be open to making compromises and adjustments.

7. Open and honest communication

Open and honest communication

The relationship should be based on communicating with one another. Getting to know each other. Knowing your partner’s likes, dislikes, values, belief system. The discussions should be healthy discussions. Any suggestions, opinions about the relationship dynamics and issues should come from a place of consideration  and respect rather than making brash comments and disrespecting your partner.

Lack of communication leads to a communication gap that can lead to resentment and ill feelings proving atrocious for the relationship.

Active communication is the most pragmatic and constructive tool when it comes to maintaining, building and sustaining meaningful, fulfilling relationships.

Both partners should be able to laugh together and talk about their feelings with no emotional barrier for a nurturing sustainable relationship!

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8. Support


No matter what happens, the two people should be supportive of each other, helping each other grow, prosper and become the best version of themselves. Both of them celebrate and take pride in each other’s achievement, share the pain in each other’s suffering and be here for each other be iit good or bad times. They function as a team and never let each other down. Her achievements should not be seen as a threat to the partner, for you are his partner or rival. Both partners should encourage each other to pursue whatever they wish to pursue and not discourage.  They uplift each other and come out as strong together after each time of difficulty.

 9. Affection


Some people are comfortable with Public Display of Affection while some are not. Which does not mean that they do not like to be treated like they are loved. Affection could range from showing your partner physical affection by hugs/ cuddles.It could also mean showing them affection by eliciting gestures that show that you care. They tell you they like  peanut butter oreos, you pick them up next time you go grocery shopping! It is in these tiny gestures that you can show someone that you care for them. After all, everyone wants to feel appreciated and adored!

It can be very easy to forget about showing affection and appreciation but one needs to make sure the other person knows how much they value their partner and are thankful to have them in life! Everyone wants to feel special and worthwhile! This makes the other person feel acknowledged , valued and enables them to experience a relationship in its truest sense.

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10. Respect for boundaries

Respect for boundaries

Both the partners should realize that it will not be a cake walk  all the time. Things would get rough and challenging. These are the lows that will make both partners appreciate and understand the value of the highs. Both people  might not agree on the same things all the time and would need time off of each other at times to figure out things for themselves. Everyone comes along with their own share of struggles and baggage which they would not even talk about. It is important to understand where they are coming from and give the other person time and space.

Mutual respect for one another’s desires, feelings, needs is of pinnacle importance.

If one partner is not comfortable with another partner doing something, the partner should understand.  Working through and setting healthy boundaries is something that will enhance the quality of a relationship, strengthen it and in turn be immensely rewarding and fulfilling.

Relationships can be hard like that, but it is all the work put towards it that is truly rewarding and soothing!

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