What does it mean when a guy ignores you but likes you?

when a guy ignores you but likes you

Here in this article we are going to understand what does it mean when a guy ignores you but likes you? A major change in everyone’s life occurs once they hit puberty and starts to know more about their body, life’s choices, wants, likes or dislikes. Being attracted  to someone comes quite naturally as a process of  evolution. In an ever growing, digitalizing  and modernizing world like ours, dating, relationships or even liking someone comes quite openly to us as compared to our previous generations that along with it comes issues and problems like never before.

A very important issue that almost everyone face in their life at some point or the other is the fact that he/she is being ignored by someone who likes them or vice versa. If someone really likes you and you are sure about that and still he/she chooses to ignore you that’s just an indication of something going wrong, be it in his/her  life or between two people or between you and him/her. It is just a sign that you need to look for and understand the reason for it. It’s not an everyday casual thing that someone who likes you chooses to maintain distance or walk away or in this case just simply  ignore you.

There can be multiple genuine reasons and the other person must be given a change to justify his/her actions before you choose to take your steps. Comparatively, guys are most probable ones to walk down this path of ignoration rather than girls. To be stuck in a situation like this where the guy is not responding can be quite challenging and hence requires clearing the clouds of confusion as soon as possible. While facing such a situation the very first question that comes to our mind is that, ‘ Am I not good enough?’, ‘ What did I do wrong?’, ‘Is it my fault that he’s ignoring me?’ etc. But ladies, calm down, we’ve got you covered on this.

To understand the situation better here we are going to discuss ten possible reasons of what does it mean when a guy ignores you but likes you.

10 Reasons due to which a guy ignores you but likes you

It can be very hurtful to know that maybe you’re at fault for his ignorance and changed behavior but it’s best to first understand the reasons and then analyze your situation. So, dive in.

1. Lost interest

When someone who liked you in the first place and gave you all the attention in the world  is now all of a sudden ignoring you, you start questioning yourself and your worth, which is very likely to happen and quite understandable too. But, to start reasoning his behavior, it is a possibility that he’s no more interested in you. Initially, he was too much into you but now with the passage of time he’s getting bored of you or has better things to do or invest his time in. It may also be that he has found someone else and got over you but is just afraid to tell you directly and hurt your feelings and so he chooses this way out. This can be a heart wrenching reality. He might wanna end whatever was between the two of you but finds it difficult to confess it on your face. He wants you to get irritated and pissed because of his behavior and call it off so that it’s not on him to end things or break the news to you. He doesn’t want the pressure and guilt of breaking someone’s heart.

2. Commitment Phobic

It is not very uncommon to find millennial guys with commitment phobia. A major possibility is the fact that he’s too scared to confess his true feelings for you. He might feel that his feelings will not be able to reach out to the other person in it’s true intention or will not be taken in the right sense. He feels scared to face the aftermaths of his confession and so he decides to concede his true  emotions and ignore the person for the betterment of them, but he’s hardly aware of the damage he’s causing of both the lives. He feels he will not be able to cope up with or keep promises being made. He doesn’t want himself to be restricted for the fear of making and keeping promises.

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3. Genuinely busy

There can be Instances where the boy not responding to a girl’s text or calls may have it’s own set of justified reasons as to why. It is a possibility that he might be busy with his work in school, college or office or that he’s busy spending some quality time with his family or friends. In these cases he’s not willingly ignoring you, it’s just his circumstances that forges barriers between you and your guy . He is waiting for the right time to get away from the nosy eyes of his family and friends and give you the required importance. The festivities or events at home or at workplace can also keep him occupied due to which he might unwillingly end up ignoring you.

4. Change of priorities

Everyone at some point in their lives set a certain list of priorities for them and work accordingly. It can be a major reason for a guy to be ignoring a girl because he might not want to take things ahead with the girl even though he likes her. His priorities or commitments in life stop him from going down a path he otherwise would have. He wants to focus on other things in life like setting up his career and achieving his professional goals.

what does it mean when a guy ignores you but likes you

5. Real issues in life

Many a times we fail to recognize the fact that there is a possibility that he might be going through a rough patch in his life and is trying to cope up with that. It can also be a part of his behavioral trait. He might be someone who’s shy or non-emotional and doesn’t admits to his feelings that easily.  Maybe he’s going through some real issues with his life or family or friends and is hurt and is unwillingly to talk to anyone. He feels that if he indulges in talking to people then he might end up arguing or ruining things which he might regret later. So he is trying to avoid making the situation worse while he is coping up with his mental or physical issues. He might not tell you that he is hurt but it’s  important to understand someone’s situation as well while confronting them.

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6. Jealousy

If your guy has suddenly started ignoring you then you might wanna check out what new things you’ve started doing or what changes you have undergone in your life because that can be a major affecting factor and will help you largely in figuring out reasons for his ignorance. If you’re keeping too busy with your new found friends or hanging out too much with them without acknowledging him or you are taking him for granted then he might choose to distant himself and ignore you. He might feel that he’s loosing his importance in your life and that you’re no more taking efforts for him. This can prove to be a major setback for guys and they would mostly prefer to walk off and ignoring you is just the beginning of that.

7. Too high expectations

Ignoring can also be due to misunderstandings between you and your guy. Having higher expectations is a leading cause of assumptions being made and resulting into either of the two believing the fact that he/she is being ignored while it’s just normal for the other person. If you have too much expectations from the guy and he doesn’t feel the same then it’s surely something to worry about. It may so happen that speaking on calls for  four to five times a day and texting pretty frequently or meeting each other every other day is your expectation but it might not be the same for the guy. Hence , it leads to assumptions being made. You may think he’s ignoring but actually he’s just behaving normal which is his definition of normal.

when a guy ignores you

8. Wants to take it slow

Another reason we fail to take into consideration is the fact that even though he is interested in you and likes you but he might not be ready to take this ahead or he might want some time for understanding his true feelings for you. It is into some people’s nature to wait for the right time and place and feeling only then will they commit to it. Some are even strong believers of  astrology and might decide to avoid you till it’s preferably a good time according to their  signs. It may be so that you’re important to him that so he doesn’t wants to soil things by doing it at a wrong time and hence, prefers to wait.

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9. Misunderstandings

There can be chances of you misunderstanding his actions leading you to believe that he likes you but he might just be casually friendly with you. He might not be willing to confront you and tell you on your face that he is not interested or doesn’t like you in anyway more than a friend but due to various reasons he restricts  himself and responds by ignoring you.

10. Confusion in mind

Many a times it happens that you are not able to truly identify your feelings. ‘Is it just a liking for a friend or something more?’, ‘Am I overthinking it?’, ‘ Do I really have true feelings or is it just an infatuation which will go away with time ?’. These are the questions that pop in your  mind as you try to clear your stand on your feelings. Ignoring someone then comes into picture because the guy is not sure of his emotions and feels that it is better to lay low rather than commit to something you’re not sure about and make a fool out of yourself. He doesn’t want to give you false hopes and hence decides to back off and give some time to himself. So ladies ,stop sulking, over thinking and waiting, get up, go and get your answers. You ain’t anyone’s barbie doll, you run this world. Hope this gave you an idea as to how to figure out your issues with the guy.

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