What every Woman needs from a Man?

In this article we are going to talk about the What every woman needs from a Man? Well, after a certain age like starting from teenage one has an urge to get into a relationship with someone they love. Some wish to get into relationship with someone from opposite gender while some even wish to get into relationship with someone from the same gender. Love should not be bounded by caste, religion, gender, wealth and color. Love is supposed to be pure and real.

What every woman needs from a Man?

 The word relationship is very common nowadays, but what the partner needs and expects in a relationship is not known by everyone. And this is the many reason why many relationships fail from lasting forever. What one should know to make their relationship last forever? What are some tips of a successful relationship? Here, we shall discuss about what every woman needs from a man?

1. Respect


First and the foremost thing not only a woman but everyone wants is respect. No matter if you know few numbers of things than others know but if you know how to respect a woman or how to respect any individual you are far better from the ones who maybe are more knowledgeable but don’t know how to respect others. This is basic human quality yet not everyone has it. One might have enough money and fame but if they don’t know how to respect others than all the name and fame is of no use. Respect is like give and take relationship, give respect, take respect.

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2. Being there for her

Being there for her

Being there for her doesn’t always mean to be physically present for her always. It is about being there for when she needs you the most, being there for her when she asks you to leave her alone, being there without making her ask to you every now and then to be with her. This is not just about being available for her physically. It is about being there for emotionally and mentally as well. She might have many people to be with but she would still expect you to be with her. It is easy to say that “I am always there for you” but tough to really prove it.

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3. Clarity of your thoughts and vision

Clarity of your thoughts and vision

Clarity of your thoughts as if talking particularly about relationship, she needs to know about what are your future plans with her? Where do you wish to take the relationship? How sure you are about being with her? What are your aims in life and what are your plans with her? Are you willing to spend your life with her? How much important she is for you? She needs to know about all of these things. As none would like to waste their feelings and time for someone who isn’t clear about his thoughts and vision. Sometimes you could talk about it with her and sometimes you need to let your actions speak for you.

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4. Acknowledgement of your fears and act

Acknowledgement of your fears and act

Just like it is said that you act different when you are with the one you love. Your fears, action, reaction and action plan won’t be known to everybody. But would want to be that one person who knows what you would do next? How you will react to any given situation? What you are afraid of? What turns you on? Just like that she would want to be that one person who knows you well. She would want to be that one person who can read your mind, also the one who can understand you, your thoughts and your feelings without making you to tell about it every now and then.

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5. To make her feel important

To make her feel important

This is the most important thing that one must know. As when she is in relationship with you she would like to know how she is different for you from the other girls? What made you fall in love with her? How special she is for you? And for all this, the most basic thing required is to make her feel important. You may buy her a diamond ring or take her to a fancy restaurant but if you can’t make her feel happy and important then all of this is of no use.

You need not to be materialistic, you just need to know some basic things that she likes and you are good to go. Most important thing is to give her time. You may be busy enough but at least you can give her some quality time that she deserves. Complimenting her for the dress she is wearing, for the food she made and for all that she does for you would make her feel important and special in a way better than the materialistic things could ever do.

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6. A good communication

A good communication

Everyone has something going on in our mind and heart. You maybe happy or sad or angry. Something would be pleasing to you and something might not. Everyone likes to share what’s happening with them with someone who really wishes to know and not just pretend to be the one who listens. Everyone likes to talk their heart out with someone who won’t judge them, who will be a good listener and make them feel good.

She might be having a emotional breakdown, maybe she might be too happy because of something really good, maybe something would be hurting her deeply. All she needs is to gave a good communication with you wherein she can pour out her feelings in front of you. Also, wherein she feels that she is important for you. Be a good communicator and a good listener. She should not feel like she doesn’t have anyone to hear her out even when she has you.

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7. A great understanding

A great understanding

Many a times we see that relationship fails even after people were into the relationship for many years. What do you think could be the reason for that? Basically, many a times the most common reason for the breakup is the lack of understanding among the partners which eventually leads to breakup sooner or later. Relationship is tough when you don’t have understanding among yourself but its way too simple if you master the art of understanding. Understanding is a life long process. It is not like a chapter you read and now you just master it. There should understanding among partners in each and every problem and circumstances. Understanding is an art and skill that everyone doesn’t know. A great understanding is developed over the time. And to develop understanding you need to give enough time to your partner and pay enough attention to their actions.

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8. To be like a free bird

To be like a free bird

It goes without saying that nobody likes to be controlled by someone or anyone. It is like bounding somebody from certain things is like restricting them from being themselves. Restricting them from being who they really are. To control them, to stop them. Nobody likes to be in such situation and relationship where they lose their identity, where they can’t be who they really are, where they are controlled by someone to act and react according to the way they want, wherein you are not set free. And these things kill the person from inside and as well kills the relationship. This sort of relationship would definitely end sooner or later. So, to make your relationship last you may better set her free. Let her be the free bird. Let her do what she wants and not to control her or be possessive. Just trust her and her actions.

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9. Be consistent

Be consistent

Be consistent with your love and respect for her. Just be consistent with your words. Don’t be like you love her today and you are not sure about her tomorrow. Stay consistent throughout. So, Be consistent about showing love, expressing your feelings and affection for her. Be consistent about giving her enough time and understanding her. You should be sure of your actions. Stay true and loyal to her. Nobody likes to get cheated so better be raw and real. Talk about everything with her. Keep the relationship natural.

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10. Patience


At times it would be difficult for you to understand her. At times she may behave weird and different. Sometimes you would see the side of her that you have never seen before. Sometimes you would see her breaking down emotionally. At times you might see her growing out stronger. You may see many different sides of her with the passing time. It would definitely make you get confused but all that would be required is that you have enough patience to understand her.

As it is rightly said that “Patience is the key to a successful relationship”. You might not be always correct, you won’t be perfect but all that she would need is your understanding, time, respect, affection, love, patience, efforts, time and this would result into a successful and a happy and an ever-lasting relationship though it would require enough time and it would teach you many lessons of life.

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