What Kind Of Boys Do Girls Like?

What kind of Boys do Girls like?

In this article we are going to talk about the What kind of Boys do Girls like? Liking a girl and thinking of proposing her but confused if you are the type of the boy that she likes or not? Wish to identify whether you have the qualities that a girl for in her partner? On a general basis, the one question that has popped up in every boy’s life at least once in a lifetime is: “What kind of boys do girls like?”

What kind of Boys do Girls like?

Every girl has different choices and every girl looks for different qualities in their partners. Choices differ from individual to individual. Wondering about if you fit in that quality check list? So, for that you have landed up to the right place. In this article we shall discuss about the “Top 10 Kind of Boys that Girls do like.” Here, we will talk about the in general qualities that the girls wish that their partner has.

1. Men, who is respectful

Men, who is respectful

Respect, is the first and the foremost thing not only a woman but everyone wants is respect, not only in the relationship of boyfriend-girlfriend or husband-wife, respect has to be in each and every relation with anyone and everyone. No matter if you know few numbers of things than others know but if you know how to respect a woman or how to respect any individual you are far better from the ones who maybe are more knowledgeable but don’t know how to respect others. Respect is that basic human quality yet not everyone has it. One might have enough money and fame but if they don’t know how to respect others than all the name and fame is of no use.

You may have a high social profile or might be working in a big company but if you are not respectful then all that money, fame and standards are just for the sake of the name. A relationship where the partners don’t have respect for each other, each other’s families, friends, work and choice will end up sooner or later. If you are in relationship that doesn’t mean that can force her to tell her or ask her to do something she doesn’t want to, you must know to respect her privacy as well. Respect is like give and take relationship, give respect, take respect.

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2. Individual that is honest

Individual that is honest

None would like to be with the partner that fakes thing or is dishonest. A good and long-lasting relationship is built over the honesty and trust among the partners towards each other. One can’t build a relationship over lies. If you don’t like a certain thing then better be honest and tell your partner as it would help him/her to not repeat that thing again and help in building the understanding between you both. Being dishonest is like cheating an individual and refraining them from knowing about the reality. And suppose the person to whom you were being dishonest gets to know the truth, at that time they might be hurt badly. You can be honest and frank about your choice with your partner as that would be better than hurting them with dishonesty.

3. One that is supportive

One that is supportive

There might come a time in life of a girl that all she needs is your support and you to be with her. She might be thinking to start new job, learn a new skill, pursue her dream or anything and all that she might be expecting from you is your support. You might not be able to solve her problems but by just being there to support her you could ease her problems and she might feel that she has already won half of the battle. Many things won’t be in your control but by being each other’s support system you can conquer any big or small hurdle on your way.

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4. One with positive mindset and broad vision

One with positive mindset and broad vision

None likes to be with someone who has negative mindset. A girl would like to be with you if you have a positive mindset and a broad vision. She would want you to be clear about your thoughts in context of both relationship and life, want you to have dreams and hard-working nature to fulfill that dreams as just by dreaming things can’t come true, one need to work hard to make the dreams come true. She would want you to have positive attitude towards life.

5. Caring and protective

 Caring and protective

The quality of guy to be caring and protective is the one that is required by each and every girl. Even if you can’t be there with her each and every time just have a nature of being caring and loving towards her. If she has a headache, give her a good hair massage, she had a bad day, get her the favorite ice cream of her or favorite food or her and if you can’t this too just be there to let her speak her heart out. Be kind and gentle. Be protective and not possessive. So, Be the one who cares about how she is feeling? How she is doing? If she is okay? Also there is a difference between being protective and being over protective and she won’t like you to be over protective.

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6. One who can take a stand

One who can take a stand

The quality that you must have within you is to take her stand. You know she did right thing at that time you as well as everybody around would be there to take her stand. And if she did wrong thing then none would be with her. So, what you can do is take her stand no matter what the situation or circumstances are, just don’t make her feel that she is alone even when she has you. If she has done the wrong thing then correct her in private but don’t humiliate her in public, as this could be possibly be the worst thing that would do to a person. So, take her stand, be with her and correct her in private.

7. Motivating and inspiring individual

Motivating and inspiring individual

Many a times she would be feeling demotivated and might have lost all the inspiration to work or to do certain thing. She would feel like to quit everything. At that time, what she would require is someone to be there to get that motivation back, to work harder and to inspire her. She might sometimes doubt her own capabilities, at that time all that she needs if you to be there to remind her that she is capable enough, she can manage it well. Be there and just tell her that you believe in her. She might think of taking a step back but at that time remind her that she did not start to back off without even trying. Inspire her to be a good individual.

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8. Open minded

Open minded

None wish to be with someone who has restricted mind. She would want you to be open minded. You are not supposed to control her. If she wants to hang out with male friends then you should not stop her. If she wants to learn something or start a new venture then have an open mind attitude to stop her instead of restricting her. Don’t make her make like a bird locked up in the cage, have a open mind, trust her and let her be the free bird.

9. Has good sense of humor

Has good sense of humor

Girls don’t always want you to be serious in every situation. She would like you to have a good sense of humor. Being the guy with a good sense of humor you can build a good and a great bond with her. Have fun with her, crack jokes, make her happy and laugh together. As it is rightly said that: “Laughter is the best medicine.” By being serious about each and everything you might be missing a lot of fun in life. But remember while joking you are not supposed to joke about her, her family, her style and her attitude.

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10. Sticks to the commitment

Sticks to the commitment

A girl always likes a guy who know to stick to his commitment. You might be dreaming very big, might have a great vision but if you are not hard working enough to make those commitment and words come true then it is of no use. One must know to stick on to his words. In terms of relationship as well, when you like her then do stay committed to her. If you are flirting with other girls, checking out other girls then you are cheating your girl and you are proved to be fail to sticking to your words. So, do the commitment of the things that you know that you can surely do no matter what are the circumstances.

Every individual’s choices differ from each other. Points and qualities mentioned here are in general qualities that every girl looks for into a guy.

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