What Life Lessons Should Every Children Learn?

What Life Lessons Should Every Children Learn?

In this article we are going to talk about the What Life Lessons Should Every Children Learn? There are so many problems plaguing the world. But we nonetheless must overcome them for a better future. We must tackle them for the sake of progressing as a species. However, it is easier said than done. It will take years to fix these issues. Solving them has been a goal for the United Nations for a while now. And yet, they remain. Despite their prevalence, it does not mean that no work has been done. People all around the world are doing their best to come up with ways to solve these issues.

But we won’t be able to eradicate poverty or unemployment in one day. It will take time. Hence why, how we use this time that we have matters a lot. We won’t be here forever, which is why the leaders of today must pass on the batons to the future generation. However, merely passing it on isn’t enough. Those who will lead need to be qualified and prepared to do so, and mere education won’t suffice.

What Life Lessons Should Every Children Learn?

Since education in today’s date is too employment-centric, it often forgets to emphasize aspects that are important for an individual’s growth. Education in today’s date also revolves too much around exams and is less about personal growth. The education systems need to be revised. But until then, we must impart life lessons to the children, which the education system fails to do. Without these life lessons, one could only imagine the type of human beings we’ll be raising. Without them, we might as well raise monsters. The purpose of this article is to explore life lessons that every child should learn. The top ten life lessons are as follows –

1. Help Others

Help Others

We are all in this together. If the world goes down the tubes, it will affect all of us. And even if the world does not come to an end, the standard of living in places remains inadequate. Some do not even have the basic needs to get by each day. That is why we should try our best to help each other. If you see someone struggling, help them out. Never wait for them to ask for your help, help them beforehand.

We need to instill this into the kids, that we should always help others out. They need to know how tough it is out there, which is why everyone needs a helping hand from time to time. They should also be taught that we should help others for the sake of helping others. We shouldn’t help others because we expect something in return. If we don’t teach them that, then when the time comes, they’ll end up only helping those people who will give them something in return.

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2. Money Isn’t Everything

Money Isn’t Everything

Money has become one of the centers of attention for our civilization. It taps into our greed, having us wanting more and more. But money is never enough. Even the richest out of the richest bunch want more. That should be a heads up for the rest of us, but do not heed it. We have fallen into this habit of thinking that money will solve all our problems, but it isn’t true. So many rich people commit suicide despite the amount of wealth they have amassed. Many rich people are unhappy despite living in massive mansions. Money is important because you need to satisfy your basic needs. But beyond that, it is a desire to live a luxurious and comfortable life. To make matters worse, the majority of the people are in pursuit of money for selfish reasons. Hardly do we come across someone earning more money to help others rise out of poverty or raise orphans (for example).

3. Be Grateful

Be Grateful

Money is not the only thing that taps into our greed. Many things try to get us to succumb to our desires and wants. The reason behind doing so is because once someone falls into the trap of doing so, they are tricked into endlessly chasing their desires, for they are never-ending.

We need to let kids know that we shouldn’t become so fixated on the future that we forget about the present. Far too many are ungrateful because they keep thinking/wanting for more. If you fall into that trap, it becomes much harder for you to be grateful. That is because you end up fixating on what could be instead of focusing on what you already have. Due to that, people often end up ruining what they already have because they’re chasing after what more they could have. By teaching children to be grateful, we can help avoid nurturing a greedy generation.

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4. Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

We need to be able to validate our existence. The inability to do so leads to the outlook that life is futile and not worth living. But not all ways of validation are appropriate. One problematic manner in which people try to validate themselves is by comparing themselves to others. It is a toxic way to do so. Sometimes you might hurt others, and sometimes you might hurt yourself. People resort to comparing themselves to others for many reasons. Some do it to boost their egos, while others may do it unknowingly, for they do not know any other way.

We must tell children that there is no need to compare themselves to others. Compete with others if you feel like it, but focus on your growth. Compare your present self to your past self. That way, not only do you grow by focusing on yourself, but you can also validate your existence by focusing on your growth.

5. Don’t Be A Pushover

With age comes wisdom. However, kids from an early age should be taught to avoid being a pushover. Sometimes you are David in the David and Goliath story but will need to fight Goliath because you are right. A good example of such cases is of individuals holding MNCs accountable by taking them to court.

For the world to change, we need people who are willing to stand against wrong. For the sake of righteousness and everything right, children need to know this.

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6. Take A Chill Pill

Take A Chill Pill

As a society, we have overcomplicated our lives. And unfortunately, the areas in which life is complex, we barely pay any attention to it. We fuss over the most trivial stuff and end up unnecessarily stressing ourselves.

Everyone should be taught that often the importance of many things has been overplayed. As one grows older, this realization regarding many areas comes to fruition. That is why children should learn to chill from time to time. Life isn’t for us to stress over it is for us to live.

7. Constructive Criticism Is Good

Many of us become uncomfortable when someone constructively criticizes us. It is as if we think we have been wronged by the other person, “How dare they!” It hurts our massive egos when instead, we should be heeding them. People need to realize that criticism is good because it can help us become better. It facilitates our growth. All you need to do is change your perspective. Even if someone criticizes you for the sake of hurting you, ignore that part and focus on whether their criticism holds any truth. If it does, then use it to your advantage and grow as a person. Do not let your hate for them stop you from becoming a better person. People need to incorporate this into their lives. Every child must learn this.

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8. Everyone Is Lost

As kids, we think that adults know everything and have their lives in order. It is when you grow up that you realize that they too are lost. Comparatively, less than you, but still are. You need to chill if you are feeling lost. You should not let things like these get you down. As a species, we have been trying to bring order to the chaos that is life and the universe. Once in a while, we are unable to do so. Do not feel bad about it. It is crucial to realize that everyone is in the same boat. You are not the only one. Even more so, what you do after that (aka organizing your life, regardless) is more important.

Kids should be taught that they’ll be lost from time to time, and it is normal to go through such a phase. Otherwise, you’d have adults panicking at every moment they feel lost.

9. You Will Need Others

You Will Need Others

Some bridges need to be burned for the better. But make no mistake, if you burn them all, your life will become a lot difficult than it needs to be. You need other people in your life to get by. Your inability to do so will often decide your circumstances. It won’t just be limited to your financial life but might affect your mental health as well. If you push everyone away, you barely have anyone to interact with. As a result, you’ll have to resort to the internet and social media, which is a cesspool of degenerates. Children need to know how dependent they are on other people to avoid unnecessarily burning bridges, because of their egos.

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10. Be Kind

Be Kind

Last but not least, the need to be kind is something that kids should know about. Life can be hard at times, and for some, it is an uphill battle since birth. Children should learn to be kind. It will make everyone’s life easier to live.

These were the top ten life lessons that every child should learn. Hope you teach them to your kids and yourself if you haven’t already. Thank you!

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