What Should A Wife Expect From Her Husband?

What Should A Wife Expect From Her Husband?

In this article we are going to talk about the What should a wife expect from her husband? Marriage is an eternal bond between people who decides to spend their entire life together. It is bond that is not only created between them but their families as well are included. It is a bond created over trust, faith, love and respect. Getting married to someone and dating someone are two different phases of one’s life. Marriage is a life changing phase of one’s life. Marriage could be beautiful experience for someone and it could be the worst experience for someone as it all depends on how good your bond is with your partner and his/her family.

What should a wife expect from her husband?

Marriage requires more responsibilities, commitment, adjustment and duties. As per the Indian traditions, girl is supposed to leave her house and family and move in to the house of the husband and live with his family. Girl leaves back everything and moves into the new house to start a new phase of her life with the love of her life. Her name, surname, identity and house everything gets changed. She does everything happily and in return she also expects something from her husband. Husband and wife both are different individuals who might have different opinion and mindset but what bounds them together is their commitment and willingness to stick by each other’s side. In this article we shall discuss about Top 10 Things a wife expects from her husband.

1. Knows importance of communication and intimacy

Knows importance of communication and intimacy

Communication is a very important factor in a relationship as through communication only you can know a person in and out. Relationship is built over communication. Husband and wife both shall communicate with each other about whatever is going on in their minds and should not fake it. Importance of a good communication should not be taken for granted, as unless and until you don’t speak out about what is going on in your mind till then you should not expect anything from anyone.

Communication here includes to know that the person is there to listen to what is on your mind, one who is there to understand you. The one with whom you can talk anything and everything, with one whom can be yourself and need not to fake things and also that the person won’t judge you on any basis. Along with communication a wife expects intimacy from her husband. Intimacy does not always mean sex. Through intimacy she expects a feeling of closeness that a couple is meant to experience. True intimacy is about the manifestation about love that partners have for each other and it needs not to be physical always.

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2. Is self-independent

 Is self-independent

It is really important to be self-independent not only because of marriage but also for one’s own self. As how long you would you depend on someone for your needs? It is important for the couple to be self-independent. By being financially independent and self-independent only he could fulfill the requirements of the of the family. He should be independent enough that he could cook the food, do household work and balance work life. He should be independent enough that he needs not to be dependent on you or anyone else for his work.

 3. Acknowledges his mistakes

Acknowledges his mistakes

Everyone is imperfect. Marriage is a relationship where two imperfect people decide to be together. Everyone has some flaws. One learns only and only by doing mistake. But it should also be that the person is ready to commit that he/she did the mistake. One should have that attitude of acceptance. The partner won’t judge him/her on the basis of the mistakes instead they could help you recognize where you went wrong, they could help to correct it. Mistake are the biggest teacher and one should not do the mistake of not acknowledging our mistake. Wife expects her husband to acknowledge his mistakes.

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4. One who is understanding

One who is understanding

Many a times, it so happens that we see that relationship fails even after people were into the relationship for many years. Generally, many a times the most common reason for the breakup is the lack of understanding among the partners which eventually leads to breakup. Relationship seems to be tough when you don’t have understanding among yourself but it is way too simple if you master the art of understanding. Understanding is a lifelong process where you will something new about each other every day. It is not like a chapter you read and now you just master it. There should be understanding among partners in each and every problem and circumstances.  A great understanding is developed over the time.

5. Respectful


Respect, is the first thing not only a woman but everyone wants is respect, not only in the relationship of boyfriend-girlfriend or husband-wife, respect has to be in each and every relation with anyone and everyone. Respect is the basic human quality yet not everyone has it. You may have a high social profile or might be working in a big company but if you are not respectful then all that money, fame and standards are just for the sake of the name. A relationship where the partners don’t have respect for each other, each other’s families, friends, work and choice will end up sooner or later. Respect is like give and take relationship, give respect, take respect.

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6. Prioritize you

Prioritize you

Being there for her doesn’t always mean to be physically present for her always. It is about being there for when she needs you the most, being there for her when she asks you to leave her alone, being there without making her ask to you every now and then to be with her. It is about being there for emotionally and mentally as well. You might see that she might have many people with her but still she needs only you. It is way too easy to say that “I am always there for you” but tough enough to really prove it. She expects you to make her feel important, to make her feel that she is your priority. She expects you to not always keep on talking about yourself.

7. Shares equal responsibilities

Shares equal responsibilities

A good relationship is built when there is equality among the partners, where they don’t have gender specific roles. If the husband shares the equal responsibilities it is a good sign. A good relationship is built when both partners share equal duties and responsibilities, where the husband also the household work, cook’s food, cleans the house and helps wife. Both the partners can be the working professionals but it should not be the responsibility of the women to do all the household work, the husband should also be there to do that. Along with responsibilities, he should share equal love and affection, equal respect.

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8. To make her feel important

To make her feel important

This is the most important thing that one must do. You should tell her about what made you fall in love with her? How special she is for you? And for all this, the most basic thing required is to make her feel important. You may buy her a diamond ring or take her to a fancy restaurant but if you can’t make her feel happy and important then all of this is of no use. You need not to be materialistic, you just need to know some basic things that she likes and you are good to go.

Most important thing is to give her time. You may be busy enough but at least you can give her some quality time that she deserves. Complimenting her for the dress she is wearing, for the food she made and for all that she does for you would make her feel important and special in a way better than the materialistic things could ever do.

9. Patience


At times it would be difficult for you to understand her. At times she may behave weird and different. Sometimes you would see the side of her that you have never seen before. Sometimes you would see her breaking down emotionally. At times you might see her growing out stronger. You may see many different sides of her with the passing time. It would definitely make you get confused but all that would be required is that you have enough patience to understand her. As it is rightly said that “Patience is the key to a successful relationship”. You might not be always correct, you won’t be perfect but all that she would need is your understanding, time, respect, affection, love, patience, efforts, time and this would result into a successful and a happy and an ever-lasting relationship.

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10. Friendship


A great relationship is built over friendship between the two people. A bond that is like you are friends first and partners later is one of the best bonds ever. Friendship is what a wife expects from her husband. As a friend is someone whom you love to be with. And husband and wife are the one who are each other’s best friend.

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