What Should I Do On My 21st Birthday?

What Should I Do On My 21st Birthday?

In this article we are going to talk about the what should i do on my 21st birthday. Are you super excited for your 21st birthday but have no clue what to do? We have all been there in that situation or will soon be. Your 21st birthday is such a big deal that you probably already thought of a list of things you want to do on this special day.

There is so much planning and thought put into making this special day, trying to make it perfect right from the time the clock strikes twelve. There are a lot of things you can do and get others to do for you because it’s your day and everyone around you is so prepared to make you feel loved and do everything as per your wishes. Lift all the burdens off your shoulders and get ready to enjoy your day to the fullest.

What Should I Do On My 21st Birthday?

The rules of the world do not apply for you and you have a free pass to do anything and everything you wish. It is an incredibly special day in your life and here are some of the ways you can add some fun and frolic to this day and make it your most memorable birthday ever! Here is the list of things you should do on your 21st birthday :

1. Go bar hopping

Go bar hopping

Now that you are 21 and you can legally drink, you should try and go bar hopping. Not that your age ever stopped you from drinking, but when it is legal, the kind of satisfaction you get is much better. Get your best buddies together and make a list of a couple of bars you love spending time in. After you are all sorted, get ready to shoot away right into your bar-hopping adventure. Go to the first bar and go all out, but just when a pinch of boredom hits you, change your bar and keep the process flowing in. Make your night wild and let it all go. But be sure to be safe and pick some of your most reliable friends. If you are an extrovert and love partying, this is going to be the most exciting thing for you, and you will thoroughly enjoy it.

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2. Go to a vineyard

Go to a vineyard

If bar hopping and partying is not your thing, you could stick to doing something much classier, like wine tasting. This is may sound dull, but it is an incredibly fun thing to do. Pick a vineyard of your choice and get ready to explore. Gather your friends and get ready to experience a rollercoaster of emotions. Vineyards are exceptionally beautiful places and will get you lost and enthralled into the beauty of nature. So, if you love being amidst the beauty of nature and in a serene environment, there is no place better you can be. You can even get a chance to do one of the most exciting activities, grape stomping. This will make you lose yourself and enjoy the moment so much.

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3. Plan a road trip

Plan a road trip

This is probably one of the best ways to spend your 21st birthday. Chose a location of your choice and pack your bags and get your exploring hats on. Road trips can bring a huge change in your friendships and will strengthen your bond even more. You will have a crazy ride and be able to do the craziest things without having to worry about being judged, because you are with your best pals. This is a pocket-friendly way as well and will also be like a mini-vacation for you, to just relax and forget all your worries. There is no better way than spending your special day with your favourite people, travelling and exploring the world. Every minute right from the time you sit in the car, to the explorations in your destination and till the time you reach back home, bucket loads of fun is guaranteed.

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4. Indulge in adventure sports

Indulge in adventure sports

If you are an explores and you love doing things that are challenging, adventure sports is something you should definitely try on your birthday. Try doing some crazy and adventurous stuff like bungee jumping, skydiving, scuba diving, paragliding, or anything of your choice, with your friends or family. These sports will make you feel so alive and get that adrenaline rush pumping through your body, right from your head to toe. It is in death that we feel most alive and these are those kinds of sports that will make you feel like you have conquered the world and will set you free into the sky. This is a once in a lifetime feeling and the experience is just unforgettable, which is why it will be perfect to do on your 21st birthday.

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5. Pamper yourself

Pamper yourself

It is your day and you can get people to do anything you want. Pamper yourself to the fullest and make yourself feel special. You don’t have to depend on anyone else to make you happy or feel special, you can pamper yourself with all your favourite things because you deserve every bit of it, for successfully making it twenty-one years on this planet.

Get yourself a relaxing day in the spa, with massages and relax. Gift yourself something you’ve always wanted to buy, get yourself a tattoo or piercing, eat all the food you want at your favourite restaurants and do anything you please to, which you might not be able to do on any other regular day.

Make yourself a bucket list, having all the things you want to do or achieve by the time you turn thirty and preserve it safely. Write yourself a note, on how you feel and how you want to see yourself, five years down the line and open this note five years later, to see how far you have come.

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6. Go on a family vacation

Go on a family vacation

Your family forms an integral part of your journey of life and has always been by your side, throughout this twenty-one-year-old ride of yours. They deserve all the love and gratefulness you can give back to them. Plan a vacation for your entire family and get set to have the most amazing family time, in one of your favourite destinations. You can make it very memorable looking back on some of the best memories. Sit with your family and go down the memory lane, through photo albums and share stories about the beautiful moments that have been captured. You will see what a long way you and your family have come, and there is nothing that can make you feel more special and loved than this on your birthday.

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7. Get cozied up

Get cozied up

If you love being a couch potato and an introvert, this is going to sound like your ideal birth plan. Just stay cozy and stay comfortable at home, keep it casual and make it very memorable. Have a movie marathon with your inner circle buddies or even game night with your family, laughing over the tiny jokes and moments you can cherish throughout your life. Have a movie night with your best buddies, order in your favourite food and keep the chit chats coming in. You can also visit your favourite malls and shop for each other, clicking the craziest selfies and just having a chilled-out day with your closest ones. You can mix and match it as per your desires and plan a cozy yet eventful day.

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8. Organize a house party

Organize a house party

If you are not fond of going to clubs and raving to the music, a simple gathering of your friends and family would be a great replacement. You can have the same amount of fun and keep it more intact. This will create a more comfortable environment and people can just be free and have a good time. House parties are more personal and warmer than partying out in clubs, surrounded by hundreds of strangers. You can keep it close and happening by organizing house parties, playing some fun games, eating delicious food, and keeping the air filled with conversations.

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9. Do something you have always wanted to

Do something you have always wanted to

I am pretty sure you all have a list of things you have always wanted to do. Take that list out and start ticking off all your wishes one by one. Fulfilling your wishes on your special day makes it even more memorable and gives you a bigger rush while doing so. Be as free-spirited as you can and keep your mind open, learning new things and exploring new things in life.

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10. Donate to the needy

Donate to the needy

Several people in the world are not as blessed and fortunate as many others and thrive on the most basic resources with great difficulty. You can party all day and night, it will bring you immense happiness. But just take a moment to think about those who cannot afford the most necessities of life. You can contribute in any form, food, money, clothes to them and spend some amount of time with them and make them feel loved. This will bring immense happiness to you and will make your heart feel more contempt. Be more compassionate and helpful to all and be thankful for being able to live in such comforts and enjoy things that not everyone may be able to afford.

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These are some of the most exciting ways to spend your 21st birthday, with your family and friends. This is a once in a lifetime moment, keep it just the way you like it and with all your closest people. Be thankful for everything you have and could achieve in your life with so much support. Apart from this, you are an adult now and with this turning of age, you have to act more responsible and be more compassionate to your fellow beings.

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