What Should I Do on My Eighteenth Birthday?

What Should I Do on My Eighteenth Birthday?

In this article we are going to talk about the what should i do on my eighteenth birthday. “Dad, I want a bike”, asked a kid. “Not until you get your driving license”, replied a typical father without taking his eyes off the newspaper. “And when will that be dad?”, replied the kid, a bit annoyed. “That will be possible only when you turn 18” said the father, still reading the newspaper.

Dear readers, this is a very common scene experienced by almost all of us when we were not 18 years old yet. Turning eighteen is like reaching a milestone in our life. And once you turn eighteen, it is like the world has opened for you with ample opportunities and experiences. In this article we will be browsing through some serious things that you can do on and after your eighteenth birthday.

10 Things To Do On My Eighteenth Birthday

Here is the list of things you can do on your 18th birthday discussed in detail:

1. Party

This is one of the most amazing things that you can and should do on the day you turn eighteen. You can invite all your close friends and family members and throw a party. This is the day you should truly celebrate because now you have stepped into adulthood. Also, if you wish you can visit the nearest orphanage or an old age home and spend time with the kids or senior citizens. You can donate your old or unused clothes to the orphans.

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2. Thank your parents

Thank your parents

Frankly speaking, no one does it on a daily basis, but this is the day you must thank your parents. Thank them for supporting and guiding you. Thank them for raising you in a strict and disciplined environment. This is important because the discipline that you have in you is all due to the strict nature of your parents that you hated when you were a kid. But trust me, this will prove really fruitful to you in your future. Thank them for everything that they have done for you and will do for you until they are alive.

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3. Join Gym

Join Gym

Now that you are an adult, you must take responsibility of your health also. Because in today’s date the stress and strain on people has increased as compared to our grand parents and great grandparents. People are suffering from heart related diseases at a very tender age of their career. Most of the work is done by spending time on laptops and computers making our lives sedentary and depriving us from physical exercises. So, one the good things one must do on his eighteenth birthday is register and join a gym. And not only join it but also visit it regularly and workout dedicatedly.

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4. Plan for a college

Plan for a college

The above three points focused on the things to be done on the day you turn eighteen. But now the following points will focus on the things to do right after your eighteenth birthday. Now that you are eighteen, gone are the days when your parents planned your day schedule and everything. Henceforth, you must start planning for your future. You will be completing higher secondary schooling in the year you turn eighteen. So, you must start planning for graduation and obtaining a degree. You should explore your passion and fields of interest and start applying for colleges that can uplift and train you in your field of interest. Many would not be interested in more books but, college and graduation can really change your life as it provides you with so much knowledge and skills.

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5. Apply for driving license and voter ID

Apply for driving license and voter ID

Remember the conversation mentioned in the opening paragraph of the article? Yes, now your father has to either buy you a bike or look for some other excuse. Pun intended. Once you turn eighteen one of the most important things you should do is apply for driving license and voter ID. Because with a driving license you become legally eligible to ride bikes and drive cars. The voter ID makes you eligible to cast your vote in elections to choose the right candidate who can serve you. Having a driving license and voter ID are the documents that make you a responsible citizen. Also, these documents are a proof of your age and nationality.

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6. Other important documents

Other important documents

Along with driving license and voter ID, there are other documents that you can start applying to once you turn eighteen. You can apply for passport. Because, if you are going to college there are high chances of getting a foreign internship for which a passport is mandatory. You should also apply for Permanent Account Number. Even if you are not paying taxes yet, it is advisable to have PAN card. PAN card is mandatory when opening a savings account in any bank. You should also open a bank account once you are eighteen and start saving small amounts from your pocket money or salary so that you learn the importance of money and saving it. Also, passport and PAN card are a proof of your identity and nationality.

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7. Gain experience

Gain experience

Now that you are an adult, you are eligible to all the legal stuff out there. So, go out and experience those. Experience things and experiment with yourself. Make new friends, without forgetting the old ones of course. Try that beer and vodka that they show in television advertisements. Try smoking a cigarette or that huge cigar. If its legal in your region you should try some drugs and feel the ecstasy after the consumption. Travel as much as you can and meet new people. When travelling always mingle with the locals and know about their livelihood. Try the local food and avoid eating the food that you regularly eat back home. Be an intern or a mechanic in a local company or garage and try gaining experience.

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8. Do not do drugs

Do not do drugs

Yes, I am fully aware of the 4th line of the previous point. But trying a drug once and rolling that joint every now and then are completely different scenarios. There is no harm in trying some things out once, but being addicted to them is bad and not recommended. Drugs do give us the feeling of ‘ecstasy’ and ‘being in a different dimension’ by making our senses numb.

But we must also be aware of the ill effects it has on our health and our loved ones. Doing drugs is and will always bad and highly not recommended. You must also take care that you do not become addicted to alcohol and cigarettes because we all know that ‘consumption of alcohol and cigarette causes cancer’. Being addicted to alcohol and cigarette not only destroys our lives but also the ones of our family members. Now that you are eighteen you must take these measures and behave responsibly.

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9. Acquire skills

Acquire skills

There are infinite skills out there that we are completely unaware of. Search them, study the ones that interest you and try acquiring them. You can start learning MS Excel also if it interests you because it is such a huge portal where you can do numerous things and also show off your skills. You can also learn a new language. If computers and computer languages interest you, you can learn coding, Google Analytics or SEO. You can also focus on technical writing, content writing or creative writing. One can also join clubs that participate in social works and public speaking. Start learning to cook, it is a skill that is also a life saver my friends.

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10. Learn to say NO

Learn to say NO

This is a tender age where you want to experiment with yourself and try out all the things that you have been waiting to try. But this is also the starting point of your life. The decisions you take now can affect your future. So, you must see to it that before taking a decision you think twice on its long-term effects. If you know that carrying out a specific practice is wrong, illegal, unethical or can hurt someone then straight away say NO and turn you back to it. Many times, your parents can also give you a wrong advice not intentionally but due to lack of knowledge or conservative attitude. In such cases you must advice and convince your parents that the thing they are telling is not quite correct or not in sync with the modern scenarios. Always remember, you have the complete right to say NO and restrain yourself from doing things that you are not comfortable with.

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Dear readers and youngsters, this were a few points focusing on objectives one should follow once they you are eighteen. Along with this there are many other tings you can do like maintaining a diary or scrapbook, learning financial management, getting a tattoo, visiting clubs or going on a bike ride with friends, but these are the activities that you are anyways going to perform. See to it that you behave and think maturely. Do not take such decisions that can probably have negative effects on your life. Lastly, now that you are an adult, behave and think like an adult, without losing the teenager inside you, because you are eighTEEN.

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