What should I do on my laptop when I am bored?

What should I do on my laptop when I am bored

In this article we are going to answer the question “What to do on a laptop when you are bored?”. After long day of work or long week of work, when a person gets holidays, he feels a sense of emptiness. Even many people get bored when they don’t have any work for them. To fight with the boredom, we have many ways like cooking, doing household stuffs etc but all off these are energy draining and people prefer other ways to kill boredom. One of the comfortable means to avoid being bored is using laptop.

In modern world, everyone has laptop. Laptop has become an instant source of entertainer as well as help people in their day to day work. People use laptop in their office related work but it can be used two-folded for killing boredom. With connection to internet, laptop becomes one stop solution to avoid boredom. We can do various task from laptops out of which some of them can be constructive for you. Thus, if your laptop is working fine, you won’t be bored again.

What are the things to do on a laptop when you are bored?

Some of things you may do on your laptop when you are bored are:

1. Clean Your laptop

Clean your laptop

As we use our laptop regularly, dust particles are accumulated inside the laptop as well as on the screen. This may lead to disfunction of some of the components if they get inside the working area of laptop. Processor fans are choked due to dust usually costing you a high amount of your salary. To avoid this and utilise the time fruitfully, we can clean the dust particles on the laptop. Nowadays, special sprays and brushes are available to clean and polish your laptop.

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2. Clear up storage

Clear up storage

We all have noticed that processing speed of our laptop generally decreases after some time of buying. This is due to amount of storage we store in our laptop. The time needed to process all the files and searching your specific files increases increasing the processing speed. To maintain the speed as before, we can clear up rarely used applications as well as the delete waste photos that were useful earlier due to some office work. Every application produces cache data which is of no use after some time and that be cleared to improve system performance. Defragmenting your files and directory is also a way to increase processing speed of CPU.

3. Classify and backup


Due to our busy working schedule, we forget to store files in appropriate folders and classify them according to their purpose or use. This can be solved when you are bored. Try to classify files and put it in desired folder which can be used for further references. Photos and videos section can be made where you can store photos according to events. Backing-up important files is very important as it might get deleted and you may find it useful afterwards. This will help you to recover those files when needed. Mobile phones generally have less storage than laptops and is filled up quickly. In your free time, you may transfer important photos to your laptop and clean-up your mobiles to improve its functioning and store different items.

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4. Read your emails

Read emails

Email has gained with times. Important official messages of work are generally sent and receive through emails. Other than that, many of the notifications come through emails. Most of us forget to open up such mails and may miss many opportunities. Thus, everyone should make a habit of reading their mails when they are free and getting bored. Some useful message or notification may be pending for you to be acknowledged. As these messages requires storage, we should clean it up regularly to stop storage issue.

5. Read Blogs

Blogs are great source of information. Various type of blogs are there to spread awareness like cooking blogs where you can find new recipes, auto blogs keeping you updated about the changes in auto mobile industry, travel blogs giving you information about locations you should go and follow the steps to enjoy, etc. When you are bored, you can read blogs written about your passion which might up giving you some motivation and purpose to fulfil it. To match with present technologies, you may read technical blogs to improve your knowledge.

6. Chatting

Chat with friends on your Computer when you are bored

As the technologies improved, communication has become much more convenient with time. We can now connect with anyone all around the globe with no problem. Chatting is one form of communication which can be done through laptop. We can easily chat with our friends and family members with the help of internet. We can also share photos and videos with our loved ones which was made more efficient by WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. This will also help you to enjoy and kill your boredom. Due to evolution technology, relationships have become stronger and people have come close than before.

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7. YouTube


This is another activity where you can pass your time when you are bored. Tons of videos are present in the YouTube which can be important for your career to entertain you for the moment. Many music videos are also present in it increasing its content richness. Nowadays, movies song and trailers are released on YouTube before the release of movie. Many informative videos also present which can improve knowledge as well as study videos are also there which can be watched for killing boredom. If you have any talent, you can upload it in YouTube to become famous and it can become a source of income too.

8. Movies and Music

things to do on your laptop when you are bored

Theses is something we all want in order to avoid getting bored. This is form of quick entertainer. Watching movies and listening to music online has much easier due to access of internet. Watching movies in mobile is inconvenient as the screen size is less but laptop screen has appropriate size to make us fully enjoy the movie. And sound quality is better in laptops. We can watch movies online through applications like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc and listen to music through Spotify, YouTube etc.

9. Play Games

things to do on your laptop when you are bored

This is what most of us do for having fun. There are many online games present which will help you pass time easily. Every type of games is present in internet which can be played for free. Apart from this, every laptop has its in-built games which can be played for entertainment. You can download many games and play without spending any money.

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10. Goal Oriented

Things to do on laptop

This is productive way to use your laptop when you are bored. Internet is vast sea of knowledge and you can find much for yourself too. Many online sites like Udemy and coursera provide you with courses which can be used to improve your specific skill and learn something new. Apart from this, you can use various software on your laptop used in your field of work and improve in it.

These were some things you may do to avoid getting bored and pass your time. 

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