What To Do On A First Date With A Guy?

What To Do On A First Date With A Guy?

In this article we are going to talk about the What to do on a first date with a Guy?Life is full of adventures and surprises. There are many different things which we do in our life that will make us very happy. Elders always teach us to do what we love provided it is not harmful to anyone in any manner. We all follow our passion and always do what we like to do for a living. This is mainly used for the job which we prefer. We must always do the job that gives us peace and happiness rather than tension and gives a high BP. But, to do all these jobs, we require a lot of mental strength and courage. Also, even though we do the job that is our favorite, we get tired after doing it for a long time.

That’s a common human psychology. So, we require some kind of relaxation. We get this relaxation when we find a person who is comfortable with our character and is also undergoing the same condition like us. When we find such a person in our life, we automatically get close with them. We start spending most of our time with them, we share all our things with them and we will start to become happy while they are with us. This is nothing but what we call in modern language, love.

Once we fall in love in our life with a person and realize that the person also has the same feelings on you, your life will change a lot. You will get to do a lot of dating with that person and your mind will become more peaceful. But, there are a lot of things which we should keep in mind while we are about to date a person. Here, we will discuss the main things that a girl should keep in her mind for her first date with her boyfriend.

What to do on a first date with a Guy?

Here are a few things that you should keep in your mind for your first date with your boyfriend:

1. Know the person

Know the person

This is the most important point a girl must keep in her mind while going for her date. People are of different characters. Everyone has a lot of good qualities and bad qualities. Before going for the date with your boyfriend, the girl must completely know about her boyfriend. She must know the behavior of the boy, the character of the boy, how is his name in the society. Also, she must be aware about whether the boy has any bad habits such as smoking, drinking, etc.

By doing so, the girl will get a clear picture of her boyfriend and she can easily communicate with him. Also, the girl must make sure that the completely trustworthy. He will be a person who will provide full support to the girl whenever she is having any trouble. When the girl comes to know more about the boy and she finds out that the person is coming from a good background, she will be happy in talking to him. This will improve their connection a lot and hence they can lead a good life together. Therefore, the most important thing a girl must do for her first date is to completely know about her boyfriend.

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2. Self – confidence

Self – confidence

Another important factor a girl must have for her first date is she must have full confidence on herself. The girl must never feel that she is not suitable for the boy or he will get a better girl. Always keep in mind that you are the most suitable girl for the person and he will surely have a happy life with you. Always keep your head and chin up. While you are on your date talking to your boyfriend, make sure that you look at his face and talk. By doing so, the boy will feel the he has got a strong and bold girl who likes to look face to face and talk. This will increase his love and respect towards you. Hence, it is very much important to have high amount of self confidence about yourself when you are going for your first date with your boyfriend.

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3. Love the person

Love the person

The strongest thing which a girl must keep in her mind while she is preparing for her first date is to love the person she is dating. Do not do the dating for namesake or do it just because all your friends are doing it. Be truthful to yourselves and the person whom you are dating. By doing so, you are not cheating any person in any manner. If you are dating a person for namesake and is planning to stop it once you feel bore, you are indirectly destroying the life of that boy also.

He might take this in a serious manner and later when you leave him, there is a very high chance of the boy ending up having a depression. Also, you must make sure the same for the boy too. You must know whether he is serious about this or is he doing it for an entertainment. Therefore, it is very necessary to be sincere to the person you date and make sure he feels the same for you too.

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4. Do not be a gold digger

Do not be a gold digger

One of the most seen scenarios for dating is gold digging. This is nothing but girls dating a boy not because of their love towards him, but for the money and wealth he owns. Most of the girls end up dating rich boys in order to get access to his belongings. This must be highly avoided. You must always love the person rather than his wealth because wealth is something that can disappear any time due to many reasons. But, if you sincerely love a person and he also loves you back, your dating will end up in a success. This will surely give you a healthy and happy life to lead with the person you love. Hence, it is very important to love the person rather than his wealth.

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5. Dressing style

Dressing style

While going for a date, the girl must always make sure she is wearing clothes that are highly appealing to the boy’s eyes. He will get a very good impression about you when he sees you with proper and attracting clothes for the first time. Do not wear clothes in such a way that end up you in a dirty manner, but you must wear decent dress. When the boy sees you in proper dress for the first time, he will surely like it and his first impression about you will become high. Then, your dating will get a good start and the result also will be good.

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6. Be yourself

Be yourself

Yet another strong point to be kept in mind is being you. Always keep in mind that you behave like how you are always. Never behave in such a way you try to impress your boyfriend by faking your behavior. Once you start faking your behavior, you might get your boyfriend impressed at first but you will not be able to continue it for a longer time. There are chances for your actual character to be revealed one day and your boyfriend might not like it. Therefore, be yourself from the beginning to avoid such issues.

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7. Feel free to talk

Feel free to talk

Do not hesitate in talking to your boyfriend. It is an obvious thing that you might feel awkward during your first date. But, you must never have an attitude like that. Always feel very free to talk to your boyfriend. Share with him about your likes and dislikes. Also, give a consideration to his feelings too. When you do so, there is a high chance for the respect that the boy has towards you to increase and he will surely be impressed about you. Hence, always have a free mind during your first date.

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8. Listening skill

Listening skill

This is another big point a girl must keep in her mind for her first date. It is a known fact that first date includes a lot of talking between the boy and the girl. The girl must always make sure that after she has done with her talking, she must also give the boy equal time for him to speak. Also, while the person is speaking, you must attention to him. By doing so, the boy will get a feeling that you are paying equal respect to all his words just like he gave you. This will improve your relationship to a large extend.

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9. Make sure he is happy

Make sure he is happy

Girls always prefer a happy surrounding with them. For this, during their first date they must make sure that the boy is not feeling bored by their talks. Try talking something funny with the boy or do some funny tasks which will keep you both engaged for a long time. The boy should feel to spend more time with you rather than going home. This will improve your mutual understanding and it will surely benefit your relationship.

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10. Conclusion


This is something you must do when you are about to end your dating. When you plan to conclude it, you must behave in such a manner that you had a very good time and is looking forward for more such experiences. This will make the boy feel that you are impressed about him and he will also give you a high amount of respect. Therefore, it is very necessary to have a happy ending to your date so as to have a mutual respect with each other.

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