What to do on a Sunday with friends?

What to do on a Sunday with friends

In this article we are going to discuss about what to do on a Sunday with friends? There are many interesting and fun things to do on a Sunday with friends that you can know by reading this article. This is proven fact that most of us long for weekends. The reason behind this desperateness for weekends is due to high workload and stress all along the week. Weekends help person to relax and enjoy. Some companies give holidays on both Saturday and Sunday but most of the companies give it on Sunday only.

This is why, people are excited for Sundays. On Sundays, we can do many things like household stuffs, learn some new skills, etc when we are alone but it is always to advantage when we are with friends. Friends make your weekends wonderful and we can do lot of stuff with friends. We can engage in fun activities and do some party.

What to do on a Sunday with friends?

Many of us are confused on spending the Sundays with appropriate plans. To utilise Sundays perfectly, gathering up with your friends is the best option. Some things to do with your friends on Sunday are discussed below:

1. Watch Movie

Watch movies

This is something we all love to do. Select some genre which suitable for every person in your group and play some random movie to enjoy your weekend. If the group of friends is of children, parents may take care about the content they are watching as children tend to do mischievous things when they are together. Going for old classic movies may help you rewind back to your childhood times. Watching comedy movies and shows may help you to relax up all the stress gathered in the week. You can even go to theatres for watching latest movies.

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2. Song

Sing a Song

It is also form to saturate the tension and relax your mind. Play some good songs which you used to listen earlier with them and loved it. To improve the excitement level, you can organize a singing competition where each of you can sing and song. Playing music games like anatakshari will help you to enjoy and create good memories with your friends. Songs are way to soul and definitely it will help you to spend your Sunday at its best. Singing together with all of your friends is also a good option.

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3. Parties


Throwing parties to your friends can be a way to spend your Sunday. You can organize theme parties and decide the costumes of every individual which can be funny naturally. Play some good music and dancing will set the aura of the party and make you party lit. Apart from this, contribute with your friends for food and drinks or else you can buy it for them. If your friend group is fixed, you may take turns to organize a simple small party every Sunday. In this way, you can spend weekends with great source of entertainment.

4. Plays

Street Show

There are always some plays organized in the cities. Plays can be drama or thriller. Plays are generally hosted by NGOs and awareness groups. Apart from this, comedy show is also getting importance nowadays. To spend time with your friend on Sundays, you can attend these shows out of which most of them are of free of cost causing no financial loss. This can be also included in the form of outing with your friends.

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5. Dinner


You can host dinner for your friends on Sundays to spend time together. It is not necessary to have a dinner but having a meal with friends can be option you can opt for Sundays with your friends. Group of friends may take responsibility to cook together helping each other and do a small get-together on Sundays with their families included with them. Try cooking new recipes by reading various cooking blogs present in the internet.

6. Long-Drives

Long drives

This way can be considered to be one of the best ways to spend Sunday with your friends. In the present busy world, we all try to make plans for weekends and it often gets cancelled. That’s why, unplanned trips are mostly successful. We can randomly hit the roads with our friends and go for long drives. We can also take some utensil and cooking items for food for the journey if possible. Foreign people usually take their barbeque items together and cook it. Long drives are something where people share their incidents, memories etc and it will help you to make some memorable trip together. Long drive may help you to know each other better as well as explore your nearby places.

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7. Picnic


This is something we used to enjoy a lot in our childhood but now go for it rarely. You can for picnic with your friends and their family members on Sundays. Picnic spot may be nearby like park or garden. Take some home-made food with you and ask your friends to do the same. In this way, you all will get variety of foods as well as spend your weekend perfectly. Playing board games may also be a part of picnic as it helps in passing the time more wisely and making bonds stronger.

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8. Restaurants

Restaurant Reviews

Going to restaurant weekly may be bit costly for some us but is a good option to spend Sunday with our friends. Plan for going to restaurant for one meal at Sunday with your friends. It is better to go for different restaurants every time as it will help you explore the food stalls and restaurant which are good and suited for your taste. Some restaurants often give weekly discounts where you can visit to enjoy your food at low cost. You can even order food from restaurants to home and have it together watching TV or chatting. Food delivery services have become much more efficient due to sites like Zomato and Swiggy.

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9. Explore


You can go out for long walks with your friends on Sundays. This will help you to explore your neighbourhood as well as know it better for future instance. Walking will also be counted in your exercise and help you lose the weight if you trying to reduce it.  On your way, you can discuss about politics, passion, recent hot topics and whatever you want to share.

10. Plan

Plan out your week

Planning is very necessary for future. Friends can gather up on Sundays to plan for something they always wanted to do together. This can be planned trip you all wished to do and can decide the trip insights. You can plan for a start-up which you all wanted to start. You can plan for some get together for future. You can plan to learn new skills together for improvement of your career.

These were some ways you can spend Sundays with your friend. Other ways are also present but it can be specific to group of friends.

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