What To Do On Your Birthday With Friends?

What To Do On Your Birthday With Friends

In this article we are going to talk about the what to do on your birthday with friends. Birthdays are always the most special days of everybody’s lives. A day to celebrate a party and enjoy with friends, family and loved ones. Everyone has their own perspective of celebrating their birthdays, either a peaceful when at home, or clubbing in the best pubs of the city, or visiting an orphanage or serving the society and the underprivileged, some might prefer to visit temples or organize a spiritual gathering and what not. There could be tonnes of ways to make this day the most memorable one.

What To Do On Your Birthday With Friends?

Today, everyone leaves their family behind for their careers and further studies and the family they have is their friends in all the happy as well as sad moments. Friends are the best ones to make your day cheerful and have a blast with them. There are many things to do on your birthday with friends among which top of them are discussed below:

1. Plan a Vacation

Plan a Vacation

How would you feel to cut your birthday cake on a sea beach, alongside a beautiful waterfall, or on the top of a mountain with snow by your side or in a desert tent? Sounds too amazing and exciting, isn’t it? Plan a short or a long trip with your friends combining your birthday date in the itinerary. You may select a destination which is close to your city or town to avoid too much of traveling and taking leaves from your school, college or workplace. You can plan your birthday according to the destination you have opted for, sightseeing, adventure activities, partying, swimming or trekking. Trips with friends is like a dream come true for all of us, then why not fulfill your dream on your most special day when even your parents won’t say no. So, start searching for the destination to celebrate your next birthday.

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2.Sports or adventure activities

Sports or adventure activities

Not everybody can plan a trip due to work and other commitments or budget issues but a hike to the nearest hill for the sunrise or the sunset or a friendly cricket game with your childhood friends or the current ones can never go wrong and is pocket friendly too. You can plan either an outdoor activity or sport or an indoor one. Going to a local monument or for a hike or playing a game in the nearest children’s park can be so much fun.

You can have a game with the kids playing around in the park and see how joyful the kids will make your day. How about going for car racing, bowling, play carom board, or Ludo at your home? You get to relive your childhood days once more. Think of your favorite games you have not played for a long time and go ahead to fulfill your desires.

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3. Go Shopping

Go Shopping

For all the girls out there, go out for the most favorite thing of yours, shop. There are many brands and stores, which offer special discounts on birthdays giving you, a lot of benefits of shopping on your day. A day shopping with your best friends with gift vouchers and discounts is always relaxing and fun-filled for all the girls and boys too. Shopping from the streets, roaming around, bargaining and enjoying your favorite food- items. It is not only about shopping, but also about making memories with your favourite people and leaving a beautiful mark on the memories of your life.

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4. Movie or Binge Watching

Movie or Binge Watching

Watching your favorite movies from the ’90s sitting inside your home with your best friends or binge-watching a series you have been longing to watch from months with them. You can also plan to watch the latest movie at the nearest theater. Make your favorite flavor of popcorn and order for your pizza or any other favorite food item to chill with Netflix or movies. You can watch movies back to back and have a great laugh about the same for ages to come. Some cinemas also offer old movies, check them out and if your luck works you can watch them in the theater itself.

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5. House Party

House Party

Remember those days, when your mom used to cook all your favourite dishes and you used to invite all your friends and family members for a nice gathering with music, dance and games. Those were the beautiful days of childhood when house parties were most common and everyone enjoyed them the most. Once we grew up all of us, prefer to go to some fancy cafes and restaurants to celebrate our day with our friends but think of a theme-based house party at your own flat.

You can decorate your house as per the selected theme and cook or order your favourite food and drinks or beverages and decide a common dress code for all the guests. Do not forget to make yourself prepared for some interesting games like Truth, dare and situation or never have I ever or aim the target and so on. These days, there are companies who help you setup your entire house for a party so just in case you cannot do it all alone these people can help you make your party very special and the best one to be appreciated by all your friends all the time.

6. Night out

Night out

The best thing about being with your friends is that you can be absolutely you. You do not need to fake yourselves or be very presentable all the time so why not opt for a “Pyjama party” or a sleepover on the night just before your birthday so that you can start the celebrations as soon as the clock strikes 12 in the midnight. Narrating ghost or horror stories, gossiping about everything on this planet, having some chilled beer or drinks or sharing your life secrets with a cup of coffee can give you the best and some personal time with your friends away from all the hustle – and – bustle of life.

A night stay can not only be planned at your home but also think of camping in the jungle or riding your bike or car for long drives can be so much fun experiencing the nightlife of the city and exploring the unexplored small villages around them. If you are a singer or a dancer a karaoke night or a dance competition can be the best thing ever. Organize some special competitions for the ones with the funniest performance of dance or drama and give some gifts to the winners. These will count as your favorite days of your squad always.

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7. Resort or Amusement Park

Resort or Amusement Park

Not everyone might be able to spare a night to celebrate his or her birthdays but you can definitely spare half- day or your entire day to relax and enjoy to the fullest. Purchase the best deals for an amusement park or a water park or a resort in your city and you can do everything you want at the same place. Dance, music, pool, food, games and drinks all at the same place is a perfect package for making your birthday special with your friends. Water rides in water parks and other swings and adventures in resorts and amusement parks can be thrilling as well as fun-filled to make your day a great one. Some resorts also offer spa and relaxing massages, which will distress you and make you feel lighter and fresher than ever before.

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8. Go for a show

Go for a show

A lot of people are crazy for watching stand- up comedies or attending music concerts or watching drama and dance performances. It would be a perfect outing with your friends laughing at a stand- up comic show or dancing and singing your heart out at a concert or dance show. All these might sound too off- track for a birthday party but parties are not only about eating and drinking it is about celebrating and doing what makes you feel happy and jolly. If this is what makes you feel good and happy, go for such outings with your friends because your friends can make a boring evening in the best party ever.

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9. Throw a party

Throw a party

This is the conventional way of celebrating your birthday, hosting a grand party with a vast spread of food, drinks, music and dance. However, this time why not look for better options and try for a restaurant offering special discounts on birthday parties or unlimited meals with some drinks. However if you feel like hosting a real party than do something out of the box, arrange for a magic show or some games which will not only involve people more in the party but also give them a chance to attend a party which is one of its kind and will always remain one. You can have counters with make your own dish or some beverage making competition for the guests to entertain them and make the most of your bash.

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10. Serve the Society

Serve the Society

Have you ever wondered how much fun it can be spending your time with the kids of an orphanage or people at schools for specially-abled or an old- age home? Donate some money or food or old clothes or just give them small gifts and eatables and just sit for some hours playing and talking to them and at the end notice the smile on their faces, its priceless and precious. They will be the happiest of all on your birthday and would be the best company to make your birthday unforgettable for them as well as you. This way you help the needy and celebrate your day with friends at the same time.

Birthday plans are sometimes the most difficult decisions one has to take because it gets monotonous celebrating it the same way every year. There are different circumstances on every birthday and thus plan your birthday accordingly. Always make sure whatever you do should make you happy and cheerful.

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