What To Do On Your Phone When You Are Getting Bored At Night?

What Do You Do On Your Phone When You Are Getting Bored At Night?

In this article we are going to talk about the What do you do on your phone when you are getting bored at night? Everyone is busy in their life in today’s date. All are having different lifestyle including study, work, etc. People do not even get time to spend with their loved ones, and when they get time, it’s late night. It’s very obvious that nobody want to disturb anyone at night. That is the  time people get bored and think about everything, they have done throughout the day, which do give stress to them.

Many people have someone with them, so they can spent their late night time (of getting bored) together, they talk, they share stuffs and feel relaxed. At the other hand there are many people too, who are alone and get fully bored at night. But, they also have phones which help them to get distracted from the stress. Mobile phones are always with people, either they are alone or not. And internet is now a blessing for all the people around us, as it provides a world-wide information etc. to all of us. So, phones always help us, when we are getting bored.

What Do You Do On Your Phone When You Are Getting Bored At Night?

Here are top 10 things to do on phone when you are getting bored at night-

1. Chatting with friends

Chatting with friends

Nowadays, all of us are indulged in our life only. We do not have time for anything else. Our complete day, whole time just go in completing our work. We have just forgot to check on our loved ones. We do not even talk to our friends. The same friends with whom we used to have fun before, the same friends with whom we used to share our stuffs before.

So, one day I decided that I would give my time to my friends too. But, it’s obvious that I cannot quite my work and spent time with them. But at nights when I am getting bored and feel low I would talk to my friends. So from that at night when I am getting bore I talk to my friends I share my stuffs with them and they share their with me. In this way I do not feel bore neither I fell low\alone and my time is invested in one of the best way.

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2. Listening music

Listening music

Music is something which can heal human’s emotions. Most of us love music. Different people love different kind of music. There are different variety of music like rock, jazz, classical, folk etc. music is something which can change our mood, it can make us excited it is something which can make us realize about our true emotions. And today music has become the basic need of human survival. When we can’t understand our own heart and mind, music shows us the way to understand them.

The same I do, my whole day is very busy, I don’t get time for myself also. There are millions of things running out in my mind, which I need to figure out. So, I decided to listen music in my free time that is at night, when I get bored. Music is really helpful as it relaxes my mind, reduces my stress. So, according to me listening to music is one of the best  thing to do on your phone at night when you are getting bored.

3. Playing games

Playing games

We all know that our life has been so busy nowadays. We do not get time to fresh ourselves properly. The best way to fresh ourselves  and enjoy is playing games. Most of us want to play games outside but due to our schedule we do not get time to play, and even if we get time then the other person do not have time. So, playing outside the house has been really rare now. But as our technologies have developed a lot we can play games in mobile phones.

I know that games relax our mind and cheer up us. Playing games has always been fun. As the day time has always been busy I decided to play games in  my phone at night when I get bore. There are various games like Ludo, PubG, etc. Games also help us to build our mind, it entertain us. So I prefer to play games in my phone at night when I get bored.

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4. Watching movies/web series

Watching movies/web series

This is the one thing common among most of us that we like to watch movies and web series. It depends person to person that which kind of movies and series they like. As there are various genres like romantic, action, thriller, comedy etc. But in our day to day life it is not possible to watch them in daytime, due to the rough and tough schedule of people.

Personally, I like to watch movies without breaking the rhythm that is not at all possible in my day time. So, I decided that I will watch movies and web series at night in my phone when I get bored.

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5. Read novels\poems\articles

Read novels\poems\articles

Many people have the habit of reading and many have the hobby of reading. But in this busy world outside, very few people are there who can manage their work and have some time for reading too. As reading heals our mind, novels generally take us to some other world. Poem shows the path of emotions and their different types of genres available in articles to read.

My hobby is reading. Before I used to give all my time in reading, but now I do not have time and carrying novels, books everywhere are difficult. I just have free time at night but it is true I can’t have that particular novel or book of my choice in my hand whenever I want. So, I just decided to read my favourite books, novels, articles in my mobile phone at night.

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6. Learning about interesting things around

Learning about interesting things around

Our world is full of amazing things and amazing places and it is very difficult for a person to know everything. There are different historical monuments, amazing arts, beautiful places etc. around the world. It is true that every person is not curious or interested in knowing these things. But people like me are.

I am a very curious person, who want to know all the interesting things around the world, I always wanted to explore everything. But travelling to all the places and knowing the facts are very difficult. But the internet which we have in our phone is an amazing thing. So, I generally learn the facts about new and amazing things around the world at my free time at night in my phone, which has also helped me to improve my IQ.

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7. Update and Organize phone  properly

Update and Organize phone  properly

Mobile phone has been a very important part of life. In today’s scenario, during COVID-19 all the work of people happens through mobile phone. A person cannot even imagine his\her life without mobile phone today. From studying online to work from home from online ordering sometimes to online ordering everything now, it’s mobile phone which is used in our day to day and it is very important to update our phone so that it smoothly keeps working.

My whole data, whole work is stored in my mobile phone, it is very important for me to always update my phone, clear trash at times etc. but I usually do not get time for this. So I update and organize my phone and also clear the trash of my phone at nights in my free time.

8. Read/watch news

Read/watch news

Being updated of the surrounding we are living in is very important. We should know that what is going in our world. News are the way through which we can keep ourselves updated of everything. In a busy life it is not possible to sit and watch TV or read newspaper.

So, I basically read and watch news in my phone at night. This manage my time, keeps me updated and do not let me get bore. So, everyone should know the news of the world and keep themselves updated. As it will also develop our personality and improve our general knowledge.

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9. Download and explore new apps

Download and explore new apps

We people are not aware of many things which our phone have. We yet not know about many apps which can be useful to us. There are apps which could help person to person, which means according to the person’s need there are apps.

Personally I also need to know about curtain apps, which could help me. So, when I got to know about curtain apps of my need I started exploring them in my free time that is at night. I liked to read blogs, so I downloaded many blogging apps and explored them, I also downloaded some translating apps as it was useful for me in my work. So, the free time when I used to get bored at night, I stared utilizing that time in exploring different apps of my need and it helped me a lot and I can to know about the variety of apps phones have through internet. 

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10. Check mails and messages

Check mails and messages

In the situation of Corona Virus, we all have started working from home, studying from home. Phone is the thing through  which we manage all of it. Many people are also there who do not to these works  like home-makers, as their complete day passes in working at home, cooking food, taking care of the family members. They do not get time to check their phones.

I myself do not get time to check my phone in daytime. All the messages, mails everything is just left unseen. One day, at night in my free time I thought that I should utilize my that time in checking the mails and messages in my phone. From that day at night I check my mails and messages and reply them.

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