What to talk about on the first date with a girl?

What to talk about on the first date with a girl

Read this article to know about what to talk about on the first date with a girl. Here in this article I am going to tell you about the best topics to talk about on the first date with a girl. First date is something which is very special for each of us. Most importantly, it is the deciding factor whether you would qualify for a next date. There is always a lot of excitement and nervousness for the first date. We meet as the strangers on first dates which makes it a lot more complex as it seems because you have to leave a good impression on the person you are going to meet, As it is well said that, “First Impression is the last impression”, your first impression should be such that the girl totally falls for you and experience love at first sight. It is the situation when you two strangers attempt to find a perfect compatibility with each other, you venture into the search of your true partner, the one you could feel comfortable with or maybe plans to spent whole life with. Anybody who has trouble talking to strangers or to girls could actually ruin the date and regret later.

Apparently it is easy to find someone on the social sites and talk for hours, you could actually think about the replies and nobody knows. That is the time where everybody is free of nervousness but when it comes to the actual real face to face meet, a bit of nervousness never gets over.  When you actually go on a date with someone, girl meets the real you. And her idea of you should be perfect.

Hence, it is important to be prepared rather than being embarrassed at your very own first date with the girl you love.

Top First Date Tips

  • When you are going for your first date, the very first thing is to be comfortable. Most people do over think a lot on their first dates about every small thing which in turn ruin their dates completely. You should remember that you need to be yourself and not very pretentious during the date as that will definitely create a problem. You have to be in the moment and not always in your head.
  • Your approach towards the date must be more as a fun attitude. When you take a lot of pressure for your first date, there are a lot of chances you would ruin it. The idea of dates is to chill out and have fun which is the true essence of a perfect date.
  • Lastly, whether it is nothing about to worry and take pressure, but you need to be very prepared for your first date. Thai is, you have to be ready with all the things to talk about that any of your gesture do not offend the girl you are meeting with and you spent a total quality time together. It is not about getting prepared like you have your examination next day but you have to be prepared in a manner you are going to present yourself on your first date. From getting dressed like a gentleman, to being quick with the conversations, it is very necessary to maintain yourself at highest standard.

Top 10 topics to talk about on the first date with a girl

Some of the topics to talk about on the first date with a girl are listed below:

1. Admitting nervousness

Try not to be pretentious. You should never try to pretend something or present yourself as a person who is not you. She already knows you are nervous, maybe she too is. But, it is better admitting about your nervousness in front of her. You should do this in the start of the date only. There are a lot of probabilities that the person opposite would also admit it. This is proved very helpful in relieving stress and pressure. This would also help creating a mutual wit and laugh which would make her as well as you more comfortable.

2. About her childhood

The very obvious thing to talk about after admitting nervousness is to talk about her childhood. Childhood is something which makes everyone happy. Those are the happy memories which will make her delightful and more comfortable with you. This is also a way by which you could actually get to know her. Her childhood habits, hobbies and instances are the thing by which you could know more about her nature and her likes and dislikes.

topics to talk about on the first date with a girl

3. About her higher Studies

On the first dates, you basically know all about the girl you are meeting. Your first effort should be to know her in the best way. At least you must know the very important things. Admit it or not, those are the smallest and the very little things which tell you about a person much more. You could ask her about her studies, her high school and the college. You could ask the subjects she is interested in and the subject choices she made in class 11th and her stream in college. In simpler words, you must try to know about all her studies but in a gentle way. You could also ask for her future career plans.

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4. About Craziest thing she has ever done

When you first meet somebody, you are there to find a partner for yourself. You are there in the search of a person you probably can enjoy life with. For that, it becomes very important that you know the person at your best and she could probably talk and do crazy with you. You could ask her the craziest thing she has ever done in her life. It may be haunting something or doing a prank on someone. Ask her what kind of pranks does she actually like doing on people or what is her idea of having fun. You could also ask her the scariest thing she has ever done. This could be anything related to giving a speech in front of a lot of people or related to any stage performance she has ever made. This again shall help you to know her a bit more.

5. About her favorite destinations

Everybody has their own idea of travelling and the travel destinations. There are people who like summer season to travel while others prefer winters. Some people like snowy destinations whereas others love to travel historical places. All you need to do is to know her likes and dislikes about travelling and travel destinations. Learn how she likes to travel, is she is the one who explores or the one who stays back at hotel and relaxes. Besides this, there are people who like beaches where there are few who would choose mountains over beaches. Try to know more and more about her. The more you know about her, the more you can strengthen your bond.

Things to talk about on the first date with a girl

6. Her bucket list

It is always interesting to know about the bucket list of people. Ask her about what kind of bucket list she has prepared. Has she formally been prepared it or not. Try knowing about what all things she would like to do before she turns 30. There are people who have a lot of things planned to do before they turn thirty. There are few people who have something planned over life while others cross the tasks every year. Her idea of fun could actually generate new and creative ideas for your own self.

Basically, every human being has some dreams, whether small or big. Everybody has dream of doing something or the other things in their entire lifetime. There is a position or a destination where you actually need to reach.  Knowing that would make you know about new perceptions and ideas.

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7. Hobbies

These are the best things to do know about a girl and to be familiar with her nature and way of thinking. Every person on this planet has at least one thing which he or she loves to do. It may be drawing or singing or dancing or poetry or any other thing. You get to know the creative side of the girl by knowing this. When a boy talks about her more and takes interest in her, she starts a sort of liking towards him and respects him more. Hence try talking about her more and more. Know her hobbies, interest and likings.

8. Favorite Movies and Books

To know her likings and disliking, what could be a better option than knowing her favorites.  You can ask about her favorite books. They say taste in books correctly defines a person. Or her favorite music could also tell about her a lot. You can ask her favorite movies. The actor and actresses she likes the most an d a lot  of other things.

what to talk about with a girl on the first date

9. Her version of love

The best and a flirtiest question could be about what she thinks about love. Ask her what is love according to her and how she thinks could a person fall in love. How according to her the perfect date could be arranges. All these things will make her fall with you  a lot.

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10. Her Idea of a perfect day

For some people, the idea of perfect day is laying around on a beach, some would prefer Netflix and chill sort of ways or the others like to spent time with their loved ones. Ask her about her idea of Fun and relaxing and what makes her more comfortable and stress free.

Hence, these are a few topics about which you could converse on the first date and make her fall for you and make her comfortable for you.  And remember, politics, previous relationships and sex are the topics one should avoid strictly. Knowing about these topics would help you to feel more confident and impress you date.

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