When Buying A Used Car What Should I Look For?

When Buying A Used Car What Should I Look For?

In this article we are going to talk about the When buying a used Car what should I look for? When you are purchasing a car, many aspects should be considered and when you are purchasing a used car then there are even more aspects that are supposed to be considered. These aspects generally include the authenticity of the documents, budget, and the condition of the car.

When buying a used Car what should I look for?

A lot of risks can be involved if you are not aware at the time of the deal with the owner of the car and  that is why having a piece of complete information before purchasing a used car is extremely important. Before you plan to buy a car, here are:

1. Budget and needs

Budget and needs

You should take a look at your budget and then accordingly start researching the model of the car that can fit into your budget. One more important thing that needs to be considered is understanding your needs. Decide whether to buy a diesel or petrol model. Petrol cars can be a better option if you are on a tight budget because they can be affordable as compared to diesel cars and also they get easy and cheap services.

Also, if you will be driving the car for short distances such as within the city then a petrol engine makes sense. While diesel engine also has its benefits such as they are more powerful and you will get a smooth driving experience and for long distances and rough use diesel cars can be a great option. So before proceeding further decide the model to be purchased based on your budget and needs.

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2. The right owner with the best price

The right owner with the best price

To get the best price for the vehicle that you have decided to buy, you have to enquire about the price at multiple places and verify the price is the same or not. Try to buy the car from the first owner because in case you are buying the car from the second or third owner, the value of the vehicle decreases. There can also be issues with the documents when you are buying a used car from a second or third owner. So it is better to refrain from buying a used car from a second or third owner or even if you do then always ask for price negotiation based on the condition of the car.

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3. Proper condition of the exteriors of the car

Proper condition of the exteriors of the car

The most important step of this process that you should inspect the car thoroughly in the daylight. It is necessary to inspect the car in the daylight because then you will be able to notice scratches, dent, or any damage on the body of the car. Generally, if you are buying a used car then there are chances to have minor scratches and dents that you can fix easily but if there are some major dents or damage then either get it fixed by the owner or ask the owner to negotiate the price. There should not be any accidental damage.

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4. Authentic and Verified documents

Authentic and Verified documents

Once you are done with finalizing the budget and the petrol or diesel variant to be purchased then the next step is to find out the model of the car that can fit all your needs. Always ensure that the model should not be discontinued because you may find it difficult to get the services and parts if required in the future.

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5. Condition of the Engine

Condition of the Engine

Before buying a used car, ensure that the engine of the car is in strong condition. It is Document verification must be done properly because if there is any problem with the documents or if the documents are not verified then there are possibilities that you face major issues in the future. The registration certificate of the car should be transferred in your name and this process takes more than a month. Apart from this, a valid insurance policy is also as important as the Registration certificate of the car. Police verification is again an important aspect of document verification. It can help you get some really important information regarding the genuineness of the car and its owner.

If the car has had an accident or pending challan then with the police verification you will be able to get all the history records. Also while inspecting the car make sure to verify the engine number, chassis number, and Vehicle Identification Number(VIN) with the numbers that are present on the registration certificate. Many other factors are very important to check including pending loans and service records. The document work can be reduced if you will be able to get a car that is registered in the same state or RTO where you are residing.

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6. Model of the car

Model of the car

Better to have a reliable mechanic with you when you are going to check the car. It is advisable to test the engine in the early morning because at that time you will be able to find any fault or problem in the engine. The cold start can help you indicate the condition of the engine. Check if any white smoke coming from the exhaust tailpipe and if the car is taking time to start then there is a problem with the engine. Also, check if there is any fluid or oil leakage in the engine and if there is any leakage then make sure to get fix all these problems even before the purchase.

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6. Proper Alignment and condition of the tires

Proper Alignment and condition of the tires

Ask the owner that whether the tires of the car have been changed or not and if they have changed then at how many kilometers they have been changed, you should gather all this complete information from the owner. Take care of the proper alignment of the car if the wheels are not properly aligned then get them aligned first as you may find it difficult to drive your car smoothly in one direction.

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7. Interior


Test and inspect all the electronic components including the music system, AC, Electronic steering, power windows, and wipers. If there are any dashboard scratches then get them fixed.  Dashboard lights need to be properly functioning because they indicate various issues concerning various parts of the car including Engine, petrol, tires, and many more so if they are flickering or showing any unwanted warning then ask the owner about that. When it comes to the interior then seats and floor should not be ignored. There should not be any dent or rust in the flooring because that eventually decreases the value of the car. The seats should be smoothly working.

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8. Service records and Kilometer readings

Service records and Kilometer readings

Examining the service records has many benefits because it can tell you about the history of the services that have been done in the past. Kilometer readings can be known with the help of an odometer. Sometimes odometer reading can be manipulated so it is advisable to cross-check the service record in the authorized service centers.

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9. Well Maintained Car

Well Maintained Car

Here comes the benefit when you buy a car from the first owner because there are possibilities that the first owner must have maintained the car well. A properly maintained car does not need a lot of stuff to do. A less used, well maintained old car can be a better option than a roughly used young car. That is why it is always advisable to buy a well-maintained used car. Before taking the delivery of the car, make sure to clean the car including proper servicing with oil and fluid changes.

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10. Taking a Test Ride

Taking a Test Ride

This is the most important thing to take a test ride because you will be able to understand a lot of things. Whether gears, breaks, and accelerators are working smoothly or whether steering is functioning smoothly, you will get to know everything. Try to inspect the car by driving at a speed of 40-50 kph on an empty road. Always look for any unusual sound that is coming from any of the parts. If you are not aware about all these things then is advisable to have a reliable mechanic with you so that you will understand the problems if there are any. One more important thing to check is the suspensions, whether they are properly functioning or not.

 So these are the top 10 things to look for while buying a used car and if you take care of all these things then you will be able to get the best deal with the perfect car that you desire.

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