Which Job is Best For Part Time?

Which Job Is Best For Part Time?

In this article we are going to talk about the Which job is best for part time? Part time jobs are the jobs that are done for few hours in a day, Rather than spending the whole day. Somebody who’s fully employed. Take up part time Jobs to pursue their passion and some other to make extra income using their skills. Part time jobs also teach us the real economic world out there, by giving us the real work experience. It helps for people who don’t want to depend on their parents, spouses for the amount that they like to spend. It gives us a sense of financial independence, part time jobs are very flexible as it is for few hours and also it involves less work and efforts. Some part time jobs can even be done at the comfort of our home using mobile or laptops.

Which job is best for part time?

As for students, part time jobs works really well as they can take Care of their own expenses to buy books? To expense their education, et cetera. Instead of depending on the parents every time. As for housewife, even they can own while their leisure time and also be financially independent. So here are top 10 best part time jobs

Some part time jobs do really need some specialised skills, but majority of part time job doesn’t need any particular skills and anybody who wants to earn while they free time can opt for part time jobs.

1. Taking care of pets

Taking care of pets

People who have pets cannot take care of them every time, so they look to hire the people to look after their pets in their absence, though, this job doesn’t really need any particular or certified skills, it just need the ability to understand the moods of pet and to know what they should be fed and at what time and how often they should be fed, etc. Pets can adapt to us only when they feel us as friendly and kind to them. So being kind to them is a major aspect of pet caring, though it may take some time to adapt to them, gradually, they become very close to us, and this job can be done easily without many efforts.

These jobs also involve bathing them, taking the pets to grooming sessions, taking them to veterinarians, feeding them correctly, and regularly taking them to walk twice a day, playing with them to keep them active and busy, et cetera. This is more suitable for student, as it is flexible and can be done without much stress and effort. This is also very healthy because being around with pets makes stress free and keeps us busy as well. Also this job can earn us a decent amount of income.

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2. Taking the job of Nanny

Taking the job of Nanny

As of today’s generation, both the parents are working and there is no time for them to take care of their babies as they have to go out for work to earn the living or the job doesn’t give holiday more than they have agreed. So this makes job for nannies. This job is mostly suitable for the girls or women’s as they are more delicate and sensitive towards babies, this job involves bathing the baby, feeding them regularly and make sure to keep them clean.

Nanny should constantly be checking towards the baby as they are most delicate and should be handled carefully. Nannies job doesn’t involve not only taking care of babies but also taking care of elder children as well. Most of the nannies job is part time but some of them also involve full day work. It depends on the working nature and availability of the parents.

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3. Working in local store

Working in local store

This is one of the easiest ways of getting a part time job. Instead of searching the job elsewhere, we can start searching for it in our locality itself. Many local stores like grocery store electric appliance store, clinics et cetera need helpers daily. Maybe a for doing manual works, or for any other basic work. This is well suited for part time jobs as it is located near home and is Flexible as well. Many stores, like apparel store, home appliance stores, jewellery stores, bakeries, mobile repair shops, footwear stores, Stores dealing with dairy products, Cosmetic shops are all need the Staffs to help in day to day activities. These jobs offers flexible time and shifts to staff and also earns us  a decent amount of salary with incentives, perks and bonus as well.

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4. Being part time accountants

Being part time accountants

Many local businesses also hire part time accountants. To be a part time accountant, One needs to be skilled in various accounting and finance concepts and also he or she should be aware of the accounting software like Tally ERP 9, QuickBooks, SAP etc. This is one of the major part time jobs for students who are willing to pursue their career in finance and accounts field. this  job showcases and trains the budding accountant to face the real business scenario. This job offers a great package of salary. According to his or her skills. Local stores may also hire accountants to record the day to day transaction, to do basic billing, To record the items that are available in the store, etc.  this is one of the job that requires the person to be skilled in that specific area.

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5. Conducting tuition

Conducting tuitions

This is one of the widely popular jobs as it is suited for students, housewives or any educated person. Anybody can conduct tuition for all subjects to the primary school students and can take up specific subjects for higher, primary school students and university students. This job can also be converted into our business in long run by opening educational and training institutions. The person who is free after his day of work and conduct tuition to student at his comfort of his home or give tuition to Students in their home as well by charging them a nominal fees. This is one of the jobs which requires skills to understand the psychology of students and also requires good knowledge about the subjects they are willing to conduct tuition for. This earns a very good range of salary to the person as well.

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6. Working in Cafeteria, Domino’s or Pizza Hut

Working in Cafeteria, Domino’s or Pizza Hut

This is one of the job which is well suited for students. The person who works in these places works in shift process. By this it enables more flexibility to them and also this develops the ability to deal with the customers. Many answers widely work in this job field because of its flexibility. This job can be done Until He or she gets into a more serious whole time job. The job also has incentive, bonus and perks as well. This job involves collecting the order of the customer and also serving them. Many persons also work as part time pizza delivery person. This involves collecting the order from the store and to safely delivering the order to the customer’s home timely and collecting the cash based on the customer’s mode of payment. This job also earns an average amount of salary.

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7. Customer care services

Customer care services

This is one of the area where numerous jobs opportunities are available. Customers are important for any businesses or companies, so hearing their feedback. To hear the complaints or to provide service through calls are the main part of any business. So companies have people to do this services. There is plethora of vacancies available in this job. So to take up a part time job in this field, great communication skills is very important. In addition to this, the ability to convince the customers, marketing skill is all necessary. Even this area also involves shifts, as in day shift and Night Shift. Provides flexibility to the workers, so this is one of the major job opportunity to work in as a part time. Even this job also involves incentives and bonus.

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8. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing

This is also the field of job that is gaining momentum in these days. This is one of the most flexible and the easiest way of earning income. This job can be preferred as it requires only few skills. This involves referring the product to your contacts an when they buy it using your links or your referral code you earn the Commission on number of products purchased. This can be done when there is a leisure and free time and does not have any heavy targets. any person who is able to operate the mobile or laptops can do this without any efforts. This job can be done irrespective of wherever we are.  Though this job doesn’t involve perks and incentives. This Commission earned will be able to suffice. When you learn the techniques of this you can also make it as a full time affiliate marketer.

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9. Online jobs

On line jobs

There are plenty of jobs available online that can be Performed through mobile phones such as picking up online surveys who wants customer opinion , Completing micro jobs offered by some of the companies, filling the forms or data entry jobs. Even some of the app pays for playing games , Solving captchas by downloading some apps and using it for 10 minutes etc. These jobs are highly in demand owing to the pandemic. Through this job doesn’t ensure sufficient amount of salary. This might bring us an average amount of income, but this is more suitable for people who have plenty of leisure time so they can earn some income instead of doom scrolling through the social media.

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10. Freelancing


A Freelancing is the type of the job that requires a specialization in that particular area. Also, when a person is a freelancer, he works for himself instead of working for a company. This involves taking contract from the clients and doing the Tasks. For the clients and charging the fees for that, this is also one of the emerging field when it comes to the job as the person who is the freelancer is  his own boss and decides to work at his own decided time at the  fixed price.

A very Good amount of  salary can be Made through this freelancing. The most important thing is to make sure that we are using the right technique and skills to attract the clients. This can be stated as a part time job and when you get to know the techniques it will be a very good decision to take up it as full time.

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These are some of my ideas of part time jobs which some of the jobs require skills and some may not. Part time can be chosen according to our skills and requirements.

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