Why Being A Pilot Is The Best Job?

Why Being A Pilot Is The Best Job?

In this article we are going to talk about the Why being a Pilot is the best job? Flying over 30,000 ft above the ground, away from all the turmoil of the ground is the passion of many young girls and boys all over the world. It takes great courage and confidence to take charge of the large airplane and safely transfer people to their destinations. The gratification they get in doing this is incomparable. With the lovely sky ahead and beautiful mountains and oceans below them the sense of tranquility prevails around them. As much as the beautiful scenery surrounding the pilot is bewitching, that is not the sole reason why being a pilot is the best job.

Why being a Pilot is the best job?

With increasing number of engineers and doctors in the world, stand out as the mighty pilot. Pilot is one of the most rewarding job in the present times both financially as well as mentally. There are many reasons why you should be a pilot and why it is the most perfect job for you. Read below to see if I can convince you.

1. One of the most Respected profession

One of the most Respected profession

There are many jobs for which you need to study a lot, get degrees and PhDs but the because of the sheer number of people following like a sheep doing the same job the job loses its value in society. About 10 years or so before, being an engineering student would garner a lot of attention from family members. But now almost anyone who are a stone’s throw away are engineering graduates. But aviation industry is still not saturated. The industry procures only the best talent. Pilots are choses based on the principle of quality over quantity. They have to pass many exams based on numerical, language, mechanical etc. personality tests and psychomotor assessments are also compulsory.

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2. Unique job

Unique job

We all want to have the feeling of superiority and uniqueness, don’t we? Well, being a pilot offers just that. How many can actually brag that they have their own private office 30,000ft above the ground. Life as a pilot is unlike any other. You get to experience many cultures, meet different types of people, learn different languages and grow as a person spiritually and individually. You get the chance to standout from your school friends as the one with the cool job in reunions. It gives you a sense of freedom, flying freely up above like a bird which is unique to this profession.

3. Earn those Coins

Earn those Coins

Life of a pilot is highly rewarding, considering the hard work and efforts you have to put in to become one. Do you know that on an average an airline pilot in India makes close to ₹47,00,000 per year? This is 1110% higher than the national average salary. You get to pay off the student loans pretty fast compared to other degrees where it is even a question mark whether you will get the job. You could work for any number of years and can retire early, without having to worry about money. By the time you are 40 years you can afford all the luxuries you want and satisfy all the needs of your family as well.

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4. Perfect Conversation Starter

Perfect Conversation Starter

We all have had that awkward moment when you meet someone interesting at a party but is unable to talk with them because you are too afraid that your life is very boring for such an amazing person. If you are a pilot, you would have so many exciting stories to share to the crowd without them loosing interest. It not always that they would be bumping into a pilot. You can spend hours explaining all the mind-blowing tales of you maneuvering a 140 ft long giant of a plane by yourself.

You would have many stories of the different people that you have encountered in your flight. The different countries you have seen, their culture and heritage you have experienced leaves many interesting stories to you. Pilots also have a large network connection all over the world. You would know many people, their friends or relatives and would not be feeling lonely.

5. Travel all around for Free

Travel all around for Free

This is the dream job for all the travel enthusiasts. Basically, you would be paid to travel to many countries spread across the various continents. You get to spend some times exploring the countries you are flying to. Get first hand knowledge about the traditions and culture. You get to have good quality local cuisines from many countries. Layovers in a flight means that the pilot can take some time off to explore the city they are in. these flyovers may range from few hours to even days depending upon the flight. An average person would have to save up for many years for round thew world trip, while a pilot does it as part of his job.

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6. Flexible work life

Flexible work life

If the above reasons were not convincing enough, I am sure this will. Unlike regular jobs a pilot doesn’t have to bring his work home. Pilots get to schedule their work flights most of the time. After their flight is over, they could just head home and relax. Haven’t you seen your parents attend work calls at home, piles of files stacked up in their bedrooms? This is not the case for a pilot. As soon as he finishes his flights for the day his job is complete.

They also get to have 2 weeks of holyday a month with pay, you get loads of time to explore new hobbies and have fun time with family. Pilots are also not called on to duty suddenly like in the case of doctors. There is flexibility in the work period. The more the seniority you get the greater control you have when scheduling flights. Being a pilot is the perfect job for those who detest working a routine 9 to 5 office job.

7. Free plane tickets

Free plane tickets

Your family gets the perk of you being a pilot too. You can get free plane tickets arranged for your family and friends. Even if that is not available you could definitely get discounted plane tickets as well. If you become a pilot, you can also get the privileged tickets or even the discounted tickets for you family and go on destination vacations. It is also widely known that airlines offer “Buddy Passes” for the friends of the pilot as well. Therefore, being a pilot is rewarding economically not only for you but your immediate family and friends also. Your family members also can now experience the joy of safe flying with you. They will also be very proud to have raised you.

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8. You would never go out of job

You would never go out of job

The life as a pilot is a steady job as long as you are physically and mentally fit to fly the plane carrying the passengers. Many jobs all over the world are getting automized an people associated directly or indirectly with the same are losing their jobs. This is not the case of a pilot. It is true that there are auto pilot modes for the airplanes, but will we ever trust an AI to safely transport 200 passengers over 30,000ft above the ground level? No. human lives are extremely precious and needs to be safeguarded. Even with automation one can never rule out the risk element and take a chance with human lives at stake.

Pilots can make sane decisions with their logical thinking for complex problems and issues. The aviation industry is also always in demand due to globalization. With breaking trade barriers, the industry is only set to grow more in the coming years. Unlike other jobs this field will not get saturated easily. To be a pilot one has to pass many physical and EQ test along with other intellectual tests. The high standards set by the airlines are tough to crack and only the best of the best gets through.

9. Life of luxury

Life of luxury

A night in a five-star luxury when you are tired, the best cuisines from all around the world, what more do you want for a luxurious life you have always dreamt about. The airlines often arrange the best hotel in a city for the pilots to crash. They can also book them on discounts compared to regular customers. They could have the finest quality of food at literally no cost. The bigger the airline company the more benefits and luxuries you get as a pilot. The job also offers you additional benefits such as insurance and it becomes mush easier to get loans from bank.

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10. The view is the Best

 The view is the Best

The most rewarding thing for a pilot is of course that they get to chase their passion. Each and every one of the aviators once would have dreamed for flying among the clouds, controlling the giant beast. They can boast of their private office up in space. With amazing view of the world below and the clouds and the sky they could feel content and proud at the same time. Not many people will be proud of their routine job sitting at a cubicle. A pilot flies over 200 people on an average safely across all oceans. They can have a sip of that dark roasted coffee in total tranquility having friendly chats with their co pilot without a manager breathing down their neck all the time.

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