Why Do You Want This Job And Why Should We Hire You?

Why Do You Want This Job And Why Should We Hire You?

In this article we are going to talk about the Why do you want this job and why should we hire you? Getting a job in a well reputed company is the dream of many job seekers all over the world. The most basic and general question but at the same time tricky to answer is “Why do you want this job and why should we hire you.” Even though we all know the reason for getting into a company for majority would be for the monetary benefit, we must sugar coat the words to sound pleasing enough to the recruiters.

There are many factors that affect your selection for a job title including your experience, skill set and even the way you present yourself. But these are factors that are out of your control. You can’t possibly re do your graduation or change the way you look or behave or even form the necessary skills overnight. But preparing for an interview is something within your control to an extent.

Why do you want this job and why should we hire you?

We have all faced this perplexing question more than one time in our life as a job seeker. There are many ways to go about answering this for an interview. I hope you find the following tips useful. Find out what works for you the best below, And all the best.

1. Passion


The chances are that your interviewer is used to this particular answer. Therefore, prove that you are passionate by stating the reason as well.

“Sir/ Ma’am, I have always been passionate about building things from my childhood, the same is the reason why I took civil engineering as my graduate degree”

Make sure to support your passion with evidences. Here the reason a person took Civil Engineering can be associated with passion for creating new constructions. Similarly, whenever you say to an interviewer that you are passionate about the job title make sure the hobbies you have given are aligned towards the job as well. Working part time in the related field is also a good way to express your passion. Show your passion by giving examples of projects you have done or presentations that are relevant to the Job.

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2. Reputation and goodwill

Reputation and goodwill

This could really be one of the reasons why you would want to work in a specific company. Tell your interviewer how a job at their company will give you so much value.

 “Sir I have always seen and heard about the CSR activities performed by this company. I also was one of the benefactors when the company offered scholarship for higher studies. It would be an honor to work in such an organization that does so much in return for the society as well.”

Share incidences where you have heard of the company in spotlight. The HR would love it if he or she can genuinely feel that you are proud to even attend the interview of the organization.

3. Follow the path of your role model

Follow the path of your role model

The number one tip you should follow when attending an interview is that you have background information on all the important figures of the organization. Learn about their characters, values, what makes them special etcetera. whenever HR asks you “Why you want this job? Be prepared to flatter all the company heads that you know of. You could even choose one important figure in the company.

For example, “I think it would be a really fulfilling and rewarding experience to work with Mr. Elon Musk. I am constantly fascinated by him and the way he handles his business. The job also fits me right as I have prior experience in the same field. While working in my previous company, I managed to promote the productivity by 16%. If I am given the chance, I can contribute to raising the standards in productivity of Tesla.”

The best way to find information on the company’s core leaders is through following regularly the news articles and social media handles of the concerned individuals. Impress the HR with the background information you have garnered.

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4. Motto of the company

 Motto of the company

Never leave out any information when you go for an interview in a company. Make sure that you know A to Z about the organization. Go through the company’s website multiple times. Form an understanding about the mission and Vision of the company. Flaunt your knowledge of the same during the interviews.

 “Ma’am I have come across the motto of the company; Quality never goes out of style. I love that Levi’s is a company motivated to ensure quality to the customers while being competitive through pioneering research in fashion industry. I believe in bringing quantity in sales without compromising on the quality”

 specifying that both the company’s and your future vision is the same can rouse the interest in you even though the statement itself is a bit general.

5. Recommended by experts to you

Recommended by experts to you

Emphasize the value you give to the company and the value addition the company receives when hiring you. Let the HR know the famous personalities that recommended the job to you. Mention how your college professor, the Manager at your previous job or even films or series that inspired you to apply for the position.

“Sir/ Ma’am my role model is my Professor and the Principal of my college. As you might know he is a renowned personality in the field of Marketing and research. He has identified my potential in Marketing and Data Analysis and have always insisted I apply at this company when I get a chance.”

By making such a statement you are telling your recruiter that you are acknowledged by a professional in the field and that you have expertise in the same. Knowing that you have connections with superiors in the field will make you an asset for the firm. Make sure to include the person mentioned by you as your reference.

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6. How the company treats their employees

How the company treats their employees

Express your interest to work with the company earnestly by stating what you have learnt about its employee satisfaction measures.

“Ma’am this company ranks in the top 3 firms in employee satisfaction and development. Personally, I want to work here because of the amazing perks offered and more importantly because of the training and skill enhancement offered. I strongly believe that I can polish my skills to the maximum to best suit the company.

Whatever you say must be backed by relevant true facts and knowledge. The more the research the better you could perform in the interview.

7. Using social media and LinkedIn to stalk

Using social media and LinkedIn to stalk

Knowing your interviewer is the way to go for getting high scores in an interview. This can be done by stalking them (within legal limits of course) their pet peeves, their preferences etc. adding their uncommon hobbies and interests as yours can generate curiosity. This can be risky as you have to have detailed knowledge of the same. And of course, never mention that you stalked them online. Well, the reason for that is self-explanatory.

“ ….. And in my free time I collect and study stones of all shape and form as a hobby….”

The HR who is interviewing you now finds you interesting because he/ she loves collecting stones as well. This can only give an attention towards you, but the actual possibility of hiring will depend upon your skills in the domain.

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8. Money


The package that comes along with the job title is inevitably what most candidates look for. Be open about it to the hirer.

“Sir/ Ma’am the package offered by the company is the best in the field. I have worked in the same field for the past 4 years and have rich expertise in the same to offer to the company in return.”

Showcase your abilities to the HR person when aiming for higher income. You must present yourself as an irreplaceable asset to the company.

9. Highlight your experience in the field


If you are a person with rich work experience this is the perfect time to flaunt it to the interviewer.

“Sir/ Ma’am I have been working in the advertisement industry in different capacities for over 12 years. By working with many companies in their initial phase to huge MNCs, I have grown more knowledgeable in different aspects of the field. Working in your organization will be challenge by abilities in the best way while I offer my expertise in return.

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10. The elephant in the room – when you have ZERO work experience

The elephant in the room – when you have ZERO work experience

How will you handle an interview when you have zero work experience? Tell them outright that first.

“Sir/ Ma’am I am a fresher in the field. But I have so much to bring to the company In terms of new perspective and fresh ideas. I am impressive at multi-tasking as I have managed to complete many internships along with my academics successfully. I am a fast learner so I will surely pickup the work flow sooner than others.” When you are a fresher don’t shy away from pushing your CV to the HR. Talk your way inside the company.

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