Why Education is Very Important in Our Life?

Why Education Is Very Important In Our Life?

In this article we are going to talk about the Why education is very important in our life? “Knowledge gives me power” as many people believe but does it really? Out of all the assets one earns throughout their life education is the asset which helps in gaining the rest. Education not only provides knowledge but gives confidence, sensibility, intellect to a person who upon having this perfect blend becomes a person who is self-sufficient in a good way. Education not only helps you prepare for life but it provides you the strength to fight with obstacles in between too.  And it is not limited to the education we study in school or college the practical knowledge gained in field work is equally valuable. Even to be good enough in the work you do.

Why education is very important in our life?

To grow more in any field, you should have a passion to learn and learning is continuous and lifelong process. That does not make learning tough or burdensome instead when a person is introduced to a wide range of variety to learn from which they can grow and become better people tend to be more into it and want to grasp as much of it so, they can succeed in life and have everlasting opportunities. From childhood kids are taught the importance of education because the earlier you realize it the better it is since the seriousness to gain knowledge and be educated is an extremely salient feature to have a goof life. To understand it to a greater extent below listed are ten reasons why education is important: –

1. To achieve a desired life

To achieve a desired life

Everyone since childhood have particular dreams about what type of house they want to buy or live a different lifestyle when they grow up. It is not something materialistic it is something what everyone would like to achieve no matter whosoever they are, like they should too. Aiming to achieve something at life is young age helps you get determined while growing and makes achieving it possible. Education is the simplest method to do so, not to only to achieve a desirable life but the more you learn you get to know about how there are various lifestyles and you can pick one you want to achieve.

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2. Safeguards you from being bluffed

Safeguards you from being bluffed

Everyone must have heard lies, lying is common but if lying is exceeded to an extent where the person getting lied too is harmed emotionally or financially without even realizing it that would be a serious issue. For one to be aware it is necessary that you have at least basic knowledge so one does not rob you out of your lack of knowledge or innocence. Also, you learn about basic rights as a citizen too which will help you in raising voice against ill treatment or any wrong doing more effectively.

3. For economic well being

 For economic well being

Everyone has to earn money for themselves because nothing is free. To earn and gain respect is something done by education. By having studies at good institutions or graduated with good marks lets you have a job of your choice along with good salary so, you get to earn well. Plus, if you earn well not only you but your country gets benefit too. Like more economic growth and better per capita economy rate.

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4. Boosts your confident

Boosts your confident

Most basic reason for one’s inferiority complex is that they feel not good enough but through the process of learning they can over come it. Knowledge of various things and having that feel of ‘ask me anything about my field’ confidence boosts someone enough to not of inferiority complex which eases their insecurities around people for better self-growth and development as well. You get to learn about self-care and self-love too which makes you not want to hurt your peace for others improving confidence as well.

5. For betterment of environment

For betterment of environment

When you learn about the things happening on earth which is borderline disastrous you yourself feel there is a need to bring a change in ways of living. You emit the damage causing factors in change of good ways of living. Like many people have opted to live a ‘ecofriendly’ and ‘vegan’ lifestyle to control environmental damage and be healthy. Plus, you get raise awareness as well as get aware about many things like climate change, pollution, demerits of commercialized societies etc. which will lead to a better and less damaged environment.

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6. Breaking stereotypes or mindsets for better society

Breaking stereotypes or mindsets for better society

Carrying on something from years our ancestors taught is a good value but the value should be fruitful as well. Things like untouchability, religions or color discrimination so on just create nuisance in our society. It tempers one’s self-image and confidence. This damaging behavior not only affects the victim but continues to spread from generation to generation and this way our society could never be modified for the better. While if we are educated and know the drawbacks of this behavior and would try to eradicate it. Also, in schools’ children are taught about many things for example environmental, cultural and political issues if they are taught at an early age child will develop a good mindset as they exposed to wider topics ranging of various fields which gave them knowledge and more freedom to think about them.

7. Empowerment for women

Empowerment for women

For breaking stereotypes, women equally would have to stand up as well. Educating them is important factor for empowering them. By educating them we as a society will give them a platform from where they can move ahead to being independent personnel. Not only this but it will create more job opportunities for them in future too. Equal job opportunities along with no patriarchy will be an empowering move as a start. Education will also provide them freedom and come out of the constructs they might be living in and; if they were facing any sort of problem or crime against them, they could right fully act against it but it will only be possible if they are aware about it.  Government has many schemes operating for welfare of girl education like ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ where girls are getting free education and midday meals in government school as well.

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8. Reduced poverty rate

Reduced poverty rate

As talked about equal job opportunities above they are not just limited to women either, if education is provided to everyone and people actually work hard, they could land really good employment this will increase employment rate and reduce poverty. If poverty is controlled   then people will have better infrastructure and health facilities too and education is powerful enough to end poverty. If poverty rate is decreased it will lead to other better things as well.

9. To have vast understanding in general

To have vast understanding in general

One of the things knowledge provides is understanding and intellect. With knowledge you learn about different people, castes, countries etc. and with the duo mentioned you use them to if not help then at least be respectful. Being respectful to all type of people is equally a major factor for development as education is and through it you learn more about people and their lifestyle which improves togetherness between people as well. We develop empathy and want to remove social constructs. If people come together after getting right information and knowledge they will be able to not only raise awareness but bring attention to serious issues in our society that will help it solve collectively or alert authorities to do so.

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10. Low crime rates

Low crime rates

The main factor behind crimes is that people are not educated then commit crimes for money. If people get proper education with guidance, they will end up being successful. In prisons many classes like dance or art classes are held and the prisoners inside are talented with true craftsmanship if they were guided properly with right education, they would have not committed the crimes instead would have been on the right path. Education is a path which leads you to your dreams and helps you in attain assets in between as well. Education is not only important for kids it is necessary for people of all ages.

It is as important and needed like any other necessity in our life, in fact to achieve other necessities like water, food and electricity one gets to put in their education first. If you want these supplies at your home then you would have to pay for them which will come from education and the person or machines providing it are also due to education. Everything from tiny to huge aspects requires basic education. There are specific camps run for uneducated young people in rural areas to increase employment because many family members sometimes get involved in one field of work where many

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