Why Should We Hire You With No Experience?

Why Should We Hire You With No Experience?

In this article we are going to talk about the Why should we hire you with no experience? Being a fresher we all have come across this question in almost all the interviews. “Why should we hire you with no experience?”. The interviewer aims to find the perfect match for that job role for the company. And all you have to do is tell them that you are the ideal person for that job role. In short, you have to praise yourself and the company. It should not seem that you have come after learning and trying to speak in front of them by remembering everything.

Yours answers will only be going to highlight your confidence. Just keep in mind that don’t give any false answers. Because if you are smart then those people are double smart. They will cross-check everything. So, take your time and think before you answer. If you do not know the answer, then tell them you don’t know the answer, instead of lying. This will not create your wrong impression in front of them, instead, they will appreciate you for being truthful.

10 Best Answers of Interview Question – “Why should we hire you with no experience?”

Every company or organization won’t be hiring someone, who is not fit for the job role. And you have to sell yourself during the interview. And to help you all with this process we have jotted down 10 answers that make sense. You have to play with words and prove to them that you don’t have work experience, yet you can work better than experienced people.

1. I am a Fresher

I am a Fresher

“I am a fresher and I am full of energy. Also, I have learned so many things and technologies, now I want an opportunity to implement them. And I can assure you that I will not disappoint you. Because as this job/internship is going to be my first opportunity, I will make whole use of it” This is an ideal answer. Now you can add so many things to it. Just keep in mind that, you should not use any negative word or sentence about yourself.

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2. I am Flexible

I am Flexible

“I possess the flexibility and can manage time according to your convenience. If I lack any of the skills required during my job, I will make sure that I learn that as soon as possible. As this is the start of my career, I am heading towards it with a lot of positivity. I am a quick learner, so I won’t give your organization any chance to spot my flaws.” This type of answer is expected from you. Now, this is a general answer. You can include some more things that you have read about the company. 

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3. I am Punctual

I am Punctual

“When you hire me, you don’t have to worry about the missed deadlines. I understand and respect the fact that every minute count. Punctuality is my best quality since childhood. I never fail to complete the tasks given to me on time. I have come to give my best to this company. Also, I can grasp everything easily, also I am a hardworking person.” 

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4. Being a fresher. I can learn new things more efficiently

Being a fresher. I can learn new things more efficiently

“I believe that I am good with communication skills. None of the conferences or meetings will ruin because of me. This is a quality of mine that distinguishes me from other candidates. I know the importance of teamwork and I assure you to work in harmony. My job is going to be my priority. Although I do not have work experience, your organization will give the kickstart to my career and I will work with full potential.”

5. I have Creative Ideas

I have Creative Ideas

“First of all, I would like to say, that I am feeling very grateful that I am standing here. Honestly, I have gathered my day and night to acquire all the skills to be in this company. I was very dedicated to my academics. It was my dream to work in your company. And I am sure that I will contribute something great to your company. Along with academics, I have also paid attention to a lot of extracurricular activities. Such as I had been a part of various committees in my college, I had worked with many startup companies. I have gained significant knowledge to work with this company.”

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6. I have relevant skills

I have relevant skills

“To be honest, I have thoroughly learned all the skills that are required for this job role as I have mentioned all the skills in my resume. And I am very confident that I am the one you are in search of. I will give my 100% effort and can come up with all the possible creative ideas that will give the helping hand in the company’s growth. ” 

7. I can work with full dedication

I can work with full dedication

“My dedication is beyond everyone’s imagination. I just wait for a task to come in my hand, then I forget the whole world, till I get the output. Also, I can proudly say that only my dedication has brought me to this position. I am ready to get started with a job role, I am made for. Sharing ideas, working with a team, problem-solving skills, and good communication skills add up to my excellence. I know, I do not have any work experience, but I will never let you feel that I am not an experienced person. I consider myself as the best-suited person for this job role..”

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8. Working for the best positively affects my decision-making

Working for the best positively affects my decision-making

“I am happy that you asked me this. I know I am lacking work experience. Working for the best will positively affect my decision-making. Working with your organization is beneficial not only for me but also for you. As you want a skilled person and I need an experience. I want to grab the chance of exploring new ideas and new fields. 

9. Working with your firm will enhance my knowledge

Working with your firm will enhance my knowledge

“Working with your firm will enhance my knowledge. I know, you are here to find the best. And already there are many talented people. What makes me different from all those people is my positive attitude no matter how tough the situation is. I don’t get nervous in any hard situation I deal with a smile with every circumstance. And I have applied for this position in your company because I have a command of all the required skills. I will never blunder with your expectations.”

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10. Beginning with your company will boost my work experience

Beginning with your company will boost my work experience

“I am a good multi-tasker and that is one of the best skills. I know how important is customer satisfaction and I will wholeheartedly work for it. Also, I will maintain a good relationship with all of my office colleagues. I am passionate about this job role and I will work on every project under me to the best of my capabilities. Also, I am being known for my patience with my friends and family. I am a very calm person. I have a helpful nature. As being in a company for so long, all the colleagues become a family. And taking care of the family is solely our responsibility. Beginning my working life in this company will boost my work experience.” 

These are some of the answers, which when said appropriately in front of the interviewer will put a lasting impact on their decision. You don’t need to mug up all these answers. Because you know all this well, just to show you how to express it properly, we have created this article. Read well about the company, which job role you are applying for, and related to it. Rehearse the answers in front of the mirror and make yourself interview-ready. And just rock the floor, impress the interviewers with your genuine answers. 

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