Why We Should Cut Our Nails Regularly?

Why We Should Cut Our Nails Regularly?

In this article we are going to talk about the Cleanliness is something the world is urging for nowadays. Every place on earth has now become dirty either by physical wastes such as plastics or by chemical wastes that are present in the atmosphere like poisonous gases. The earth is our home that should be maintained cleanly and we must make sure that it remains the same throughout. We know must be known to the phrase that, “The journey of a 1000 mile begins with a single step “. This phrase applies the most suitably in this matter.

Before we trying hard to keep our society and surroundings clean, we must make sure that we our self are clean. We must have a personal hygiene. We must keep both our body and mind clean. There are many habits that a person must regularly do in order to maintain personal hygiene. We are also going to discuss about one such habit which all people do but are not aware of the positive side of that particular activity; cutting our nails regularly. This is an activity which is done by almost all of us in order to stay healthy and clean. But, no one usually imagines of the fact as to why our elders have made us do it regularly. There are lots of advantages if we are a person who cuts nails regularly.

10 Reasons why we should cut our nails regularly

Here are a few main reasons as to why we must cut our nails regularly:

1. Personal hygiene

Personal hygiene

First and foremost is the main reason that is known to all which is to maintain personal hygiene. By cutting our nails regularly, we make our fingers free of germs. Always keeping your nails short makes others feel that you are a personal that follows a very good personal hygiene. Cutting nails regularly might be a small job for others. But, there have been many cases such as people getting rejecting from interviews due to poor personal hygiene.

It is a fact that the interview board gives equal importance towards personal hygiene as they give towards the subject knowledge of the person. If you are person who is well prepared for the interview, but have a very poor personal hygiene, chances are very high for you to get rejected for the job. Therefore, it is very necessary that you cut your nails regularly so as to maintain a proper personal hygiene.

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2. Bacteria


Another major factor which we all are aware of is that our body contains a lot of bacteria that are harmful for our health. The reason behind we brushing our teeth, taking bath everyday is to kill those bacteria and to remain clean. We must also realize the fact there a bacteria present in large numbers in our nail. As we let our nails grow faster and do not cut it regularly, we are providing more space for the bacteria to increase their population and harm our health.

If we do not cut our nails regularly and if we let these bacteria grow, as we are consuming food using our hand, there is a high chance for these bacteria to enter inside our body via our mouth and later it will give us a lot of health hazards. Hence, it is very necessary for us to cut and maintain our nails regularly.

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3. Dirt formation

Dirt formation

There are a lot of places in our human body which are most suitable for dirt to get compiled up. These are places such as our underarm, neck, etc. What we do not realize is the fact that nails are also the most commonly seen place where dirt gets compiled up. This is mainly happening in the nails of our legs. We walk at different places for many times every day. Almost all of us either use sandals or walk barefoot while we are inside our house.

This gives the nails of our leg a lot of exposure towards the dust and dirt that is present around us. This dirt will be formulated in our nails mainly if we are not cutting it. If we do not cut our nails, it will grow longer and more space will be provided for such dust to get compiled up. This will either cause some fungal infection to our nails by which we will be forced to remove the entire nail or there has been situations in which due to fungal infection on nails, the whole finger has been cut off. Hence, but cutting our nails regularly, the formation of nails can be reduced to a large extend.

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4. Stomach issues

Stomach issues

When we do not cut the nails of our hands regularly, as mentioned above there are high chances of bacteria forming on it. Similar to that there is a high chance for dirty particles to be formed on the hand. We use our hands daily for different purposes. We will touch at different places, we will walk through different places, and we might not get a chance to wash our hands whenever we require which leaves our hand in the same dry form. As we use our hands to do different things at different places.

We might not be even using to protect our own hands. All such activities are giving full exposure for our hands and nails to the outside atmosphere and the dirt is compiled on it. If we have long nails due to not cutting it regularly, when we intake our food all these dirt particles are directly entering our stomach and it will cause many infections. There have also been cases in which such stomach infection could not be cured and it has even leaded the person to face death. Therefore, it is very necessary to cut our nails regularly to avoid such stomach problems.

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5. Harmful for others

Harmful for others

One of the major factors that people know but do not give much importance is that as the nails proceed to grow longer, there edge also becomes a lot sharper. When we do not cut our nails regularly, we make our nails grow sharper, but also causes harm to others. We might be usually mingling with our friends in a casual talk, but in case our nails give a scratch or tear to their arms or any other body part, it becomes a serious issue. Also, there are chances by which it can even lead to an infection. Nails are very sensitive and there is a high chance for which it can cause infection to others. Therefore, it is very necessary that we cut our nails regularly so as to avoid causing harm to others.

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6. Nails growing inwards

 Nails growing inwards

This is a factor which is gone unnoticed by almost all people. There is a phenomenon in which nails, mainly the ones in the leg, as they are growing longer there is a tendency for it to go back inwards too. This usually happens when we do not cut the nail for a long time and let it grow for a long time, the nail starts growing backwards. This can be easily stopped if we are a person who cuts the nail regularly. But, if we do not cut it on time, the nail will grow even longer inside and it will pierce through the skin of the person.

As mentioned before, nails have a high chance of causing infection, but letting it grow backwards and piercing the skin, it will tear the skin and will surely cause infection on our skin. Therefore, it is very necessary to cut our nails regularly in order to prevent inward growth.

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7. Broken nails

Broken nails

This is seen in almost all cases of growing nails. As we proceed in growing our nails for a long time and not maintaining it regularly, there is high chance for the nail to be broken due to some mistake from our side. All of us work every day and most of the works are physical works. When we do such works, our hands are openly exposed to outside atmosphere. Therefore, while are proceeding with our work, there is a high chance for our nails to be broken. Breaking of nail is indeed very painful and it takes a lot of time for the nail to grow back. Also, the pain will remain in our hand for a long time and it will be a burden for us. Hence, it is a must to cut nails to avoid such incidents.

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8. Chemicals


This is mainly applicable to all those who deal with chemicals. When you are person whose job involves usage of chemicals, when we use our hands there is a high chance for our nails to be affected by it. It is sure that the chemicals will be spread on our nails and it will surely be harm to the nail. By reaching the nail, the chemical also reaches inside the skin and it will affect the whole hand. If we cut our nails, we can stop this from happening.

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9. Maintenance


There are people who grow their nail out of their passion. It might seem nice for others but what they need to realize is that it is very hard for them to maintain these nails. They must make sure there is no inward growth, there is no fungal infection on it, it does not hurt others, etc. Therefore, instead of taking so much tension for growing and maintaining the nails, they can cut their nails regularly and can maintain personal hygiene.

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10. Dry nails

Dry nails

This is yet another factor which everyone is not aware about. Nails are a part of the human body which should not be left dry. As we let our nails grow and if they become dry, the dirt and bacteria present in it will become permanent and it will take a lot of time to remove it. This will cause a lot of fungal infection to the nail and it will last for a long time. Therefore, cutting nails regularly and not letting them become dry helps you to reduce such issues.

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