Why We Should Not Eat Non Vegetarian Food?

Why We Should Not Eat Non Vegetarian Food?

In this article we are going why we should not eat non vegetarian food.The rate of the consumption of meat has been increasing over the past few years. Animals are bred for their meat and flesh and this causes several ill effects for the animals, the consumers as well as the environment. Given below are a few reasons as to why one must try and avoid consuming meat and try and incorporate more fruits and vegetables in their diets.

Why we should not eat Non Vegetarian food?

The ten reasons why we should not eat Non Veg food are listed below:

1. Help Stop world Hunger

Help Stop world Hunger

The consumption of meat has sky rocketed over the past few years and the industry has been booming. The industry requires animal feed in order to provide better quality meat to the consumers. Animals consume large amounts of crops or produce and are quite often even force fed in order to ensure better quality of meat. The crops and produce that is consumed by animals can help feed other people who do not have enough to eat. World Hunger is one of the biggest obstacles we need to overcome. Therefore the crops and produce used for the animals that are bred for their meat can be used to feed the thousands of people across the globe who are suffering with starvation.

Therefore, if we limit the consumption of meat, there will not be as much demand for meat and the produce used for animals can help reduce world hunger to a certain extent.

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2. Healthier Diet

Healthier Diet

Eliminating meat from our diets and incorporating more fruits and vegetables paves the way for a healthier lifestyle. Fruits and Vegetables include all the necessary vitamins and minerals that are required by the body. Even though meat is a source of protein, it can easily be replaced by lentils, beans and grains that are much healthier and natural. Incorporating more fruits, vegetables and grains in our diet allows for a healthier life. There are certain theorists that claim that the human body cannot effectively break down meat because of its composition and thus, excessive consumption of meat can over time destroy the body. However, the impacts of fruits and vegetables has been scientifically proven and incorporating fresh, healthy, natural foods in our diets is very important as it ensures a healthy lifestyle and prevents several diseases.

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3. Disturb the Ecological balance

Disturb the Ecological balance

Human beings have jumped to the top of the food chain over time. It is true that if those at the top of the food chain, including human beings completely stop consuming meat, it would cause ecological imbalance. However, because of the increase in rate of consumption of meat, the demand for meat has increase and thus excessive consumption rate results in the food chain to get disturbed and it effects the ecological balance. The primary focus is Human beings now and the rest of the living beings are completely ignored and their needs overlooked. If we consume meat at the rate we are today, the food chain will be disrupted to an extent that it might take ages to restore the balance.

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4. Food borne illnesses

Food borne illnesses

There are numerous illnesses that can be spread through the consumption of meat. Most markets inject the animals with different medicines and steroids to increase the quality and quantity of the meat. These injections are unnatural and can cause several diseases and infections once consumed. There are several illness that are caused by consuming too much meat. Raw meat is often the carrier of germs and bacteria if not cleaned and preserved properly. Thus by not eating non veg, we can avoid sickness and diseases and save our own lives and those of animals.

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5. Delicious


There is a common misconception that is believed that only non vegetarian foods can be delicious  and that only meat can be savoured favourably. However, vegetarian food is packed with nutrients and minerals and is high in fibres. They can be prepared well and they taste delicious. There are numerous recipes online as well as in several books that focus on and highlight the importance of vegetarian or vegan food and preparation methods that will leave one speechless. One can try experimenting with different grains, pulses, vegetables and fruits and discover newer, healthier and more delicious ways to live a healthier lifestyle.

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6. Bad for the body

Bad for the body

Excessive consumption of meat results in an increase in the level of cholesterol in the body and that can lead to severe heart conditions and diseases. Studies have shown that the rise in the cholesterol level can cause cardiac problems. Consuming meat also increases the level of animal protein in the body. Therefore, in order to remain healthy and ensure the safety of the heart and proper functioning of the heart, one must try and avoid or at least limit the the consumption of meat especially red meat and replace it with healthier, fresher foods such as vegetables, fruits, pulses, grains, etc.

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7. The Plight of Animals

The Plight of Animals

Animals, like human beings are living organisms and even though human beings consider themselves to be superior because they have the power to think, they were created to live in harmony with nature and other living beings and not exploit the other beings. In primitive ages, through hunting, man consumed meat just like other animals on the top of the food chain and thus it was a natural phenomenon and a natural process.

However, today consumers torture animals and the consumption of meat has increased and as a result the demand has increased. This demand results in forced production through torturous methods. Cows are forcefully made to mate to create offspring. Animals are injected and force fed to increase the quality and quantity of the meat that is being sold. Humans must understand that these animals are living beings as well and consuming them through the application of unnatural, torturous methods by suppliers is harmful for the animals as well as the consumers.

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8. Energy consumption

Energy consumption

Meat cannot be eaten raw by human beings because it cannot be digested by the human body. Cooking meat consumes more energy and that results in the consumption of energy resources. On the other hand fruits and certain vegetables can be eaten raw or require minimal energy to cook and thus consuming more of vegetables and fruits and minimal meat can help save energy.

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9. More Variety

More Variety

There is a wide range of foods one can choose from when talking about vegetarian food. Different fruits and vegetables are grown in different regions all across the globe. There are varieties of fruits and vegetables that are grown in one end of the world that is not even known by those on the other side. There are innumerable options when it comes to vegetarian food and one can choose multiple varieties to make their plates and dishes more colorful in terms of color and vibrancy as well as taste. If one tries exploring the varieties and benefits that is produced by grains, pulses, vegetables and fruits, they will themselves see their benefits as opposed to those produced by meat.

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10. Expensive


Several meats are very expensive and it is difficult for certain people to afford meat. Vegetables and fruits on the other hand are much cheaper and easily accessible to the general population. One can easily get the required proteins and minerals from vegetables and fruits and avoid spending a large amount of money on meats. Meat can easily be omitted from the dietary plans of human beings and one can get more fibres and nutrients from vegetables and fruits. Therefore, one is able to get more by spending less.

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Over the past few years, Veganism as a movement has gained popularity across the globe. According to this movement, people consume foods and products that are plant or nut based. Anything produced by animals is not consumed. This allows for a healthier lifestyle and better conditions of the body. People today are very conscious about their weight as well. They understand the vitalities of  staying fit and healthy. Therefore, people avoid consuming meat as much because meat plays a major role in weight gain.

Forced breeding is also practiced in animal agriculture to ensure a steady flow of income and in order to meet the ever rising demand for meat. This can be avoided as it is harmful for the animals as well as the consumers. It is thus very important to understand that every human being has a choice to make between consuming meat or not. It is true that in today’s world, it is very difficult to find even fruits and vegetables that are unadulterated and uncontaminated. However, there are fewer dangers and risks involved in consuming organic fruits and vegetables, pulses, grains and nuts.

You can choose how you live your life and you and only have the ability to make a change in your life. Choosing to consume meat does not make you a bad person and you must not feel forced to make any changes in your life through an external source but there are certain dangers and risks that are involved in doing so and that a few of them are pointed out in this article. At the end of the day, the choice is in your hands. You can make a difference, for the betterment of yourself and for that of the World.

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