Why We Should Pray To God Everyday?

Why We Should Pray To God Everyday?

In this article we are going to talk about the 10 Reasons Why we should pray to God everyday? Faith is complete trust or strong belief in god. It is something usually based on spirituality even though there is no proof.  Religion is always been an important part of our life. Faith is always a feeling which we trust completely on an unseen power. With the faith in God, we ask and communicate with God through prayers.  When we feel uneasy or happiness, the first thing we do is to pray to our god. That prayer gives us inner peace.  Prayer always wipes darkness from our life like a spot of light. Prayer is the most powerful thing as we pray a lot, it will draw us near to god where our negative energy will destroy. Praying every day to god makes us stronger mentally.

10 Reasons Why we should pray to God everyday

It’s all about a positive energy that takes all the negativity from us and makes our mind calm and relaxed. There are many more reasons why we should pray to god every day. Some of the reasons are:

1. Prayer make us stronger

Prayer make us stronger

Mental strength is important to human beings. To be mentally strong is very much difficult, for that we need to be very much emotional control. Controlling emotion and being strong are tough sometimes. But through daily prayers, we can achieve that as God brings us mental strength.  Through prayer, we can feel the presence of God and we are reminded that he will be always with us. This fills us with strength. As we pray daily to god we feel that we are not alone in our struggles and faith in God will grow stronger. As we feel that God is with us, we feel the ability to stand up against any problem. This holy power strengthens us and empowers us to fight against all the obstacles that we face in our life.

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2. Prayer fills us with positive attitude

Prayer fills us with positive attitude

Praying daily brings us positivity in our life. It is common that everyone will always feel sad about their conditions and be negative about it. But prayer make us to think differently. We will understand that the problems we face are simpler compared to others. We will feel that God is helping us and healing our pains. As we get closer to god, all our pain will vanish by the time. Gradually we will have a positive attitude to anything that happened in our life. Even we could feel sometimes that whatever happens there must be a reason because everything happens for good. As you could feel like some power is there that’s been with you as your guardian angel.

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3. Prayer makes us closer to god

Prayer makes us closer to god

Praying is the time which we communicate with god alone. We will be opening up all our darkest sorrows and problems and will be praying to get a solution for everything. Praying is like a private time of meeting god and getting closer to him. As we pray regularly to god, it will reflect on us positively. No one will know us well other than our god, because there is where we open up all our secrets.

Daily prayer gives you strength and it brings us closer to god. You can always be yourself at praying time and can trust completely because he will never fail you. Even you will feel  relaxed if you open up yourself in front of God as when we share our all problems and sorrows to the Almighty we feels like our heart gets lighten up and a huge burden that was there is lifted up.

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4. Prayer reduce our selfishness

Prayer reduce our selfishness

All human beings are selfish by nature. It is an unavoidable thing to become selfish on ourself. As we pray to god regularly, it makes us less selfish. Praying to god especially for others make us to think about others. Through this, we will understand the value of humanity. God allows us to meet our true selves while we pray. While praying, if we add others sorrows too in our prayers it will decrease our selfishness. Do not pray only for us, always think about others too that like us there are many who are suffering. As we started to pray for others god will definitely shower us upon his blessings. Everyone prays for oneself but even when you are at pain and able to pray for others then your life is worth as it gets a true meaning.

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5. Prayer gives us hope

Prayer gives us hope

Always prayers gives us hope when we are in a pit. As we pray we will feel hopeful that we could solve all our problems. Our hopes will increase when we lay on our problems on the feet of God. Our trust and hopefulness brings us everything we want. But sometimes our prayer turns out to be in vain. But do not lose the trust and hope, he will definitely hear your prayers. Prayers always gets us closer to God, as we pray regularly god will turn his eyes on us. Hope is a sign of positivity as regular prayer can feel us with positive vibes and make us to hope and achieve whatever we want in our life.

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6. Prayer reduce stress

Prayer reduce stress

Everyone is filled with the stress of this busy world. We are always facing different kinds of problems, challenges and pressures every day. Stress will always be there as we live in the busy world. Praying regularly brings us inner peace. Laying all problems in front of god and pray well, it will fill us peace which showers from god. Praying to god always make you calm even if you are standing in the middle of a problem. Each and every day give up on your pressures to God through prayers and you can feel your stress level is decreasing. Pray to god at the beginning of the day and start the day with a calmer mind. As keeping your thoughts in front of God makes your mind relax and stress-free. Always keep in your mind that he will never leave our hands and make us alone in the struggles.

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7. Prayer can keeps us healthy

Prayer can keeps us healthy

Everyone need to be healthy to perform any kind of activities. Health is an unavoidable factor in our life. To live longer without any physical problems, we need to have a proper health.  Some studies show us that praying regularly is an important factor in staying healthy and living longer. Praying anything to god or sitting quietly and thinking about god reduce our stress level, which is the most common factor of getting the disease. Praying to god reduce our stress level and make us healthier. Also, some studies have shown that attending the prayer ceremony of our own religions also will keep us calm and help us to live longer. You must have noticed that while visiting any religious place there is an extreme level positivity that relax your mind completely.

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8. Through prayer we get forgiveness

Through prayer we get forgiveness

There is no human being exist without committing a sin. Mistakes are a common thing that we do. No one is created with a perfect mind to not commit any mistakes or sin. At some point of our life, we will feel regret upon our mistakes. The best thing for gaining forgiveness for our mistakes is to pray to god and open up yourself in front of him. If any mistakes happened to us, go directly to god, tell him and ask for forgiveness.

Through prayer, God help us to be calm and walk out from all our mistakes to the right path. As God forgives us for our mistakes, we should forgive others for their mistakes too. Forgiveness is something brings us happiness, so to give others too with god’s help. As the greatest way of forgiveness is when you feel guilty for what you have done that can be achieved if we pray .

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9. Prayer brings you happiness

Prayer brings you happiness

Happiness is something we all wish to have in our life. A life with many struggles and problems will not bring us any happiness. Studies shows that one who prays regularly will experience to have less stress level and to become happier. Reducing the weight of your shoulders and lay all your fears, needs, problems on the feet of God brings you more inner peace. This will also bring happiness in your life. Always starting your day with praying to god makes your day good and he will never make to wipe the smile from your face. Happiness is reflected only if you have mental peace that can be achieved by daily prayer.

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10. Prayer heals our sorrow

 Prayer heals our sorrow

Sorrow is a feeling of deep distress caused by some kind of disappointment or misfortune suffered by ourselves. We all face problems in our life and also may fall into a deep depression. Praying has a power of healing as it not only make us healthier, it heals our inner emotions too. Praying with deep faith will definitely heal our sorrows. As we get closer to god, we will reveal true self before him. He will know all our problems and mistakes, he will forgive us everything and wipes our pain completely from us. As dark clouds surrounded around us, gods will come us to protect us.

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Pray regularly to god for the protection of ourselves as well as our loved ones. As the deeper the relationship with God becomes you will feel more inner peace within you. The power of prayer is great as it can defeat our negative thoughts. As we pray daily it will make us to become more sincere ones. Deep prayers will definitely be heard by the god and he will shower his blessings on us. Prayer brings us strength and faith in god moreover within ourselves where we start to battle against our own sufferings.

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