Why You Should Have a Relationship?

Why You Should Have a Relationship?

In this article we are going to talk about the why you should have a relationship. Do you understand relationship is having a girlfriend or a boyfriend? Do you think so? What do you understand by the term relationship? Well, we have got a lot in our heads when we consider talking about relationship. It can also be your loved one, the one whose presence makes you feel cherished. There are a lot of thoughts that strike our head when we think about this one word “relationship”, we have our own mindsets regarding relationships, many of us favours this in the best possible ways and some of us just put a cross whenever this term is considered.  And sometimes this word just blossoms inside our head. Anyways everyone reacts differently to it.

I think it is a self defining word, I mean just look at the word “relationship”, everyone shares different bond with everyone they have hence have different relationship with everyone. We are just so much carried away with the thinking that relationship means only having someone to whom we can say I love you for no reasons, but let me clarify you, on a logical note if we consider this term then it is any kind of bond that people share and be defined commonly by both.

Relationship on a regular note is bond and that bond has been given some name. But today we will talk about the relationship in terms of that one special person whose presence can be so soothing that it makes you smile in any of the situation. Well you might be thinking it’s a movie scene but no, having someone in your life is just so comforting that it feels like if everything is wrong with you and you are just fed up then presence of that person or conversation with that person can easily relax you even in the worst of cases.

Why you should have a relationship?

Today we will talk about the brighter side of having a reason to have a relationship. Having someone so perfect in your life can be so relaxing and a homely feel to you, do you think having that “one” in your life can be negative in any ways? Well everything has got pros and cons along with it. But we will talk of the reasons of why you should have a relationship? Getting some valid positive reasons regarding anything makes it a worth it topic. So here are reasons listed below, match it with your mind and see are you able to turn out the brighter side and how positive it is to have a relationship.

1. Makes You A Someone Who Knows How To Think About Of The Next Person

 Makes You A Someone Who Knows How To Think About Of The Next Person

Question yourself have you ever thought of thinking someone else? Or thinking about something before you? We all know happiness comes from small things and are the things that are memorable to us. Achievements, awards, prizes; yes, they give you a lot of satisfaction to the hard work you have done and makes you good person. But have you ever experienced of the happiness you get when you do something for your loved one and they just love that. When you start to think about, when you have someone to care for, makes your day complete. How about returning to a place from the all day hectic rush and bringing a small present for your partner, the smile that they are going to get are going to make you forget all the negatives you suffered all day. Rather than place to return where you find only yourself.

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2. You Can Feel That Unseen Positivity

You Can Feel That Unseen Positivity

Relationship is all about that feeling of positivity that each of them shares with each other, that positivity makes you feel so good that it just lights up your eyes. And you see things in a different way. It’s feels like whatever you are suffering with is just all right and you can easily face them all. Yes it is true that forgetting about the problem for a short duration is not a perfect solution, but the positivity that you feel and when you just forget everything for some moment then surely it gives you energy to come over and face it all. It gives you confidence as well. You won’t be ever able to describe your feeling of happiness in words.

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3. Relationship Makes You Believe

Realtionship Makes You Believe

If you always been a person who never knows how to believe then relationship makes you do so. I know you might be thinking that how it is possible, but this is true. When your partner puts effort in making you believe you for the one you are, trust me you will really feel so good that you can feel the change within. Relationship makes you believe of what you want. When you see the other person believing in you so much then it automatically makes you believe yourself that yes you have you are someone who has to believe in oneself.

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4. You Also Get To Know Yourself

You Also Get To Know Yourself

You would be thinking it just makes you someone who learns to understand the other? But it is not so. When you are in a relationship you would just experience a person whom you have never met. It totally open you up in all the ways because it helps you to express yourself in different ways and when you do so it just surprises you with the fact that you would have never thought you can be this good in expressing yourself. It is a totally different feeling. Along the path you also come up with how you can manage yourself with more than one thing are equally important. It helps to explore you and life is all about exploring yourself in all the angles.

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5. You Get The Feeling Of Being Understood

You Get The Feeling Of Being Understood

It’s not only that you are the one who is understanding you also get to feel that someone understands you in a manner that no one does. Most of the people are suffering with the pain of not being understood, at many point you would have had a thought that wish I had a person who would understand me. Feeling of being understood is something that makes you feel worth it because many a times we think that we are the only ones who can never be understood. Give yourself a chance to relationship with someone who you think holds some good place in your life.

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6. You Not Only Get A Partner, You Also Get A Friend

You Not Only Get A Partner, You Also Get A Friend

It’s not that I’m comparing relationship with friendship but the truth is friendship comes along in relationship. It’s just an updated version of a friend who turns a partner. The main base of any relationship is friendship. So you just are not getting a partner only, but also a friend, a friend who understands you in a better manner than anyone in your life. They are the first person who is always there for you. When you have got a friend for life and that too in form of a partner, you won’t be anyone else.

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7. Love Is Something That No One Would Ever Say No To

Love Is Something That No One Would Ever Say No To

How good it is being loved by someone. Let me tell you a thing, this generation might be the advanced one, but in this rush of everything however how much we earn, still we crave to be loved. There are times when people literally please everyone to get this feeling. Relationship is all about loving each other to the fullest. It is one of the basic components for any type of bonding in this world. You don’t need a bunch of people who should love you; rather just one person is more than enough for you. All you need is just one person who loves you truly for the one you are.

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8. Relationship Gives The Feeling Of Acceptance

Relationship Gives The Feeling Of Acceptance

We all know that we can’t change anyone’s behavior or nature for ourselves. Relationship is all about accepting your partner the way they are. It helps you grow acceptance within that makes you grow in life, because acceptance is what we all need. Accepting your partner and appreciating them for everything they have is what relationship is. It’s not that it’s just you who is accepting the other but you are also getting accepted for the person you are. We are all faking to be a good person according to different person. In order if you have that one person in front of whom you stay YOU, is what relationship becomes a healthy option.

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9. You Have A Clear Image

You Have A Clear Image

We are always having some pre-made image in our mind of what relationship is; many of us are having a negative one, many have positive one, for many it’s a matter of fun, for some it’s something real; so your self-made image is true to what extent? You can never answer if you never come in relationship. Most of the time we are so dependent on our imagination that we just end up with doing nothing other than thinking, thinking, and thinking. You can never know until and unless you don’t expose yourself to that.

How would know the feelings that we have in a relationship if you never dare to have one. When you come in relationship then you realize what actually it is, rather than just relying on your imagination.

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10. Last But Not The Least

Last But Not The Least

This last point is something very general, or can say it is a wind to all the statements we have put. Relationship is all about feeling and facing being together. You always have a hand to hold when you on your toughest of paths or the best of it. The another interesting fact is that you can also define what a constant person actually is. It’s not that it’s just a happy-happy feeling, but no it’s a feeling full of lots and lots of experiences, learning and more about growing. You get to see yourself along with your partner that how well you spent time and grown together. It’s one of the best feelings you would have. As well as you also get to explore so much that your mental capacity also increases. You feel their happiness, sadness; you also enjoy their victory. You’ve a forever.

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