Best flight comparison website to compare flight prices

compare flight prices

The best flight comparison website is Travelocity. Here in this article I am going to tell you about the best website to compare flight prices. So, that you can book flight tickets online at cheaper prices with good service. Travellers all around the world have different preferences when it comes to booking a flight.

For most people, it’s the airfare that becomes a deciding factor for choosing a particular flight. While many people shortlist a few choices based on factors such as nonstop flights, timings of departure and arrivals, in-flight amenities, time taken to reach a destination, legroom available in the flight, number of baggage allowance, etc. cost always is considered to be the main factor. Thanks to the internet today, the customer can himself explore many airline prices and decide what suits the best for him.

There are a number of websites on the internet for surfing flight rates, known as online travel agencies (OTAs). Wondering which site to choose from the several available to get the best deal?  Truth be told, no one flight search engine can guarantee the best price every time, but using a mix of the proper resources can help assure you’re not overpaying. To know which site will provide the best rate for your particular trip is impossible, hence be sure to compare fares from a few sources before you book.

10 Best websites to compare flight prices

To make it a bit easy for you, here in this article we bring you the top 10 websites to compare flight prices.

1. Travelocity

Travelocity is the best flight comparison website known around the world. When it comes to flight ticket booking, it offers a wide range of options for the cheapest airfare. You can make hotel reservations, book bus and railway tickets, cruises, etc. The website shows a score from 10 to 1  for every flight detail. This out-of-10 flight rating allocates each itinerary a clear score, thus you’re a lot less likely to book a long layover by mistake or miss out on a better itinerary with Travelocity.

best flight comparison website

Travelocity offers many benefits as other sites like the Price Match Guarantee and free cancellation within 24 hours. Travelocity has Bargain Fares, these are opaque bookings, in simple words you won’t know all the details of your flight until your purchase finished. These flights are featured at the top of your search and offer savings, if your schedule is flexible.

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2. Goibibo

Launched in 2009 by Ibibo Group, Goibibo is an online travel website. India’s largest hotels aggregator and one of the best ticket booking site in India, goibibo has everything from flights to hotels. Goibibo also offers flight bookings and fabulous combo (flight + hotel) deals. If you intend to travel on a business trip this is a very useful website for booking air tickets. Its user friendly interface makes booking a pleasure.

best flight comparison site

3. Skyscanner

Skyscanner is a travel aggregator  and travel metasearch engine.The Skyscanner has some really smart features like selecting destination to ‘everywhere’, giving you the flexibility to choose a destination based on your schedule and deals on offer. It also provides a month calender view of the costs, helping  to plan better. It’s an outstanding website to book your flights for holidays.

flight comparison sites

4. Make my trip

Make My Trip is a great site for booking air tickets. Apart from extending cheap flight options, the site also has  features like flight and hotel combo packages, airport bus booking and holiday packages as well. The site is easy to use and worth relying. MMT started a revolution in the travel industry with its quick and easy online interface which offers flights to customers at competitive rates.

flight comparison websites

Once you  feed in the current location, destination and date, it displays all the available options with prices ranging from low to high. Cancellation and rescheduling of flights booked on MakeMyTrip are handled by their own customer care assuring customers have no trouble doing so.

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5. Expedia

It is an American travel company that owns and regulates several international global online travel brands which includes travel rate aggregator website. Expedia offers over 360 airlines worldwide, thriving to be the cheapest and one-stop-shop for all needs relating to flight booking. Expedia is a site that has a vast range of destinations.

compare flights

This best website to compare flight ticket prices also gives cheap flight tickets to any destination. You can also compare and book tickets at cheap rates on Expedia site. You can take your pick from over 360+ airlines to book your tickets. They have started Expedia experiences. It is a collection of once-in-a-lifetime vacation packages, a combo including flight, hotel and activities inspired by unique theme products.

6. Yatra

If you are looking for flights at competitive rates and options for hotels+ flight combo packages or wanting to compare different flight fares, Yatra is the website you must visit. They offer cheap tickets for domestic as well as international flights. They also have a 24×7 customer support which assures yatra customers have easy booking experience.

compare flight tickets

Along with fantastic offers on flight tickets the site also offers ‘frequent flier miles’ points. You can collect these points and redeem in the future for great deals. You can also book cheap bus and train tickets and car rentals.

7. Cleartrip

Cleartrip is an Indian online travel aggregator  for booking flights and train tickets apart from assisting with hotel reservations and holiday packages. Booking flights is easy on ClearTrip due to its detailed filters and user- friendly interface, that allows you to change the preferences even after the flight results are displayed. Cleartrip is a good travel site that is easy to use and find all the travel related information.

compare flight rates

This is a site most preferred by a large number of people due to it’s efficiency and reliability. There is a list of destinations all over the world to make search task easier. They also send alerts via e-mails. It has an Android as well as iOS apps to help you search for cheap flights on your smartphone.

8. Google flights

Google Flights is a powerful, simple metasearch site that comes free of ads and distractions. After entering your departure and arrival airports, the calendar pre-populates with prices, to give you an idea of future trends for rates so you can select dates with lower fares. Once you select the flight you will be redirected to the third party website. The key feature allows the user to select a destination, and Google Flights will evaluate every price for each day for the next 12 months, visualized in a graph or table.

compare airline prices

With this feature the users can easily spot the cheapest date to fly to a selected destination. Once results are displayed you can track fares on the selected dates and receive updates by email. The “search by map” function, allows you to enter your scheduled dates or a flexible period and see the fares displayed  at once on a map.

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9. Kayak

Kayak is not an OTA, it’s an aggregator. Therefore a great place to start yourr search. Kayak compares flights from different websites on a single platform and therefore you can easily check which site has the cheapest options. You will be redirected to a different site to complete your booking.

best flight comparator

Kayak has a feature: hacker fares. Hacker fares are itineraries designed by tying up 2 one-way tickets usually on different airlines, instead of a round-trip on 1 airline. Other websites normally don’t have this feature. It can be a good deal and save your money. Kayak also has some other useful features such as landing times, layover cities in-flight amenities, etc. It also guides the customer whether to buy the ticket now or wait for sometime based on historic trends.

10. Ixigo

An Indian travel and hotel booking site launched in the year 2007, Ixigo is an aggregator website headquatered in Gurugram,  Haryana. Ixigo has a user base of over 100 million travellers. It compares prices & availability for flights, trains, buses, and hotels. Ixigo compares flight fares from over 100 sites to get you the cheapest flight just one click away. The ixigo Flights app promises to help you find the lowest flight rates for domestic and international routes as well, making your search easy.

compare flight ticket prices

You can earn ixigo money with each flight booking and get instant cashback on your next flight. Apart from this, the best part is that you can use 100% of your ixigo balance on a single booking. Final call: So now pack your suitcases and get ready to go on a trip that will be easy on your wallet. We have listed all the best sites offering the cheapest flights, so take a look and embark on a journey that will leave a mark on your soul forever without worrying about the travel cost.

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