10 Best Free Dating Sites in Canada without payment

Best Free Dating Sites in Canada without payment

In this article we are going to talk about the 10 Best Free Dating Sites in Canada without payment. Dating in the 21st century is all about clicking; literally as well as metaphorically. You like to date a person you click with. Someone you are compatible with. Of course, you both would get to know each other but that connection and spark to exist is really important. And not only a spark of newness, should it be ever-lasting. But that is not what most people of this generation think. Sometimes they want a serious relationship and sometimes they just want a casual date. Hook-ups are the new normal. In fact the percentages of people who actually want a serious relationship and want someone to have the deepest love connection with.

10 Best Free Dating Sites in Canada without payment

The new generation believes in taking the clicking aspect quite literally. They want to meet new people with just one click or just one swipe. Keeping up with technology as they would say. There are very less people who like it the ‘old-fashioned way’. And it is great till some extent. With the added issue of pandemic and staying indoors all the time has made this option of finding people through the internet even more tempting. Now when it comes to dating sites and apps, there are a lot. A lot of options as this market have unexpectedly boomed over the years. With so many options out there, it can be a little difficult to choose which one is suitable for you.

1. Adult Friend Finder


Adult Friend Finder app is the most famous out of all these dating sites. But is it suitable for what you want? Let’s find out. Adult Friend Finder is divided into three parts – AFF date, AFF bizz and AFF BFF. Adult Friend Finder is primarily for women to stay away from those imposing men who creep out women on other dating sites or even in general. Women get to approach men first and men do not get the option to do first so this creates a safe environment for women. Adult Friend Finder is for making professional networks where you can become part of a group to make connections with professional people. Adult Friend Finder is specifically for making friends, as the name suggests. It lets you talk to people without making an impression that you want something else than friendship.

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2. Tinder


Tinder is and has been the most famous dating site all over the world. It lets you decide the distance to meet other people who have a profile on tinder. You can swipe right for the people you would like to connect with and left for people you aren’t interested in. Unlike bumble, it works both ways. Both, men and women can approach each other and you can also put in your preferences in terms of gender. People have been using this app all over the world and it has been a cultural reset. The concept of dating sites in many countries started with tinder itself. It has become even more prevalent and famous during lockdown when people faced the problem of boredom and loneliness more than ever.

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3. Get It On


With such strong competition in this particular market, the creators of Get It On came up with a very unique feature. It is almost like tinder where judge people on the basis of their profile and then you start talking with them. But that one feature that Get It On has is that it particularly shows you the profiles of those people who are near you. Suppose you crossed path with a person you found attractive and you want to know about them but it has almost zero probability that you will ever get to meet that random stranger ever again. So what Get It On does is it automatically shows you those people you have crossed paths with, provided they also use the app. It has basically made the concept of ‘love at first sight’ a more feasible.

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4. OkCupid


OkCupid is an app that believes in the concept of personality over looks. It also allows you to upload pictures but it basically shows you people who match your preferences in terms of likes, dislikes, traits etc. everyone on this app fill up their profile with the kind of person they are with all their weird habits and quirks and the app automatically displays profiles that can be a match based on your given details. It’s like LinkedIn showing you the kind of jobs you are interested in based on your qualifications and interests. As the tagline goes “find your kind”, you get to find the people who will match your personality rather than looks. Judging people on the basis of their looks can be often deceiving. So if you are person who would like to find your match based on personalities, this is the site for you.

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5. Hinge


In times where dating sites are used as a tool to meet people just for casual hook-ups and no actual connection, hinge is here to change the normal. As we have already established, although a lot of people just want a casual date and nothing serious, there are people who do not join any dating site because of the sole reason that they want something serious. They do not just want to meet people for talking and hooking, they want to meet a partner out of these sites whom they connect with and can actually have a future with. So if you are a person who has this exact thinking, this is the app for you. You can find other people without giving an impression that you are only interested in having something casual and talk to people with a given that you want something serious.

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6. Her


Although all the above mentioned dating sites are inclusive, why not have a site of their own. This site is specifically for the LGBTQ community and as the name suggests, it gives a platform to lesbian, queer and bisexual women to meet other people. It has been seen as a step towards a safe and inclusive world. It serves not only as a simple dating site. It is just a platform where all the community people can get together and there is also a section for news, content and information about LGBTQ events being held near your area. It gives a safe space to all those women facing daily struggles to meet people who might have similar experiences or insights on something new. It gives you a sense of belongingness. You actually belong to a community and you can meet that community through this app.

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7. eHarmony


This is yet another site which matches you up with people who have similar likes, dislikes and other preferences. The feature that is unique about this site is that it incorporates science with love. It calculates your compatibility scores through an algorithm based on your profiles and you would know how compatible you are with that person. eHarmony, as the name suggests, goes by the motto of bringing together people who can actually spend their lives together in harmony, and the do it through technology. It has a good score of people finding their true loves through their site and this is how you know that the site is reliable. If you are person who does not believe in fate and just science and facts, try this app to find your love just the way you like.

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8. Facebook Dating

Facebook Dating

Facebook was the first ever social media to reach every person around the world. It has been so famous that every person who has access to internet has a Facebook account to their name. With such a reach, it would be a shame if you didn’t try Facebook dating. As the name suggests, it is a feature of making people match on the basis of their Facebook activity and profile. You would meet people within Facebook and then continue from there on. Facebook also has a feature where you can get involved in a group of people who have same interests as you and you can even look for events being held near you. Now when you add love to this scenario, it is the most perfect space for meeting someone to share your life with.

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9. EliteSingles


This name might seem weird to you, but it is the most perfect app for finding people who are just as ambitious as you. If you are a person who loves their job or do not get the time for having a social or love life in-between your hectic schedules, this is the app for you. What’s better than meeting people who have the same thinking as you and you would even get to make professional connections. What this site does is, instead of making your profile out of your personality traits, it asks you to fill up your profile with your qualifications. It’s like a professional platform with a mix of love. What more could career-driven people ask for? It uses a matchmaking algorithm for finding your match based on your profile and there you go! You have your partner.

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10. SilverSingles


Now this app is a cultural reset for all the stereotypes out there that ask you to get married by a particular age or sees you as someone suspicious if you try to seek companionship after losing your husband/wife. SilverSingles is an app that has profiles of people aged above 50 years who can get together as couple or even just as friendly company. This app helps you seek a serious relationship for your golden years, where you actually need your companion the most. Someone you can interdepend on and make your latter years full of love and happiness.

These are just a few dating sites available. If you still want to go by the old-fashioned way of meeting your partner, hang in there buddy!

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