Month: July 2021

How To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special On Her Birthday ?

In this article we are going to talk about the How to make your girlfriend feel special on her birthday ? Birthdays  are always special isn’t it ? Now when birthdays are of our special ones its more special. Having a person who could make you feel like home is a different vibe . Let us […]

Short Story About Elephant With Moral Lesson

This story takes place in the deep parts of forests of the Indian subcontinent. Though trees provide enough shade, the battle against humidity is a daily one for the said animals. Oh, the dreaded humidity! But despite the temperature and humidity in the air, life has never been as active in the forests. From tiny […]

What Are The Benefits Of Reading A Lot?

In this article we are going to talk about the What are the benefits of reading a lot? What kind of person are you? A person who loves to read or a person who loves to watch? It is always better if you are a person who is more tilted towards reading than watching. Have […]

Short Story about Grandparents with Moral Lesson

Grandparents are our parents’ parents. They are the reason for your existence in this world. As a grandchild, you will get more love from your grandparents than your parents. It is your grandparents who can tell you the childhood stories of your parents. As an elder member of the family, he plays a crucial role […]

10 Benefits Of Reading Books For A Student

In this article we are going to talk about the 10 Benefits of reading books for a student. Isn’t reading the most beautiful hobby to have. Reading should never have an age limit regardless of the age it helps everyone in many ways. Reading especially helps students to express themselves better. Reading should be a […]

Short Story about Dreams Coming True with Moral Lesson

Dreams are something which we want in real, we think about the things what actually we want and need and then we dream about them. Every person has some dreams, which they want to achieve and have. Similarly, there was a little girl named Trisha, who also have big dreams and always wanted to achieve […]

Short Story About Karma With Moral Lesson

There was a boy named Shyam, who lived in small village of Uttar Pradesh. He was a brilliant child and only child of his parents. His mother and father both were farmers. As the village was in a remote area, people of that village were very poor and unaware of most of the facilities provided […]

Short Story About Losing a Father with Moral Lesson

There was man named Rajesh who lived in Bhopal. He belonged to a lower middle class family. He had three children Aman the eldest who was 20 years old, then Kamya 18 years old and the youngest Shivam 15 years old. Rajesh lived with his wife, parents and three children in Bhopal. He worked in […]

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