How to talk to an unknown girl to impress her?

how to start conversation with unknown girl

How to talk to an unknown girl to impress her? The answer of this question is explained here. Many times boys ask a question that “How to start conversation with an unknown girl?” Well it’s not difficult if you know about some best ways to talk to an unknown girl on chat or real life.

Every guy in this world is confused regarding how to impress a girl. What does she like and what she dislikes? Well no fear I’m here to remove all the confusion from your mind. As a girl I will guide to what all the girls see in a guy or what are the things they expect from the guy. So today I’m going to be your advisor for how you can impress any girl whether it is known or unknown to you.

How to talk to an unknown girl?

There are 10 ways you have to follow to talk to an unknown girl to impress her. So, boys get your notebooks out and write some of the best conversation starter with an unknown girl to impress her.

Step 1: Know a little about the girl in advance

The first and the foremost step is to know a little about the girl you like and want to impress her. Because if you don’t know her even little bit it will cause interruption between your conversation or you might stutter if you don’t have anything to talk about. So before going to talk to her, learn a little about the girl from your mutual friends or similar acquaintances. Or you can note her likes and dislikes a little bit by observing her. Don’t stare too much or you might seem like a stalker.

how to talk to unknown girl

Step 2: Say ‘Hello’

After knowing a little bit about her it is now time to go talk to her. First walk up to her and say hi or hello to her. Every conversation should start with a little casual greeting. Through the greeting you may seem friendly to the girl. You don’t have to share your feelings regarding the girl on your first conversation. Don’t be too forward while talking to her. Be casual and respective to her. You don’t want to seem like a stalker. A light and causal greeting is important part of any conversation as the rest of the conversation depends on how you start the conversation.

Step 3: Talk about the current weather

After a casual greeting you can talk about the weather with her. As it is a causal and simple topic to talk about. If its summer, then talk about how much hot the day is or how the season is not that warm this year. In rainy season, you can talk about how beautiful the rain is or how the trees and forests look greener and pretty during this season.

how to talk to unknown girl to impress her

If it is winter, then talk about how the cold is this year than last year or how it is the best season for bonfire. These are some of the things you can talk about with the girl. Make sure that both are invested in the conversation or it may make you a babbling mess in front of the girl.

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Step 4: Talk about your class or work

If you are a college student then you should talk to the girl regarding how the classes were or you can also talk about your favorite professor or the hated professor. You can even learn a bit about each other’s favorites through. If you can talk about how interesting the lecture was or how boring it was. If you are a working person then you should talk to the girl regarding how much work load it has been or how the sales of the company are. You can also share the type of work you are doing in the company if you work in different departments. These are some of the types of conversation which will make the girl to have conversation with you easily.

Step 5: Do not ask personal questions

One of the most important things while talking to any unknown girl is not to ask any personal questions to her. It may creep her out or you may seem like a stalker. So, avoid asking the girl any of the personal questions as most of the time it makes the girl uncomfortable. For example, I was asked by a guy whom I don’t even knew on my social media account about my phone number, which totally creeped me out and I blocked that guy. So, make sure this don’t happen with you. So, talk about other things than her or your personal life. Sometimes if you are new to the girl and talking about your personal life or asking about hers will be too weird and the girl may be unimpressed with you then being impressed.

how to talk to unknown girl on text

Step 6: Talk about common interests

The next step is to talk is to talk about the common interests which you and the girl have. You can talk about food if both of you are a big-time foodie. A boy can talk about a movie which both of you like or you don’t like. You can even have discussions regarding any kind of topic to share your views and thoughts about it which will help you to know each other more and you can even become more comfortable with conversing with the girl and she with you. For example, if you are a Gujarati person and she is also a Gujarati person then you can share your common interests regarding Navaratri with each other and talk about how much fun it is and also make plans to go play Garba with each other.

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Step 7: Observe her personality and then talk with her accordingly

If the girl is sweet or a sensitive then you should talk to her in a calm manner because if your tone is harsh or a little rude it may hurt the girl and she may not talk to you again. If the girl is short-tempered then try avoiding making her angry like commenting her question with sarcasm which may not be appreciated by her or making fun of her in any way. You should keep your tone in check while speaking to any kind of girl. You are speaking correctly or what you should but sometimes the tone in which you are speaking may convert the whole meaning of the conversation.

how to start a chat with an unknown girl on facebook

Step 8: Talk about any upcoming event

You can talk about any new concert which is going to happen in your city which the both of you are looking forward to. You can also talk about any kind of festival of food festival which both of you haven been waiting for a long time. You can talk about what you think about the event with each other or how the event is going to be or where the event is going to take place.

Step 9: Talk about your future plans

After completing the first 8 steps now you are somewhat compatible with the girl and know more about her and her likes or dislikes. You can talk to the girl regarding what are your future plans like what are your further goals for your career or if you want to go to abroad.

how to start a chat with unknown girl on instagram

Both of you can talk about your future goals for your career and how both of you are going to achieve them. Both of you can even share your ideas with each other and other plans.

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Step 10: Talk about your personal life

At last both of you know each other very well now. So now it is time for you share about your personal lives with each other. Like you can talk about your family or close friends or any kind of family event which you are going to attend. You can also share your feelings for the girl with her to let her know what you think about her. If the girl has the same feelings then good for you. But if she doesn’t then you might get friendzone. It depends upon the girl.

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This article is mostly about what I think guys should do to impress girl. As a girl, I have shared my point of view with you. The views changes from girl to girl but I think these are the most common things a talk should talk to an unknown girl to impress her. Hope this article was helpful for you guys and you can also share if these steps worked or not. Thank you for reading!

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