Best Movie Apps for Android to Watch Bollywood Movies Online

best movie apps

The best movie apps for android to watch bollywood movies online are discussed here in this article. Are you a mad Shahrukh Khan fan? Or a crazy tiger fan? Are you crushed in this busy corporate life? If yes, then this place is just for you. If you are also a person who don’t have enough time to go to the cinema hall and enjoy your favorite actor and actress then this is the place for you. We are going to provide some beautiful apps that will not only  enhance the beauty of your android device but also at the same time will kill that boring time in the metro when you plug in your earphones.

We are going to provide some android apps which will also fill the vacancy of enjoyment that you are unable to get by missing the latest movie premieres. Here in this article we are going to provide you some of the trending apps like amazon prime, Netflix and many more such apps which will satiate your thirst of movie watching. You can also select movies according to your own will. Many of you might think that these will those third party apps but to your dissatisfaction it is not so. The below given apps are completely legalized and your own phone’s content will also remain completely secure with these apps.

Top 10 Movie apps for Android to watch bollywood movies online

Below is the list of top 10 best movie apps where you can easily watch your favorite bollywood movies online :

1. Crackle

It is the destination for all the movie lovers. Not only it provides you with the latest bollywood movies but also at the same time it also offers exclusive originals and tv shows too. You can download it on any android device and can stream it anytime and anywhere on the basis of your comfort. You can also run it along with playstation, xbox, apple tv, everywhere. You can also save your listing in the watch later section of this app that is you can make your own list of all the movies and tv shows that you wish to watch them later in your free time just by clicking the watch later button.

top movie apps

You just have to create an account over here to save your listings and your wishlist. By doing so you can also continue your watching just from the place where you left the previous day. The most important thing that will surprise you is its subscription prices. Its completely free. Yes you read it right. You don’t have to spend even a single penny to watch all these entertaining stuffs. There is no need of any authentication or cable subscription. So why are you waiting? Turn on your mobile data and install it from google playstore to watch your favorite action packed, comedy entertainment.

2. Hotstar

It is another popular app of India where you can binge in to your latest movies. You can also watch much more than just movies. You can also watch popular tv shows and also many popular tv serials. You have to download this app spending your daily data and then it is completely free. It doesn’t charges any kind of service charges. You can also watch your favorite shows that too in hd quality and that is also completely free. You also need not to create any sort of account over here to watch your shows. Recently in its new update it has also given the feature of hotstar live. In this hotstar live feature you can watch the live streaming of any popular channel that is what is actually going on in that particular channel at that particular point of time.

The app’s performance is not only limited to showing the current and latest shows but it also has shows that were once there in the tv and now has ended. If you are missing any particular tv show then you can also get it over here that is not available in the tv. Apart from streaming in to latest bollywood movies, you can also stream of English tv shows. So, if any Hollywood fan is reading this you can also enjoy it. As it is already mentioned above that you can watch the shows in hd quality. Similarly you can set the quality of the movie or the serial through its quality option. You can also resume your movie from the exact point where you left it and you also don’t have to create any separate account for that purpose.

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3. Netflix

It is the worlds largest subscription based service for watching tv episodes and latest movies that too sitting in your couch. But the problem is that you have to subscribe it or become Netflix member to avail this broad and vast ocean. To help you out from that problem also it offers many options regarding the subscription charges. You can set the watching limit from 4 persons to just a single screen which is probably the minimal cost of it. You can view its subscription charges which varies from rupees 99 per month to rupees 999 per year package.

best free movie apps for android

Its selection to thousands and you can browse among all those titles. Here everyday some new episodes are being added which you can access. Its  artificial intelligence also helps you by suggesting the best titles that matches with your interest on the basis of your ratings and your search  and watch history.

4. Voot

It is the India’s mobile-first video on demand platform which has more than 18000 hours of amazing content for its customers thus, providing them a wide range of choices. It is a fraction of Viacom 18 digital ventures. The speciality of this is that it mostly consists of bollywood movies and contains majority of the Indian channels. Its voot picks featurs is one of its kind. It allows to match your interests by selecting the best and the trending episodes of the current tv shows. Voot originals is another mesmerizing section over here which you will not believe unless and until you watch it through your own eyes and once you have the experience of the same you will definitely fall in love with it.

It also has a ‘just for you’ feature which is a much personalized section and it differs from one user to another. Based on your watch and search history and your liking it presents before you the movies or shows that you might be interested to watch. Just like hotstar live, it also has a similar feature known as ‘vooting now’. It is your one stop destination where you can watch what is going live now. It also has a unique ‘discover cards feature’ which allows you to “ pull down for bonus content”. This will allow you to immediately access trending list of the most famous shows across a diverse number of channels.

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5. Viewster

It is another important app where you can watch awesome movies, tv shows and anime very easily. If you are an anime lover then this is the most suitable place for you. But that doesn’t mean that you will not be getting any thriller or horror or action packed movies over here. You can access all those things here. They also upload new movies and tv shows every once in a week.

best free movie download app for android mobile

6. JustWatch

In short it is a small packed movie hub. Here you can get a massive collection of movies. You can also use their official search engine to browse among the big libraries that too at once. You can also get many latest bollywood movies just with a single touch. Its new timeline feature also allow you to see the recently added or posted listings. Its price drop feature also allows you to find the best deals on your providers listings everyday. You can also queue many movies in its watchlist section and can easily access them whenever you feel of doing so.

7. FLIPPS tv

If you are a person who always love to watch movies in hd quality then this is the place for you. Its high video quality feature allows you to watch the entire content of the movie that too in 1080p.

best app to watch latest bollywood movies for free

8. Tubi tv

It is another app that offers free popular movies and many tv series. Every weekend new movies and tv series are being added over here. Its ‘not on Netflix’ category also allows you to watch some amazing movies and tv series that you will not be getting on Netflix. Visit tubitv now.

9. Amazon prime

It is another subscription based movie watching app that you can download completely free from the google playstore. It also has many genres of movies like thriller, comedy drama, action, adventurous, family picks that you can watch with the entire family. It also has many local region wise movies like Bengali, telugu and Marathi movies. However, its content is not as vast as that of Netflix. There are many movies that you will find on Netflix but will not get the same on amazon prime.

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10. Hubi

It is another movie watching app that you can easily avail from playstore and appstore. But its speciality is that it is not just restricted to movie watching. Yes, you can also download your favorite movies from here and can watch them offline.

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