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best movie review websites

The best movie review websites are discussed here in this article. By reading this article you can come to know about the best movie rating websites that you should visit to check movie reviews online. Who does not loves to watch to movies? Among the population there are many who love to read movie reviews before watching one.

Movie reviews are needed for various purposes. From a review you can know whether a particular movie is really worth watching, you get to know the story’s outline, cast details and etc. But over the internet it’s really hard to find useful reviews and correct ones, for such a problem there a variety of websites available to provide you with movie reviews and much more. These websites compiles together the good and bad reviews and gives you an average rating of the movie.

10 Best Movie Review Websites

In this article there are best movie reviews websites, 10 of the top websites are mentioned here, you can read each one of them and find out which website provides you with maximum information about websites. Have a read.

1. Rotten Tomatoes

Must have heard this website’s name many a times. Rotten Tomatoes is a very popular website for movie reviews. This website gathers ratings and reviews from all over regional and national movie critics, based on which it states a movie either ‘fresh’ or ‘rotten.’ The average of both the rotten and fresh scores is given from 5 reviews piled up together. If a movie scored more than 60% then it’s fresh where as if it scored less than 60% then it is termed as rotten. The reviews are directly either good or bad and no in between reviews to avoid confusion.

Rotten Tomatoes


The movie review website which does not only focuses on expert reviews. It is one of the most helpful movie review website, if you want to gather information regarding a particular movie. Except for just offering reviews it also lets the users mark out of 10, how many a times they have watched the movie.


The ratings are usually rated by the regular users of IMDB. Though the score ratings differs as what a middle age person like the most, in turn might not be liked by an adult.

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The full form of MRQE is “Movie Review Query Engine.” The website has a large number of reviews and is quiet similar to Rotten Tomatoes. It shows the user ratings in a different way, by portraying the graphical way of user ratings. The graph is calculated with the average of review scores. In addition to this, it also posts movie news and a wider different range of scores. One of the unique feature of this website is it sorts out all the vital reviews in various categories which also includes the critic’s name scores and reviews.

best movie rating sites

4. Movie Review

The ultimate destination for movie reviews is Not just only movie reviews but much more such as movie news, upcoming movies, movie timings and if you are unsure about any movie cast names then you’ll get your answer here. The latest movie reviews are reviewed by two of the website critics and the other reviews are briefly written. You can have a detailed view of each movie.

movie reviews

5. Flixter

Flixter, a movie review website was started back in 2007. With reviews, it also provides information about each movie. Both the famous websites Rotten Tomatoes and Warner Brothers acquired the Flixter website back in 2011. This website offers you with movie show times, DVD releases, movie trailers, new upcoming movies, movie news and other such information.

best movie review sites

The reviews are created by the users. You can also visit the Flixter website on your phone as they have a specially designed website for phone users.

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6. Pluggedin

Parents will really love this movie review website. Pluggedin is a movie review platform where the parents can explore what kind of movie their child is going to watch. It shows the good, bad and ugly side of a movie. It provides the complete outline of a particular movie including the sexual content, violence and abusive language. Along with just reviewing about movies it also reviews about various TV shows, books, music and games. If you aren’t a parent finding out information for your child then you might not like this website as it has spoilers, too much of information about a movie is revealed. Though, the reviews are detailed and precise.

movie ratings

7. Roger Ebert

The most popular critic Roger Ebert died back in 2013, but his works are still being done. It is a complete house for movie reviews and absolutely the greatest. The reviews posted here are usually from the trusted users, the reviews are well written, complete and interesting. The movies are reviewed between 1 star to 5 star. It has a section for quick movie watching decisions, information about all the cast and creators and a discussion board where everyone can participate in movie discussion. This website usually doesn’t fall short of movies. Search out movies based on genre, date or ratings.

best movie rating websites

8. Cinema Blend

Another popular website for movie reviews. Not only it posts about movie reviews but also posts reviews about games and TV shows. Cinema Blend has a strong audience of visitors over 24 million.

best film review sites

This website consists of top notch writers and editors providing best of reviews which are easily understandable and are precise. Also in addition to this, this website publishes news about pop culture. So, what more you need.

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9. Metacritic

A media website which aggregates reviews of movies, TV shows, music and games. The users of Metacritic can both write movie reviews and rate movies. The recommendations of critics are portrayed in green, yellow and red color to summarize the recommendations from the critics. This website is also known to be one the best movie review aggregators on the internet.

top 10 movie review sites

10. Yahoo Movies

Having 24 million visitors, it’s an online database for movie reviews, movie trailers, blogs, photos, critic reviews and information about local theaters. Both the user reviews and critic reviews can be seen here.

top 10 movie rating sites

The first ones are the reviews from the Yahoo users while the latter part is in shorts and briefs and contains external links.

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