10 Best Websites For Latest News in India

Best websites for latest news in India

In this article we are going to discuss about the best websites for latest news in India. We live in a society where being updated is the one of the major necessity of an individual because when you are updated you know about every current affair according to which you can change your plans and for getting latest news and upcoming the best source is news. News is the very first thing we see in our day to day life as it contains all the precious information we need for our livelihood whether it’s political or its economical. As they provide every essential information needed for surviving our day to day life.

The new amendment and laws which will going to affect us can be seen here. You can get every news related to your country as well as world wide. There are so many websites which tells you about the every ongoing news and information but it get confusing as there are numerous information related to one topic that you can get confused easily whom to trust whom not to trust so at that time what’s the best solution is to check the reviews and the fan followings because we do follow the websites from where we know we can get the best information. So next time when you feel like lost just go for the best websites here we will discuss about some of the best websites which provides every news in accordance to your interest.

10 Best Websites for latest news in India

Here is the list of top websites for latest news in India discussed below:

1. Times of India

It is the website which is supplying all the latest news in just one go. One can check every information either its political like what’s the new amendment and law or its economical like what are the rates going on which helps us in our day to day life. So here one can get every information according to their needs. This website is well maintained and properly categorised such that every content can be given a proper space so that one can get their needs satisfied without any problem. One can get information about every new upcoming and every latest news. They frequently post new information in a day. They have more than 1 million followers.

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2. NDTV News

This site is well known for their worldwide information content, one can get every news related to their country as well as external affairs. They provide a wide range of information either its technology, business,  Bollywood etc. They also do live coverage of every happening so that you can get the ideal situation of what just happened or happening.  They provide whole exclusive information which can provide every news about what can be the effect of the ongoing happenings. They posts new information very frequent and the website is also well maintained. They have more than 5 million followers.

3. The Indian Express

This website is well known for their live coverage of every exclusive news that do provides you the effects and consequences of what had happened . Here one can get information about every hot topic like political debates and sports. One can also see the different opinions given by different parties and leaders about any topic. They post like 30 posts a day. They have more than 6 million followers.  They also provide information related to entertainment like Bollywood news, life of stars etc. They do provide every information either its breaking news or news related to editorials.

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4. News 18

A well maintained news site where one can get their information very easily and in a proper detail about that information. Here one can get their information in one go as this website provide a sufficient space for every information in such a way that finding latest news is very easy. They provide information related to entertainment, politics, technology etc. You can get every news related to current affairs. The frequency of posting information is 29 posts per day. They have more than 6 million followers. One must visit this site for every important news.

5. Indian Today

This news website provides every information related to Bollywood, politics, business, technology etc. It’s a well maintained website for those who are always in hurry and want to see the new on goings in the country. So if you want to get easy access to latest news just visit this website as this is well maintained and well organised. One can get their information very easily as well as you can check the travel news too. You can even see the condition of every state like what is happening and what can be the consequence of that. The frequency of post is like 30 posts a day with a fan following of more than 8 million. This is the ideal website for those who are always busy and want to seek what is happening around the country.

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6. Business Standard

As the name says business standard so one can just get a clear idea about what this website is specially for, its is site for those who want to know everything about the business and the new trends to be followed in business means what will be the new trend like what business will succeed and what demand will be more. Live stock market ratings and quotes. Latest news related to politics, companies economy and many more. One can get every news related to new policies and finance like where to invest and where not to. They have a very good fan following.

7. DNA

It is a website where you can get new information on the top or we can say on the display. DNA is organised in a better way as well as little but clumsy because the content is like so into one another. It’s can one can face some problems in getting their information quickly, they provide information related to politics, entertainment and the latest news. They also provide information about the technology in the country as well as world wide. They have more than 1 million followers with frequency rate of 29 post per day.

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8. One India


It is a well maintained and organised website as it provides whole information every current topic going on as well as the new reports which can help you to know the consequence and condition of the country. Here you can get information very easily and quickly as the website is divided into portions which provide a enough spacing for every content to be seen clearly. Here one can get their needs fulfilled as well as the news related to entertainment, politics as well as international news including motivational quotes.

9. Hindustan Times

Its a ideal website for those who want every latest news in just one go. Here you can get every news about every section either its social or economical everything is there without any problem. The Hindustan Times website is well maintained and organised into proper slotting. The fan following is very good and the content information is always in accordance to what is really happening as well as the opinions on different topics which are ongoing and providing the every side of every topic related to every matter.

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10. ABP News

Who just don’t know about this website because the channel always have the best ratings as well ad the latest information . Here you can get every latest news as well as the live coverage of the ongoing happenings all over the country as well as other countries. You can see the ongoing political debates here too means live coverages is also the main part of this website. One can see the live coverage as well as the latest opinion of every community as well as individual in context of ongoing problems. This is a well maintained and organised website one can visit so when you want a perfect websites with no access problems go for ABP news.

So these are some of the best sites one can visit for latest as well as breaking news in just one go. Every site has their own character which can help you in choosing your ideal best site for watching new ongoing as well as upcoming so that you can see the latest facts and debates. So you can see how one good information can change your mind set about any topic as when you go through the various aspects like both the scene of a topic you can make your own conclusion about that topic.

Before making any conclusion just go through every aspect of the specific topic so that you can see various sides and opinion of every individual or a community and these thing can be possible only when you are up to date with the ongoing content and debates. Be updated in order to update yourself. So when you feel like confused or not getting enough information about a specific topic just go for these websites as you can get every point related to that topic in just one go.

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