How to improve English vocabulary?

how to improve english vocabulary online

Know How to improve English vocabulary by reading this article. In this article I am going to tell you about the best way to improve English vocabulary. English is a language which is spoken in most of the countries and is considered as an international language. It is really important to speak fluent English to express your opinions, thoughts and ideas regarding any topic and to explore other’s culture. In order to get a placement in high profiled companies, it is mandatory to know most common language. Everything like courses, training, placements and service are based on English language. The number of English medium schools is increasing day by day. It is an official language in many countries. To earn for living, you have to go with trend.

There is little bit difference among American English, British English and Australian English. The spellings are slightly different. You have to check what type of accent is used in your course or in which you are interested.

Without jargon words or terms your communication would be ineffective. Vocabulary gives weightage to your content.

best way to improve english vocabulary

Features of English

  • Vocabulary teaches prefixes and suffixes, words that go together i.e., collocations and phrasal verbs. It helps you to use the new words right away in conversation and to standardise your content.
  • Grammar helps to make the real sense of the sentence with the correct action of the time for both formal and conversational contexts. And how to use expressions to start and to end a small-talk conversation (talking about weather, news, nightlife, outfits, etc). How to use modals and phrasal modals of obligations. Clauses , speech, voice, gerund phrases, tense, etc.
  • Writing skills to express ideas in written form to standard English. How to write complex sentences, compound sentences and buffer (a neutral or supporting opening statement to lessen the impact of negative facts) to form a sentence. How to introduce the title or topic of the subject, how to mention your supportive arguments, and how to write conclusion to make someone read your content.
  • Speaking includes discussion, role plays, surveys, quizzes, phone talks, debate, extempore. Try to tell stories in English or the incident you want to share. Talk to yourself in English, start thinking or imagining in English. Participate more and more in curriculum activities in school or college to enhance your skills.
  • Intonation helps to know the way for which the sentence was said or expressed. It expresses the feeling associated with the words or the sentence. It is worthless if you know the word but speak without intonation and the message will be conveyed in a wrong way.
  • Communication etiquette : How to behave, how to speak, how to introduce, how to start, how to wish, how to greet, how to shake your hands, how to end the communication, etc are basically most important traits in your personality. If you are good communicator but does not possess basic manners then it reduce the chances of your selection in career opportunity.

10 Ways to improve English Vocabulary

If you want to build your vocabulary, you must consider these points to become a flawless speaker.You can Watch Hollywood movies to know or to learn English you much as much as you can. To know the correct expression, correct use of words. To learn the accents of English and become the English speaking personality. This is the best way to learn words for daily life with feelings.

how to improve english vocabulary

You can Watch videos to improve English vocabulary. It is worth to give your time in watching short clips like life facts, recipes for cooking, fashion videos, quick learning or tricks, motivational lectures, how to improve your vocabulary clips, do it yourself, and some tips on it, etc.  This will make you to learn some trendy words.

Here are some ways to improve English vocabulary :

1. Practice

If you want to expand your vocabulary, you must practice daily. Practice makes perfect. Without practice you cannot learn or you cannot take it in your habit until or unless you use in daily routine. Try to speak and share your ideas with our family members in English. Try to write 5 sentences of a word that you learnt today. Do some vocal exercise at home. Practise will enable you to speak confidently in front of other people.

2. Read English Newspaper

 Reading is a best way to learn words, spellings and the way of writing. Reading newspaper is a good habit. There are many English newspaper available which not only improve your vocabulary but also acknowledge you about the current affairs, general knowledge, business news, economy, etc. Some newspapers are- Economic times, Times of India, Business line, Indian Express, The Hindu, Hindustan Times, Business Standard,  The Financial Express, etc. There are some quiz in newspaper like crossword, try to solve it to memorise the word.

3. Search words

To improve skills, you must google some new words or synonyms of the common words. The words you are listening for the first time, you should search that word, pronunciation, literal meaning and its use and note it down in your diary. Learn and revise them everyday so that you won’t forget its implication.

4. Listening

This activity develop skills such as listening for main ideas, taking notes and making inferences. Without listening, you won’t be able to speak well. Listen to English songs, audio clips to polish your vocabulary. Good listeners can learn frequently.

5. Self Assessment

There are several apps which enhance your learning abilities, teach lessons, pronunciation, and take assessments. Make sure you are giving weekly test. helps you to learn new addition in dictionary and expand vocabulary. If you won’t give test, you would not be able to analyse yourself.

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6. Writing

Try to write blogs or an article. This will improvise your vocabulary. Paraphrase the sentence on your own to learn more. Start making journal this will improve your vocabulary drastically. Try to eliminate redundancy.

best way to learn english vocabulary

7. Make your video

Are you a good speaker? Record yourself and start conversation or a small-talk with your friends and then check it how you are speaking and expressing, your fluency as well as words you have used. Check your intonation, grammar, your movements and expressions. Then make another video without mistake. This is an option to improve yourself. Then evaluate the difference with previous video.

8. Start dreaming in English

Well it is not in your hands to see dreams according to your choice but that is the sign of your regular practice. If you have started dreaming in English language, you have learnt the basic concepts and it has been included in your personality.

9. Do internship

Task which is provided in the duration of internship will enable you to drill words on your tongue. This will help you to learn and earn.  Everything is based on English irrespective of the job position. So just start your internship in which you are interested. For example you would love to write an article or blogs writing or translation or teaching or it could be anything else. And join spoken classes for regular practice.

10. Read blogs

Reading blogs would help you to learn more words as you are mostly available on social apps. The Other ways to improve English language vocabulary is to read magazines, literature and poetry.

Set your goal that you have to read this book within a week or a month. The more you will read, more you will learn. That is a way to explore. The pace you choose or decide, will enhance your vocabulary accordingly.

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Here are some examples and tricks to improve English vocabulary

  • Normal sentence-  I was confused between these two…
  • Using vocabulary – I was in dilemma.
  • Never use word ‘Myself’ while introducing yourself , say I am or my name is…
  • Never use same word all the time.
  • Make sure that you don’t make Common mistakes that led to grammatical errors. Grammar and vocabulary together makes sense. English is meaningless without these two aspects.
how to improve english vocabulary and grammar

Importance of English

Here are some highlights which will tell you the importance of English in future:

  • It brings Career opportunities
  • If you are intelligent and you know the answer or a way to solve the problem but you cannot express in international language then you won’t get an opportunity to be placed. All top companies give offer and want a student in their organisation who has proficiency in English.
  • Important to understand the opinion of other person.
  • If a person knows only English language and you cannot comprehend, then the conversation or communication will become unclear and vague. This will lead to chaos and the object of the purpose of communication would not be achieved.
  • To interact or to communicate globally for business purpose.
  • If you want to expand your business, or you want to export your products, then you must know the common language. You can influence customers only by your communication skills in order to maximize the sales and revenue.
  • Opportunity to Study abroad.
  • You will get a chance to study abroad only if you are a good speaker.
  • Enjoy vacation in abroad Whosoever want to spend their vacation in abroad, he must have the knowledge of their culture and must be able to talk for any queries like visiting place, to know the way of restaurants or hotels, when to catch the flight. Or else this will make their trip disastrous. If you are good speaker, you will enjoy your time without any worry.

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