What Are The Habits Of Unsuccessful Students?

What Are The Habits Of Unsuccessful Students?

In this article we are going to talk about the What are the habits of unsuccessful students? Teachers particularly come across various students on a daily basis and they have such a thorough experience assessing a student and their unique qualities just by looking at them. A good teacher can make you gain interest in a subject that you absolutely abhor. On the contrary, a bad teacher can make you absolutely abhor a subject you dearly adored previously. Role of the teacher here plays a big factor in the child’s attitude towards a subject.

Schools  and educational institutions shape the child and encourage the socializing of a child which are vital for them to be a highly functioning member of the society. It puts students in a social setting where they get to know what is expected of them in a situation, what are  the norms and the correct way to behave and talk , and how to talk nicely and politely to get your point across and communicate.

What are the habits of unsuccessful students?

Besides socializing and character development, schools build a basic value system that aids the character development of the child and is indeed the best investment towards educating the child.there are students who succeed and there are students who do not succeed. Both these categories get the same resources ( at least in school) yet it is still noticeable how some students manage to reach the top of the ladder and the rest significantly fall down. Students go through various experiences and challenges during the entire course of their studenthood and learn various values, skills and acquire enormous knowledge to be able to give back to the world. Let’s see the difference between successful and unsuccessful students.

1. Inattentive


In order to grasp new concepts, theories etc. it is very important to be attentive so that you can put the mental work essential to be able to make the best use of the resources in hand to integrate the new and vital information to be taught in the classroom into their system. It is very important to listen carefully with full attention. That is how you learn something by asking questions and clarifying your doubts. Successful students are super attentive in class.  They make sure too register the new information for which they take notes and revise  the notes later.

They even ask questions to the teacher or professor if they are unclear or facing a problem with some new material taught. Unsuccessful students do not pay attention in class and as a result, do not register the information. This is why they do not have any doubts or questions to ask because they were not listening  in the first place.

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2. Lack of Discipline

Lack of Discipline

There is a remarkable observation that successful students are often well rounded. They sleep well, they go out to have fun, they party, they do  sports and have other sorts of extra curricular activities too. They are not just good at one thing, it is all over the place. This is because they know how to manage their time and put it to the best use by arranging activities in a way where all these activities are optimised.

Everyone gets the same 24 hours  in the day and time management and balance is key. Successful students know that they cannot study all the time or they will get fatigued and therefore need to have fun too. They do everything with balance and are willing to make sacrifices by keeping themselves disciplined. On the contrary, unsuccessful students do not manage  their time well because there schedule is erratic and all over the place.

3. Lack of interest  in academics

Lack of interest  in academics

Successful students manage to be successful because they are genuinely interested in studying. They find studying to be a fun activity where they get to learn so many new things. They take pride and pleasure in being a student to life and learning all the education being offered to them. They are inquisitive by nature and want to genuinely know and learn about things.

Whereas, unsuccessful students think of studying as something they HAVE to do instead of thinking studying to be something that they GET to do. They have their own interests that do not include studying. They would rather be more interested in skateboarding or perhaps soccer or any other activity where they would like to invest their time and effort if they are not as dedicated to academics as the successful students are.

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 4. Procrastination


Successful students think of education as the utmost priority and make sure there are no loopholes in their work. They take the project and deadlines assigned to them very seriously and make it a point to submit assignments and projects on time or sometimes even earlier. They do not leave things for the last moment and this in turn saves them a lot of last moment burden and panic to be able to effectively utilize time.

Unsuccessful students, put the  things on back burner and pay no heed to the assignments and deadlines. They do something else  instead that they truly enjoy. What they do ot understand is that assignments are somehow the free marks that the teacher gives out and it is much easier to score  in those assignments and later ask for feedback to increase their performance. Successful students utilise all the sources available at their disposal to make the best out of themselves and put their  best foot  forward.  

5. Love to complain

Love to complain

Unsuccessful students refuse to put in the work and effort and at times get defensive. They blame everything on other people. For example, if they don’t score well on a test,  they would say it is because  a  teacher has a personal grudge wtht them or because it was too loud  at their place  and they could not study.  But in reality, they don’t want to study and that is why they do not get good marks. They try to shift the focus on other people and other things instead of looking into themselves.

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6. Do not take responsibility

Do not take responsibility

They don’t think  it  is their responsibility to study for exams, they rather look for faults in things and do not accept that they are  scoring bad  and not succeeding  because they refuse to put in the determination, persistence and hard work or even the time needed to sit and study.  They think the fault is elsewhere and do not take responsibility for their own actions. They don’t  accept and as a result, do not act accordingly as they do not have a focus and it is all over  the place.

7. Unaware of the value of education

Unaware of the value of education

They do not see the value of education. Perhaps because they are brought up in a household where education is considered important or even essential to get ahead in life are because the student themselves has other plans for them where they want to pursue something that is unrelated to academics. They  might be unaware that the only  shortcut to life is through education to skills and  knowledge to be out in the world well equipped to be  able to truly stand out and flourish. It is only once the  thing is gone that one  truly understands the value of it.

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8. Lazy


Laziness is man’s worst  enemy and hinders all progress. Unsuccessful students might be physically lazy and perhaps skip school to be able to get  that extra sleep in the morning and might not ever do any physical activity and engage in unhealthy eating habits. Laziness reduces the entire portfolio of a person in that  sense. They skip school and as a result do not attend classes.  They might be mentally lazy when they are at school but don’t put in  the effort to listen to the teacher and do the classwork and homework and study for tests.

9. Shy


Some students  might want to succeed and excel but not be  able to do so because they lack social and communication skills. Due to this, they might not be able to ask questions and put their point across or seek clarifications leading to a failure in understanding the concepts. They might have social anxiety and feel too shy to speak up in public in a classroom. They might be shy and do not want to be seen or feel like they are under a spotlight and as a result when the teacher asks if anyone has any questions, they might not say anything at all and not understand the course material.

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10. Poor planning

 Poor planning

Planning is the key to obtaining successful outcomes. Successful students have their week planned and know exactly what they  have to do and how much they have to study to get the desired grade. Whereas, unsuccessful students give  no importance to planning. They might at times not even know what is the syllabus or would have not gotten the books until one week before exams. As a result, they stress a lot at the last moment struggling to find the books and notes. This  is because they do not plan beforehand.

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