The Best Blogs for Entrepreneurs

Best Blogs for Entrepreneurs

In this article we are going to discuss about the best blogs for entrepreneurs. Taking a strong decision over a career is a crucial part of everyone’s life. To become an employee or to become an employee, is based upon the decision taken. If you are the one who strongly believes that being an entrepreneur is the best way to shine in your career, then your decision is almost a valuable one. Keep the spirit of becoming an entrepreneur alive. Launching a new startup is one of the finest initiatives. It generates fame, profit, social status and so on.  But the major difficulty that every youngster who decide to initiate new startup will face is lack of mentor to guide them properly about their initiative.

Despite many websites and blogs are available on the internet for entrepreneurship, it is a tedious one to follow every blog and websites and filter the knowledge we want. But several inspiring blogs are available on the internet that guide and support the entrepreneurs. These blogs are hosted by successful business persons. They are assisting the entrepreneurs by sharing their experience and their ideas. If you are the one who wants to be a prosperous businessman, then never miss to follow these logs and their words. They will light your thoughts and ideas of starting up your initiative. Get some good inspirational messages through these blogs.

Top 10 Blogs for Entrepreneurs

The spirit of becoming an entrepreneur is one of the finest initiatives taken by the youngster to elevate their life. Here, I list some top 10 blogs that guides and supports entrepreneurs.

1. Seth’s blog

This is one of the best blogs for entrepreneurship. This blog is hosted by one of the successful business executive Seth Godin. The good initiative to elevate your entrepreneurial spirit is to click the subscribe button of this blog. The layout is created in an attractively. The layout of the website is designed as 4 important categories. The first category is Connect. It contains details about the news and updates. There is a category for providing the best of the blog. In this term, the website is designed to filter the story of the week.

The host of the blog posts a story for every week which is a motivational one for followers under the name of “Story of a week”. It posts contents about the workshops, Udemy courses, marketing seminars and so on. All these are very healthful contents.  Seth never missed to post the blogs every day. He also posts the “story of a week” every week. The talks and the quotes posted by Seth are of high quality. This blog is recommended by many successful entrepreneurs.

Best Blogs for Businessmen

2. Both sides of the table

This is the healthiest blog that put efforts to inspire the entrepreneurs. Mark Suster, an American entrepreneur hosting this blog. The website layout is attractively designed for followers. It holds four categories on this website. The category of “Entrepreneurship” will post the blog about the qualities that should be possessed by a successful entrepreneur. The module “Upfront venture” holds the upcoming trending events in the entrepreneur development. Several responses will be given by Suster. There is a category designed for providing information about the startups. There is a division for learning about the most trending fields that you are interested in. The blogs are posted by Suster according to his experience.

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3. Copyblogger

This is the blog specially created for content marketing. This blog is carefully designed to upgrade the entrepreneurs who have an interest in content marketing. It posts the blog according to their real-time experience. This website is architecture with six categories. Brian Clark is the founder of this successful blog. The categories in this blog covers several qualities and profits gained by the content marketing. This gives clear guidelines about content marketing. It posts podcasts about the importance of content marketing through experienced writers. It introduces some certified writers to hire for our organization. The content quality will be at the peak. The contents are posted by the Clark freelance. It is the best platform for content marketing.

Best Blogs for Businesswomen

4. Gary Vaynerchuk

The blog is created for spiritual entrepreneurs by Gary Vaynerchuk. Gary Vaynerchuk, the successful entrepreneur and internet speaker hosts this website. Gary took the utmost care in designing his website. The website layout contains 5 features. It concentrates on posting podcasts and blogs about the several trending projects. He is inspiring his followers with his own background story on his website. The followers can directly have contact with Vaynerchuk through his website. Gary posts contentful blogs and stories on these websites which are motivational to the startup wishers. The information about the events also posted on this website. This helps the followers to possess knowledge about the trending and upcoming events and episodes in the entrepreneur world. The blogs will be posted two to three times per week on this website. In simple, it is the website for germinating persons.

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5. All business

The website which is running by the several entrepreneurs to provide the knowledge about the factors and techniques in the entrepreneurship. This website covers most of the sections that most entrepreneurs are interested in. This website is architecture by considering all the sections available in the entrepreneurs’ interest. It provides knowledge about the various fields such as finance, staffing, technology and operations. In this website, the expert talks will be posted that helps to elevate your knowledge about the business. Experts tips and advice about the finance, technology and staffing will be posted here. The contents will be posted freelance by the entrepreneurs. At last, this is the place where every entrepreneurs meet.


6. Entrepreneurs on fire

This website by John Lee Dumas posts the blogs and podcasts that help to uplift the entrepreneurs. John Lee posts the blogs according to the interviews he did with successful entrepreneurs such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Seth and so on. This website posts awesome podcasts that are suggested by successful entrepreneurs. It publishes reports on income and expenses throughout the world for entrepreneurs every month. This website contains a special category named “Resources” that provides several courses and books that are useful for the businessmen. This is the website that every startup people should subscribe to ignite their spark.

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7. Startup Savant

This is one of the best blogs that give advice and ideas about entrepreneurship. It is founded by the famous entrepreneur and a motivator, Ryan James. This website layouts four important categories. The important one is that “How to guides”. This is the section in which the answer for many “How to” questions. It cares in molding the skills of entrepreneurs by their lessons through “How to guides”.It provides the entire knowledge about the startup industry. It posts the contents about how to start the business, when to start, which will help and so on. To get knowledge about entrepreneurship from sky to earth, this is a good website to follow.

Best startup Blogs to follow

8. Women on Business

Women on Business is a successful blog that is extremely created for female entrepreneurs. It is founded by the successful female entrepreneur, Susan Gunelius. She shares the information and guidelines for the women to be successful in their business. This website delivers educational and career resources for female entrepreneurs to shine. It helps several female entrepreneurs through their website. It contains the “Advertise” section to advertise your business. This is the best place to market your product for female entrepreneurs. Get started with Women on Business to be a successful female entrepreneur.

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9. Under30CEO

This is the entrepreneurial blog that helps entrepreneurs who are under 30. It is founded by the successful entrepreneur Matt Wilson. Under30CEO posts the blogs everything that the employer needs. The entrepreneurship blogs gives tips for entrepreneurs who want to be successful. It gives some experts advice in the name of “Over 30 advice”. It posts several podcasts that are motive one. This blog mostly concentrates on traveling and entrepreneurship. The contents will be posted freelance. If you are the lover of both traveling and entrepreneurship, then this is the place for you!

10. Lifestyle Entrepreneur blog

This is a good blog to be successful in entrepreneurship. It is founded by the popular entrepreneur Jesse Krieger. He shares his experience through his book named “Lifestyle Entrepreneur”. This website posts blogs about the advice of famous successful entrepreneurs. It posts the blogs about tips and tricks from various businessmen. This blog provides an option for several training programs for entrepreneurs. It has healthy blogs that need for entrepreneurial success. Be a follower of the “Lifestyle Entrepreneur blog” to be a successful entrepreneur.

The initiative to become an entrepreneur itself is the first step towards your success in life. But the guidelines and mentors are the essential ones for every person who thinks to startup a new business. Know about the various successful businessmen through these blogs. Put severe efforts to become a shining star in the business world. Follow experts advice in the business to be a good businessman. Apart from these blogs, some blogs help to uplift the entrepreneurs. Choose the right choice to elevate your life. Take one more step towards your success in life.

 Article by: M.Swetha

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