Benefits of Being a Receptionist

The benefits of being a Receptionist are described here in this article below. A receptionist is an employee of a firm or office or any organization who is considered at the support position. Receptionist is someone who can be referred to as the very first impression of any organization. A receptionist works at the main lobby or front desk of the organization. The receptionist plays the most vital role of attending the company’s guests and clients, greet them and respond to their queries and doubts. The receptionist is involved in dealing with the service providers and service consumers at the same time.

A receptionist is a multitasker who resolves inquiries of the customers regarding an organization’s services and products, entertaining the visitors and guests, helping the guests to reach their destination, handles company’s emails and other databases, answers phone calls, schedules meetings and the list goes on. A receptionist has the best opportunity to explore a whole lot of activities and several tasks and make the most out of it in the form of learning and experiences.

Benefits of Being a Receptionist

The benefits of being a Receptions are discussed below in detail:

1. Social Connections

Working on the front desk of an office or a company, one gets to interact with hundreds and thousands of people coming from various backgrounds and of contrasting attitude and behavior. A receptionist if deals the clients with empathy and patience can build extremely strong connections with the most reputed personalities. Strong social networks aid you to learn about a new culture, customs and languages. Clients prefer receptionists who remember them and address them with warmth as soon as they walk into the front desk of a company. Interaction with varied personalities supports you to learn from their experiences and knowledge. Conversations with clients not only enhances your knowledge set but also your perspective towards life and learning about the harmony one should adopt in a world of diverse people and diverse cultures.

2. Versatility

A receptionist is capable to perform multiple tasks at the same time and deal with various varieties of problems as well. As simple as from smiling and greeting the visitors to dealing with technical stuff a receptionist has to face everything. It makes a receptionist efficient in every field. Management, team-work, problem handling, patience, behaviour are a few attributes a receptionist gets to recognize and understand during his job. A receptionist is the most skilled and groomed employee for a company unlike the belief of being the unskilled one. An employee has the power to work with various clients and tools at the same time and resolve them without breaking a sweat. A receptionist can be asked to switch between many tasks at the same time, hence he can work on multiple assignments without losing his focus and concentration.

3. Diverse

It is believed that receptionists are required only for big firms, companies and organizations but today a small hair salon too has receptionists to schedule timing of various clients, assign the hair-stylist or the beautician as per their requirement and need. A receptionist not only fulfills the diverse needs of the industry but also reflect diversity in their work traits. They can work at various levels with the support of people from various businesses with harmony and peace. It is one of the best part of being a receptionist that every industry needs them.

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4. Job Opportunity and Progress

Being a diverse job, not only the person has a good chance to switch jobs for better pay and success but also one can apply as De Facto company ambassador, secretary for legal firms, medical secretary or move towards customer service if you enjoy to serve the society and work for the welfare of the public. Receptionists have their scope for working as interviewers, personal, production and executive assistant as well. They are the most efficient in holding a conversation and can impress anybody with their communication and politeness in a fraction of seconds. A receptionist being a multi-tasker with his experience and knowledge is also competent to apply and work in any of the industries if he aims to.

5. First Face

A receptionist is the one who can convince a client to work with the company or deny for any further meetings straight away. A receptionist is the first point of contact for any customer and resolves his queries and issues. The manners and etiquettes of a receptionist is solely responsible for the future success of the organizations. If a customer needs to wait, the receptionist holds the duty to comfort his waiting time and ensure he doesn’t face any sort of difficulties. At times, there are people who are difficult to tackle, in such circumstances if the behavior of the receptionist is calm, patient and persuading the most difficult deals can easily be cracked only because of a smiling face and kind behavior.

6. Problem Handling

Dealing with an infinite number of issues in a single day pertaining to several streams and fields enhances the problem-solving capacity of a human. The office environment can change from cool and calm to an intense battle in moments but a receptionist is the only one who can tackle such problems under the worst conditions. A receptionist is the best of all to deal with inquiries from people across the globe. A receptionist doesn’t panic while facing several problems from various office employees and customers at the same time. The decision making of a receptionist is dynamic, rapid and rational. He has the talent to encompass the requirements of the employees and consumers.

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7. Organizational skills

Organizational skills are vital to achieving success in life. To coordinate between various tasks and processes is the most important ability one should possess. A receptionist who is responsible to schedule meetings and appointments for a firm or company learns to be organized and well arranged. He or she is dynamic in nature to cooperate the needs of the service provider as well as the customers at the same time keeping in mind the convenience of both the parties. A receptionist makes sure that all the documents and papers are kept uncluttered in the workspace. They create highly efficient filing systems, sort meetings and appointments and ensure all-time easy availability of the resources to all the employees and the customers. A receptionist holding such capabilities is well arranged with his real-life actions and the actions that he performs which increases his progress rate in every area he takes part in.

8. Technically strong

Since the job of a receptionist involved dealing with databases and queries in respect to the services provided by their firm or organization, they gain excellent technical knowledge and are adaptable to changes and new variations coming up in this ever-developing era. Their dynamic nature enables them to learn and deploy such new technologies with ease. Receptionists not only responds to telephone calls but also responds the emails. A hotel receptionist needs to check for bookings and availability of rooms and other services in the database or in the hotel software management system to maintain decorum and provide the best customer services at a rapid speed without many hurdles. A receptionist who is working for a technology firm is well acquainted with the concepts of technology involved in the organization and respond to the queries relevant to the same.

9. Personality Enhancement

Once you start public dealing your personality becomes groomed. Your presentation and attitude changes as per the circumstances around you. A receptionist learns to deal with clients who might be calm and sometimes arrogant as well. A receptionist never fails to comfort the customers of a company who he is serving. Receptionist has to be well presented all the time to reflect the decency of the organization he is working with. The traits of calmness and patience build a forgiving attitude in a receptionist. He has the best skills to crack deals with the most annoying clients or comfort an extremely irritating customer over a phone calls answering his or her problems. A receptionist is multi-skilled and multi-talented individual who possesses great communication techniques and kindness towards the members of the global world.

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10. Collaborative skills

A receptionist needs to work in coordination with the company as well as its clients. A receptionist often needs to complete his task in complement to the employees of the company, therefore he needs to be very cooperative in nature to maintain discipline and the work balance within and outside the firm. This collaborative trait of receptionists makes them fit to be responsible for any kind of tasks and making connections with the outer world.  

Therefore, the receptionist holds a vital role to be performed in every organization. His actions could serve as a beneficiary or a punishment to the organization. Right from the first interaction with client receptionist plays an important role in presenting the company’s attitude and behavior towards their work and their customers. All in all a receptionist can be an excellent role to opt for while choosing one’s profession since it permits you to explore almost every aspect of yourself and challenge yourself to come up better with every lesson you learn.

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