How to improve presentation skills and communication skills?

how to improve presentation skills and communication skills

How to improve presentation skills and communication skills? : The answer of this question is explained here. In this article I am going to tell you about the best way to improve presentation skills and communication skills. Today in this modern entrepreneur era, it is quite obvious for you to present yourself to a wide range of people and more importantly to a wide range of companies. You have to deliver your own content through your speech, through your presentation. Tensed about your presentation and public speaking skills. No one is a born orator, it is the way you hone your some set of skills and that makes the difference between you and the one sitting right beside you.

Have you tried and got bored by watching dozens of youtube videos to improvise your presentation and communication skills. Are you not a one who is under the umbrella of new AICTE guidelines? Then you have come to the right place. Even if you have not got the chance of getting the speaking English classes and develop your communication skills, then this the place which provides you with this golden opportunity to add another line to your CV. Here in this article, we provide you all the tips and some brand new ways by which you can develop your presentation and communication skills and are ready to nail your next presentation or public gathering.

How to improve presentation skills and communication skills?

The top 10 ways to improve presentation skills and communication skills are mentioned below:

1. Deconstruct what great speakers do

You can easily get the world’s best speakers right in front of you by just a single search in the youtube search bar. You can easily follow them, analyse them, copy their style, mould it according to you and take it to another level and make a modified version of it. Finally, then execute it. You can search for Leonardo DiCaprio and just watch his speech delivering skills. You can see his environmentalist speeches on various environment-related aspects.

Not going to any political affair, you can really a lot of things through his speeches. You can learn that while speaking maintaining fluency is not very important, rather the thing which is important is that where and how should you take a pause so that the audience might not get that and might have a suspense of the next word that you are going to tell. This ability is very well demonstrated in the speeches given by our prime minister. You can also learn how to maintain the attention of the listeners towards you throughout your entire speech.

how to improve presentation skills

After analyzing enough times prepare what to say in a piece of paper. Try not to copy that writeup from anywhere, make sure you write it on your own then it will be very useful and very easy for you to understand and memorise the content. Then just practice n number of times standing in front of the mirror along with proper gestures and the areas where you need to raise your voice and also the areas which require to lower the voice. When you get some level of confidence just record it and listen to it or the best thing is that if you can call up any one of your friends and if he can critique you.

2. Focus on your audience and not on yourself

Your content should be based on your audience’s interests. Gather as much information as possible about your audience and get your listeners by their nerves. The more you know about the listeners, the more your rate of success increases. Then according to the interests of your audience you can choose your words, pattern, organize your content and appropriately add the motivational quotes to avoid your audience from getting bored. According to that, if necessary, you can also add some business-related small jokes and suitable micro tales to grow the interest of your listeners.

3. Organize your material in the most effective way to attain your purpose

Nobody can know your stuff better than you. It is totally up to you on how you organize your stuff to present it before your audience. After organizing your content in the right way you have to practice it until and unless it is in your blood. Your presentation must be a two-way process. It must be an energy exchange process from both ends. All these things are very important because it is not the quality of the content that matters, it is the way of conversation, the way of flowing your expressions, the way to express your thoughts that matters.

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4. Get specific about what you need to improve

To improve your speech, you can ask for feedback from your listeners and ask them whether you were stuck somewhere, or whether you were too much relying on the slides, or was difficult to understand. In this way, you can easily find your weakness and can attack that area instead of attacking in the dark. You can also see your audience’s reactions while speaking. You can also take your bosom friend and can make a video of you presenting or addressing a public gathering.

how to improve your presentation skills

In this way, you can find your mistakes very easily and can take the necessary actions to correct them. Your friend can also criticize you at some points and can also give necessary suggestions which will help you.

5. Create a speaking avatar

Just imagine yourself fully confident and giving your lecture in the back of your mind. Just imagine the happy and cherishing faces of the listeners. Now, Just imagine hearing the sound of applauds after your speech. Then just see where your confidence level rises and maintain that and let your this virtual avatar take the stage and start delivering the content. Just imagine one of your clients giving the comment, “ this is the kind of person I was looking for”.  Let your this new avatar present your own self to the audience instead of presenting Leonardo DiCaprio. Be original in your speaking, avoid doing the mistakes that you did while preparing for the final show.

6. Join toastmasters

I am pretty sure that many of you reading this might not know what the toastmasters is. Therefore, in order to help you all, I am giving all the necessary details about that over here only. Toastmasters is a US non-profit-making organization. This does not mean that its reach is only limited to the citizens of the USA. This is a worldwide organization that has created certain small clubs in every city. These clubs are quite different from other clubs as their main focus is to hone your public communication and presentation skills.

It provides you the environment which you will need. This also hosts international meetings and international competitions for public speaking. It also provides you with numerous such people just like you to criticize you on your grammatical mistakes, allow you to choose better words and also those who would count the number of small and long pauses that you took while speaking. Briefly, it is your overall personality development forum and provides you your audience and listeners before the final showdown.

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7. Accept constructive criticism and apply it

Throughout this article till now we are telling to allow your listeners to criticize you, to call up your friend to criticize you. But many of you might be thinking why I should invite them to insult me. Now, criticism is of again two types. One is constructive which will be helping you and the other one is destructive which is just meant to bring your morale down.

how to develop presentation skills

You need to accept the constructive criticism, initially, you might not be liking the same but believe me, it will help you in the long run. So, accept it and then work on it and most importantly don’t repeat your mistakes.

8. Get into your body more

Yes this point also matters your interaction. While speaking, the listeners must concentrate on your words and not on your body. You can easily improve your this fault by practicing certain exercises, some yoga on a daily basis.

9. Explore your self talk

Presenting yourself is a very sort of personal experience. The thoughts that come before speaking something, the sweat that comes and the palpitating heart that one can hear is all very personal and is something that you can’t share. You have to explore your inner self to solve this problem. You have to let your negative thoughts go and just let it go. Let the positive thoughts take the vacant place that was created when the negative thoughts left your mind. This will take your imagination and confidence to a new level.

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10. Try improv to improve

This is also something that many of the readers here might not be knowing and have to google search to know about it. Improv is basically an out of the box ideology which does not limit the speakers practicing to address a small crowd or a group of recruiters. But this is something very large. In this the speaker practice in a theatre to address a very large gathering. If the theatre is not approachable for you then you can also try for comedian club.

how to improve my presentation skills

This not only hone your public speaking skills but it also makes you much more flexible with the crowd and develops a sense to understand the crowd’s demands and also helps you to face myriad circumstances.

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