How to improve my personality and attitude?

how to improve my personality and attitude

How to improve my personality and attitude? : The answer of this question is explained here in this article. I am going to tell you about the best way to improve your personality and attitude easily. Every individual is different and unique in its own ways whether on the basis of their language, culture, personality, attitude, etc. Many people in this world gets confused that personality and attitude of an individual is same. But its wrong one’s personality depends upon their character, cognition and upbringing while one’s attitude depends upon one’s views or opinions regarding something or someone. Attitude is an integral part of personality. There are different types of personalities and attitudes like open-minded, ego-centric, aggressive, assertive, dominating, resourceful, protective, etc.

As I mentioned before every individual is different from each other. Many times, people might have said to you that you need to change your attitude or you need to change your personality. You can’t fully change one’s personality or attitude but there are a few ways in which you can improve your personality and attitude.

How to improve my personality and attitude?

Read below to find out the top 10 ways to improve your personality and attitude.

1. Be Polite

The first and the foremost quality in a person which every other individual approves is being polite. Many times, you want to say something nice to someone but the tone of your voice is harsh then the whole meaning of the statement changes. If you don’t want that to happen then you have to speak in a soft or polite way to everyone as you don’t what you might say can affect someone. Also greet everyone nicely and politely. Speak with everyone using their names of titles if you are talking to a doctor or lawyer. Just being polite can earn improve your personality and attitude towards other in a really nice way.

2. Show some manners

The next way for you to improve your personality and attitude is to show some manners when you are with other people. for example, if you are travelling in a bus and you see an aged person or a pregnant woman standing then offer them your seat. Also, if you are at a restaurant or anyone’s house show some table manners like not to chew loudly, speak with food in your mouth, etc. if you follow these tips then it will bring a positive change in your personality and attitude not for the benefit of others but for you. So, show some manners when you are in the company of other people.

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3. Greet with a smile

Sometimes when you are greeting someone if you don’t smile at them then it looks really rude and disrespectful on your part. So, if you are greeting anyone, then greet that person with a smile and it will create a great impression of yours on them. Also, if one individual smiles at you then it automatically brings a smile on that person’s face. So, while greeting your family, colleagues, classmates, friends, clients, etc. with a smile. Also, if you greet a person with a smile then you may seem friendly to that person.

how to improve my personality

4. Help others

Another best way to improve one’s personality and attitude is to help others you need help. For example, if your classmate is having problem studying then help him or her with their studying. If you see an aged person or pregnant women struggling with their things, help them. This act of kindness will not only make them happy but in return you can feel a sense of happiness in yourself also. So, help others within your capacity only. You don’t have to help someone if you are not capable of that help as it might discourage you or them. So, it’s better not to try if you are not capable of it.

5. Take action when needed and then let it go

You are wanting to do something for yourself or other but you are not doing it because you think that the result can go either way. So, the first thing you need to do change your attitude, think positively and do the work that you have been holding off for a while now and then let it go after finishing the work. Don’t hold onto it for good results. Sometimes holding onto something may not be good for you. So, it’s okay for you to let it go sometimes. We are only human beings, so good and bad both can happen to you.

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6. Spend your time with those who are positive for you

There are a lot of people that will support and be there for you when you have won or is happy. But there are only few who will stay with you through your failure and sadness. Those few people are the ones which stay by your side no matter what. Spend more time with those who spread their positivity with you rather than those who spreads their negativity with you. So, choose wisely, who are good for your personality and who are not. After doing this you will find your personality to be more calm, positive and happy.

how to enhance my personality

7. Say “Sorry” and “Thank you”

There is nothing embarrassing about saying Sorry or Thank you. If you genuinely feel that you have done something wrong then it your duty to say Sorry to those to whom you have wronged. Also, if someone has helped you in your time of need then say Thank you to them and be there to help them when they need help. Sometimes just saying ‘Sorry’ or ‘Thank you’ can make you feel good about yourself. So, don’t feel embarrass next time if you have to say these two words to anyone in the future.

8. Don’t compare

You know it is in human nature that we compare ourselves with every other individual. If we get low marks then we compare our papers with others who has a grade up then you. If your salary is lower than someone working at the same post then you will compare yourself with that person. This type of comparison is not good for you. It will make you depress and feel bad about yourself. So, stop comparing yourself with others. As I have said before that every individual is different and unique from each other. So, both of the persons are unique in their own way in these situations.

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9. Be satisfied with what you have

If you don’t have the latest clothes then you will not be satisfied till you get them. So, the first thing you have to do is be satisfied with what you currently have rather thinking about what you don’t have. If you hung up on things which you can’t have then you will be too ego-centric. So be happy with what you have. As there are many people in this world you don’t even have the basic human need like food, shelter, etc. So, if you do this it will make you a better person than you are.

how can i improve my personality

10. Don’t forget these things to improve your personality and attitude

If you are doing these things which are mentioned about for someone or something then please don’t do it. If you want to really improve your personality and attitude for your own benefit then keep doing these things and it will always remind you why you wanted to improve your personality and attitude in the first place. As you grow up more, these things start to make a lot of sense than it did before. So, don’t stop these, make it a habit of yours. After this you will definitely see an improvement and positive change in your personality and attitude.

So, these are some of the ways in which you can improve your personality and attitude. I would suggest you that please don’t change your attitude and personality for someone, but change it for yourself. This is my advice to you as I have already tried and tested it. So, hope this article was helpful for you. Thank you for reading!

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