Best Dating Sites in India

best dating sites in India

The best dating sites in India can help you to find a dating partner faster. So, here in this article I am going to tell you about top 10 dating sites in India that actually works. People often ask me to tell them about some best free dating sites in India without payment and registration. I would like to tell those people that actually it isn’t possible to send messages to anybody without registering on website. So, first of all the authentic website needs a registration.

Now if I talk about paid or non paid sites then let me tell you an acerbic truth that free dating sites are full of spam and advertisements. So, it’s better to visit the most popular dating site in India that actually work. In paid dating sites their is no mandate condition you can also use them with free membership but for better results some people buy premium also.

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Online dating is one of the ongoing trends in the 21st century. It lets you meet your partner through the internet and get to know each other via chat or video call. In today’s world this trend has become more popular as you’ll find so many users. In India there are many online dating websites but among them here are some mentioned top 10 online dating websites for you to get matched. Have a read.

10 Best Dating Sites in India

The best dating sites in India are mentioned below:

1. Tinder

One of the most popularly known dating website among the social media users. This website lets you login with your Facebook id. At first you need to fill in the details required such as your age, your interest, etc and it will find people based on your interest. Supposedly, you don’t wish to log in with your Facebook id then you are free to log in with your phone number. It lets you swipe right and left to people’s profile. If you find interest in someone then you just need to like that profile after which if that profile likes you back then it’s a match.

Tinder dating

In your free account you can only swipe a limited amount of profiles but once you join their premium membership you can swipe profiles unlimited times and even send messages.

2. Badoo

Another, common and popular dating website. Currently it operates over 190 countries, is available in 47 different languages and has the largest user base. Badoo was started back in 2006 and is also termed to be one of the most visited dating website. A Facebook user must have come across the advertisement of Badoo.

top completely free dating sites in India

It comes under 17th most used website in Facebook and the most unique part is you won’t find anything similar here in comparison to other dating websites.

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3. Azar

Azar is a website for online dating which focus on face to face chat in their service. Once your match is done you get to video chat with the person rather than texting. Their video enhancing property is really good. But most of the people feel that showing your physical self at first might be a wrong idea so for this there is option where u can swipe right to video chat.

best free dating sites in India

There are about 100 million users and 30 million matches till date. You can say Azar is aiming bigger and bigger each day.

4. Elite Singles

This particular online dating website has users with eminent degrees and posts. Say, it has 80% of users who have a bachelor’s degree or master degree or any other such prominent degrees. In today’s world many people desire to date someone with a high degree or name, this site gets 165k users added each month because of this unique feature.

best online dating sites in India

Workaholic or prominent degree people who have a busy schedule on going either are not able to take time to meet and date or they are shy, so for this Elite Singles website is created. It does not promise you thirsty singles but it does promise you either a gentleman or a lady.

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5. Truly Madly

One of India’s own online dating website with a new wave. It is mostly similar to tinder, but an alternative to tinder. It does not find people on the basis of age but on shared interest and other given preferences. You can keep your profile picture safe with this website’s added feature and your friends can give you score based on which you’ll have a higher number of conversations with your matches.

100 percent free dating sites in India

Along with just chatting you can also play games with your matches to increase your trust score such as styletastic, foodiefunda, etc. Thus letting you and your match have a chat in an interesting way.

6. Bumble

Also, one of the most used online dating website. Here, you need to swipe right and left to find your match but the unique thing is once you are matched, one of anyone needs to start the conversation within 24 hours or else the match gets disappeared forever.

bumble dating

Bumble website is both for dating and for friendship, now it depends upon what exactly you are looking for. But if you are thinking about getting your connection lost if you forget to text back within 24 hours, don’t worry this app lets you extend the time for another 24 hours only for one match each day.

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7. Ok Cupid

Ok Cupid lets people fill in their preference based on their sexual orientation. Here, you can find people of any orientation. All depends upon how you create your profile, to attract matches. The premium membership of this website .i.e. the A-List lets the users view their profile visitors and your likes.

Okcupid dating

8. Aisle

This website just completely is different from any other website. At first you need to pay and login, to get matched with another profile. But, if you receive an invitation from another user you can join in free of cost.

top 10 free dating sites in India

This is basically done to make sure people are in for serious dating and relationship. So, you can create an account in Aisle if you are serious about finding your match and if you are serious, you won’t mind paying just a pinch for it. Or else to avoid this you can just ask any of your friends to invite you if they already have an account in Aisle.

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9. Zoosk

Zoosk was started back in 2007 by Alex Mehr and Shayan Zadeh and currently is available in across 80 countries with 20 different languages and 40 million users. This dating website is really easy to navigate and you can spot out bots very easily in comparison to other dating websites.

top dating sites in India that really works

Being a free member you can socially interact well but some of the features like chats galleries, social group, exclusive search option and etc will be locked until you join their premium membership.

10. Ekcoffee

Known to be unique in its own way. You can start a conversation with your match but only one at a time. This website focuses on one real conversation rather than having endless conversations with other chats.

best free dating site for serious relationships

Having multiple chats diversifies your mind and create problem for you to choose your match. In addition to this, once you both agree to go a date it decides a perfect place for date in your city. For those looking for relationship rather than hook up then ekcoffee is for you.

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