How to impress a girl over text messages?

how to impress a girl over text

How to impress a girl over text messages? : The answer of this question is explained here. In this article I am going to tell you about the best way to impress a girl through text messages. Texting is an essential part of the flirting process. The best way of a texting process is to be communicative and putting yourself out there. And rest the time will have its hand. A girl wants someone real and in touch with their feelings and not one evasive guy who plays games.

How to impress a girl over text messages?

12 ways to impress a girl over text messages are discussed below. “To impress you require to express”- Here are the listed 12 ways that one must keep in mind while impressing a girl over messages:-

1. Make sure she knows who you are

The first principle is to make assure that she knows you who you are at least by face or by name. Or there will be an awkward situation playing over your mind when you see her text- “Who r u??”. Optimize yourself over the text and then proceed the conversation.

2. Short , sweet yet attractive!

How was your day?- The most common words that millions of us use while chatting. Improvising and playing with savvy words is one of the best trick that most of us miss. A little smile after receiving your pop up over her phone is the first sign of her comfortness.

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3. Gestures

Girls are more mature at outside , but have a kiddish heart. A bit of care will make a space for you in her heart. Funny yet caring over the text shows that you are concerned for her. Suppose you know she is outside, so a small drop that ” Are you home?” is a sweet yet caring gesture to gather your attention towards her.

how to really impress a girl over text

4. Text time

The most important thing to keep in mind while texting. Might be she is engaged in some ethics and you are continuously texting her can make her feel irritated! The last complement you want from a girl- ” Irritating”. Give her a free space. If she is with her friends let her enjoy the moments rather than text back to you. If she is occupied with work, lower the messaging frequency.

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5. Be playful

May be you are the most boring person on earth! But while texting her make sure you are not making her bore . Crack a few jokes, playing the naughty cards sometimes over each other will make her gain interest over you . A vested genuine interest to her without being over possesive is a good way to stamp your attention to her.

6. Emojis

The best way to sometimes show your emotions is through the emojis. Emojis states your current mood as well can change the sense of a text. But , keep it light and consistent to convey your emotions through these emoticons. Using too much emoticons can hamper the flow of your texts.

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7. Don’t go over paragraphs

Please! Don’t text paragraphs to her . It’s one of the worst concept and the thumb rule of texting to anyone. If some long message are needed to convey talk over a call which will make her believe that you genuinely want her to know and feel for her.Also don’t send line messages as it makes Irritating for the other person to read and then reply on each text. Keep it simple and sober!

how to text a girl to impress her

8. Don’t act like a despo

Desperation eventually leads to the loss of interest . So chill your eagerness sometimes and always don’t expect blue ticks immediately after sending a text. Don’t think too much about why she is not responding or replying, just wait for a perfect time; may be she was busy in some other works so she couldn’t text you. Being acting a despo will eventually let down your interest from her side!

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9. Real confidence

These days texting is a huge part of courting a woman.If you genuinely like her , then don’t be in the midway of whether to approach first or to sit for some time and wait. Just ask her out for a walk or a coffee. Now texting and face to face interaction is totally different words. So be confident enough to ask her out often to make her as much as free with you.

10. Make her feel special

A smile is the best attire in anyone’s face. The first motto on the list to capture her smile and make her feel special. Flirt with her to let her know that you want to be more than friends. Sometimes judicious use of adjectives will definitely make her feel special!

There is a fine line of difference between flirting and being creepy. So judge your words and moves first!

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11. Don’t wait for too long!

After meeting , within 24 hours text her if you like her to begin a conversation. Don’t wait for too long because you might not know that if she is also interested in you. Be direct and text her the next day at the latest.

how to impress a girl while texting

12. Goodbyes are sweet

Before you doze off in night, make her feel a little pulpy. If you want to impress her make sure you want her and miss her when she is not conversing with you. Good bye and good night is the best way to consummate your day or text with her. With all these short tips and tricks you can put, but it’s entirely on her how she feels. You can’t control her feelings nor can inject your feelings in her. Feelings is the last thing that reflects your marksheet. Just be yourself and don’t loose your originality. You will be liked for who you are and not what she wants you to become.

I hope now you have got understood “How to impress a girl over text messages?” So, now it’s easier for you to impress a girl through text messages.

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