10 Best Websites to Read Short Stories Online

short stories to read online

The best websites to read short stories online are discussed here in this article. Short stories are for times when you feel that urge to immerse yourself in a story, but don’t have time to commit to a novel. It’s concentrated doses of emotions. A whole story is condensed into around 1000-4000 words. You can read it in one sitting, during breaks or at bed time or whenever you feel like it. Short stories are easy to find on the internet, there are so many up and coming writers out there who publishes quality content. It is hard to find the works of renowned writers available on the internet for free. But budding authors usually make their stories available on public platforms. There are several sites that host such authors and publish their work for us. In this article we talk about ten such sites where you can go to find shirt stories.

Top 10 short story websites to read short stories online

The list of best websites to read short stories online are discussed below:

1. Wattpad

Wattpad is a hugely popular publishing platform for short stories. If you’re willing to spend a little time searching, Wattpad is sure to yield up really quality content.  The problem is the sheer amount of stories. Wattpad is a very large community, so you might need to wade through some sub standard content before you strike gold. It also posts novels, novellas and such in addition to short stories.

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2. Commaful

A short story site that has a huge amount of quality fan fiction, as well as short stories from every other genre, and also some poetry. It is also a community that publishes content from amateur as well as slightly experienced writers. It is mostly aimed at the young adult audience, obsessed with fandoms and glitter.

best short story websites

3. Archive of our Own

Archive of our Own, or AO3, describes itself as ”A fan-created, fan-run, nonprofit, noncommercial archive for transformative fanworks, like fanfiction, fanart, fan videos, and podfic”. Which is exactly what it is. It is the no. 1 fan fiction site that even has stories in languages other than English. It has short stories, podcasts and even artworks.

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4. Pratilipi

Pratilipi is a site for Indian authors to showcase their work. If you are looking for short stories in regional languages, Pratilipi is the go to site. It is also a hugely supportive community of writers. Most of the work in there has is that of local authors, so don’t visit the site hoping for international standards. Go to it when you need down to earth content.

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5. Prose

Prose is more of a flash fiction site than short stories, but it does have a good collection of short stories, especially some published in chapters. All it’s contents are published by the users, so you may be faced with a lot of amateur works.

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6. East of the Web

East of the Web is a short story site that holds a lot of good content. The stories in here are different and well written. In addition to short stories they also have Interactive fiction, which is really games based on stories where you control the choices of your character. They also have web games. It is not a free to publish site, all content is curated and vetted by the editors, so there is some guarantee of quality.

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7. American Literature

The American literature site features a huge collection of classics by renowned authors and also short stories by contemporary authors. It features thousands of books, perfect for classics lovers.

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8. Classic Shorts

In this site they say that it’s purpose is to revive short stories because they feel people don’t read as much of short stories anymore. The site features classics from well renowned authors in a well curated collection.

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9. Short Story me

This site features over a thousand short stories from new and upcoming authors. It’s got no guarantees on quality but you might find yourself pleasantly surprised at times.

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10. Five Chapters

Five Chapters publishes short stories as five parts, made into bite sized portions. It features around 200 stories as of now by new and upcoming authors. Stories are like a five part series all of around 5k to 10k words.

It is said that millennials have the shortest attention span compared to all preceding generations. Short stories complement this very well. Even avid readers who prefer long novels can use short stories as a welcome respite

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