How to improve academic performance of weak students?

How to improve academic performance of weak students

How to improve academic performance of weak students? : The answer for this question is explained here. In this article I am going to tell you about the best way to improve academic performance of weak students. Each student has his or her own ability and capability of grasping knowledge and information. Each student has his own method and ways to process that information. Some require complete silence; some require personal attention, while some may even require group studies. Due to such differences some students are categorized into fast learners and slow learners. Where slow learners are tended to be called as “Weak Students”.

How can students improve academic performance

These Weak students are nothing but students with a little less IQ level with less picking capacity. They require extra attention and motivation. Making them feel low about their grasping ability or even punishing them for it, only demotivates such Weak students and not help them grow.

Top 10 ways to improve academic performance of weak students

There are n numbers of ways to help such slow learners to reach their goal and perform well. Here are a few ways to improve the academic performances of weak students:

1. Psychological aid

In this new world of pace, everyone and everything is going at a very fast rate. And so is the rate of stress. Stress creates a feeling of nonperformance and self-doubt. Academic pressure leads to stress and lack of concentration amongst some students. Some weak students are not able to cope up with such pressure and the stress takes a toll on their mental health. A mental well-being is of utmost importance for any student. The mind space should be full of calm and composure. Getting psychological aid to help them conquer the hurdles of academic pressure and relieve out the stress is of the highest priority.

2. Timetables

Weak students are lazy and have no set routine in their life. Creating timetables are a great way of setting a particular routine for studies. To improve academic performance it is very important to be disciplined and follow a particular routine. Setting up a timetable with proper planning is very important. Timetables create an urge of accomplishment and make the mind tend to have the impression of being under a deadline. The timetable should not just be all studies and no play, otherwise following such routine would be very difficult and less motivated to follow the routine. Timetables are a great way to train the mind to follow orders and get things done.

How can academic performance be improved

3. Encouragement

Students weak in their academics tend to be less confident in nature. Being weak in academics is not a choice but sheer lack of motivation to do well. Punishing such students for their weak grades or even making fun of them is only going to demotivate them even more to do well. This creates lack of self confidence in the student and they start to look away from studies even more. Thus, to help such students improve, encouraging them with a smile and finding out their individual strengths and making them use it will bring confidence back into their lives. And will then motivate them more and make them feel worth full.

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4. Making study fun

Studies are always universally considered boring. It is never considered in the list of fun activities. And the mention of it always draws a sense of rejection. But the fact that studies are boring is a total myth. Studies can be made equally fun and enjoyable if used smart techniques. Gamifying your studies is a great way to make it fun and approachable. Once you start enjoying your studies, you will always be motivated to study and there will never be a tag of “weak student” on you ever.

5. Memory improvement

An important reason for scoring less in academics is due to lack of memory retention. Struggling to remember all the facts for an exam leads to less marks. Students with a less retention rate should be extra careful to take care that they recall their studies and not lose their confidence. Reading the same lessons again and again , solving the same questions ,attempting repeated efforts in solving question papers are a few ways to help you recall.

How can weak students improve academic performance

6. Ask questions

It is wisely said that the road to learning effectively, goes through asking questions. Asking questions in class not only solves your doubts but also boosts confidence. Asking questions in class makes you more attentive and concentrated, which is a lot helpful in getting good marks. It makes you pay more attention in class, which results in better understanding of the subject. Making a point to ask more questions in class makes you prepared in advance and boosts your confidence.

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7. Rewarding system

Just as the case with pets, where you reward them with a treat whenever they do a trick, weak students should do it too. Everyone loves it when someone treats and rewards them, it makes you want to work for them more. Just in the same way, you could reward yourself whenever you achieve a goal. In this way you would always be motivated and excited to work more hard and receive that treat in the end! You could create your own rewarding system, where you can reward yourself for every chapter completed or every time you receive your expected score in your subjects.

8. Gaps in study time

Nobody has a long time span of sitting in one place for hours and trying to concentrate. It is not possible for a human mind to sit in one place for too long and storm their mind into focusing on one point. It makes the work or task not as good as expected. Therefore, taking gaps in between is of utmost importance. Weak students think that if they study for long hours they would accomplish their goal, but that is completely not true. Making your mind focusing on one point for a long time yields inaccurate results and strains the mind. Taking proper intervals refreshes the mind and its ability to grasp more information.

How teachers can improve students academic achievement

9. Get organized

If you have ever observed, successful people always seem to be punctual and organized in their life as well as behavior. Being organized gives you a sense of accomplishment and space. Cluttering of any kind stalls our ability to operate efficiently or even think freely. It creates a sense of bondage and less space. Getting organized with your notes, books your desk will make you more encouraged to explore them. Organizing your time will make you value your time more and you will feel more encouraged to utilize your time for your studies in the best possible way.

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10. Group studies

It is always said that a friend is your closest teacher. Many weak students are less confident enough to speak up in class and ask questions. They feel embarrassed and ponder themselves with self-doubt to speak up. They would have their doubts unsolved rather than go in front of the class and speak up in front. Such students should always consider the idea of group studying. Group studying is a great way for students to bond together and work out their doubts. Asking out and solving each other’s problems helps in better understanding of the subject. Solving your friend’s doubts gives you a sense of internal accomplishment and boosts your morale. To be able to solve your friend’s doubts and receive their praise, you tend to study beforehand. This method is a great way to learn better and score more marks.

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