How to promote a Restaurant?

how to promote a restaurant

How to promote a Restaurant? : Read this article to know about top 10 ways to promote a restaurant. In this business-oriented world, many people often decide to open their own firms or their own restaurant. But sustaining that restaurant is a big deal. In this competitive world when everyone is struggling to find an existence, to raise his or her restaurant you don’t need to worry much from now. You are reading the correct article.

Here in this article, we are providing you the best ways by which you can promote your new restaurant. While being a restaurant owner be exciting but at the same time it can also pull your veins out, especially when most of the restaurants are shutting down. At the very start of your restaurant, you might be thinking about many questions so that your restaurant might run smoothly such as – what are the ways by which my restaurant will earn a profit? In which ways I can attract more customers? and many more. So, here we provide the list of ways by which you can promote your newly opened restaurant.

How to promote a Restaurant?

The Top 10 ways to promote a restaurant are listed below:

1. Set up online ordering

It is the first and foremost step that you must follow in this digitalized world before starting your own restaurant. Make your own website of the restaurant. Make sure it is regularly updated with the latest offers and exciting deals. Give an eye-catchy name to it so that it may attract many customers. make sure you provide a menu card over there and it is easy to read. You can also develop an application version of the same for better connectivity with the customers. Your website must also include several real images of your restaurant and the featured dishes and description.

how to promote a restaurant business

The website must also have a newsletter subscription box where the customer can subscribe with their email address. Your restaurant must also possess the facility of online orders and home delivery. So, accordingly, it must also have those button options on your website. Your website must also have various social media buttons so that the customers can see your reach on various social media platforms. Your website must also have gift cards, coupon codes and amazing festive offers listings to steal the heart of the customers. In the end, the website must also have location, about, contact, career, and newsroom. But the question is how to create such an attractive website.

If you are a web developer then it is okay but if you are not you can obviously hire one. But then again if you don’t want to invest that much or don’t have the fund to hire a web developer then you can search online and try the different online software available to make one such website.

2. Develop a unique branding

Branding is a very important step if you want to promote your restaurant. The customers should spell your brand name and whenever they hear the name, the first thing that should come to their mind should be your’s restaurant’s name. It is also true that branding comes with experience and experience comes with time. But what can be better if you can do the same within a couple of months after opening your restaurant.

how to promote a new restaurant business

If your restaurant is home delivery focused then you can make your brand name out through mesmerizing packaging, good and timely delivery, some uniqueness in the delivery that can force the customer to recall you once again. But if your restaurant is not delivery focused and instead it is dining focused then your interior decoration should make your brand name out. Make a unique menu card which will also show the brand name.

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3. Search optimization

As I told earlier also, you need to do something unique to get the customers. This is the thing you need to do. You have to optimize the customer’s search. You can easily do so by giving some specific keywords. These keywords can be anything. They do not need to be any official documentary or something else but it is something that can attract your’s neighbours. For that, you have to give an eye catchy keyword which can be city or town related or it can also be dish or cuisine related. These things do only one thing and that is it must show your website among the top 3 websites when searched by the google search engine result.

restaurant marketing ideas and trends

You must also sign up for Google my business so that the google search engine shows your restaurant’s location in the google maps. According to reports, more than 80% of the customers find their restaurants online through their smartphones.  Thus, your website should in the top three to get recognition.

4. Grand opening

As the name itself suggests the opening should be grand. It should be the one that everyone could remember throughout life. For that, you have to promote your restaurant’s opening date and venue and the special items and the exciting deals on every social media platform where you are available. Also, try to put some hoardings or banners regarding the same at different public places to grab the attention of the customers. Also, mention the amazing offers that you are going to give on that very day.

how to promote food business online

Try to decorate the entrance very beautifully which might awestruck the visitors. Try also to promote the brand as much as possible on that very day. Also, try to arrange for some live events and small games which will entertain the customers. You can also give exciting coupon codes as gifts which might avail them a discount next time when they come to your restaurant or place an order from here.

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5. Be Social

Mix up more with your target customers, the more they will know about you. The more they will know about you, the more they will come to your restaurant. Basically, you need to interact with other people around you. For doing this I believe, the internet is the best possible medium. You must be having a backup strategy always ready to avoid any crash down. For doing such things you can ask from the customers their likings about various dishes on your website.

how to promote a restaurant on social media

You can also ask for reviews and ratings and can accordingly customize your business. You can also write the customer-generated suggestions on your website. The restaurant owner can also write about the journey, how you started? You can also write about your favorite dishes that are available in the restaurants.

6. Local listings

You should keep your websites always updated and should claim your business on many local platforms. To name a few, Zomato, Swiggy, and Uber eats.

best way to promote restaurant business

It is seen that most of the orders also come from these platforms only. Thus, promoting your restaurant over these local platforms can enhance the number of customers.

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7. Giveaways and contests

It is human nature that humans love free things and also like to indulge in different contests and competitions. Mostly when a new shop is opened, these types of activities are organized to give fun to the customers. These activities also provide excitement and the bait to bring back those customers once again. In offers section, you can also give the exciting offers like 50% off on ordering food above a certain minimum order.

how to attract customers to my restaurant

8. Media outreach

Here in this point the word media refers to social media. By media outreach, I mean reaching or connecting to various social media platforms and ultimately reaching to the customers present over there. For doing so, you need to make a very beautiful website and also have to make an application version to make it more user-friendly.

how to promote a restaurant on facebook

The website is since that of a restaurant and all related to food. Therefore, breaking the old conventional method, you can also hire many food writers and bloggers who can write about the various food-related interesting facts which can capture the minds of many people.

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9. Loyalty

It is again of utmost importance if you are planning to open a restaurant or have already opened one. This is the key feature which the owners cannot buy with their money. It is something that is inherent and comes from the guardians and that is where the difference lies. A restaurant with loyalty reputation can attract, gain and also retain the customers. If your reputation or loyalty is good then it not only means retaining your customers.

how to promote a restaurant on instagram

But it also means the more amount of time that you are getting to know the data and to record the likings and disliking of the customers. You are also coming to know your customers more closely as you come to know about the kind of food they like and if you serve them with the same kind of food then they are becoming your permanent customers.

10. Build a relationship

Through your email newsletter, you are having the mails of different persons. Try to make them understand how much you feel for them by sending them personalized emails or messages expressing your sorrow about how you feel when they are not visiting your restaurant for a long time.

unique restaurant promotion ideas

This shows your concern about the customers and may be helpful in attracting a large mass of customers.

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