10 Best Business Tactics

Best Business Tactics

In this article we are going to talk about the Best Business tactics. First thing that comes to our mind is that what is tactic? Tactic is sort of decision or plan used to use the opportunities and take advantages of situation. In layman’s term we can call it as strategy. Strategy defines our direction towards the goal whereas tactics help us to follow the checkpoints of strategy. Tactics are used in every domain but specifically talking about business tactics, we have very less tactics available to follow. So I am going to tell you some of the business tactics I know.

10 Best Business Tactics

Some of the Business tactics are:-

1. Products and services

Products and services

We need to bring new and better products in market regularly so that we remain in the competition among the rival companies. It is very necessary to come with new ideas and innovation in our products as well as come with new products with innovation to stand different in the market.

It is very important that our product should be different from others.

Talking about the services, these should be provided to every customer irrespective to type of product like small products or cheap products. Service plays a major role in any company success.

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2. Advertisement


People buy only those products that are advertised properly or that have a unique and creative feature in it. Thus it becomes necessary to convey information about our product in a positive manner and different manner so that it reaches the thought of every person. It is advertisement that makes product valuable. If we have to sell any service, we should advertise it in such a way that it forces person to buy it.

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3. Price and value

Price and value

It is not necessary to decrease the price of the product in order to increase your company dominance. But it can sometime become the only option to increase your company’s value.

Some companies keep the value of their product high as it is natural tendency of every person to think that costlier products are better. Many times, this condition is true that product is actually good.

And there are some companies that keep the value of their product and services low, so that they can attract people of every status in society.

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4. Offers and Discount

Offers and Discount

We see lot of offers on products we use daily. Some state that they are giving extra content at same price as before. Some show that they have decreased the price by certain amount or giving one plus one offer etc. A normal customer is attracted to these types of offers and thus the demand of product and service is increased.

Some companies show that they are decreasing the price, whereas what they actually do that they increase the price of product secretly and then show that they are giving discount by selling them to decreased price.

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5. Warranty


We see that some companies try to increase their business by offering warranty services. In this way, a consumer is attracted to warranty and thus buying it. Warranty is generally given for electronic devices which are very sensitive and there are chances that it may get damaged while using.

Earlier many companies provided guarantee with warranty which ensured that the companies will replace the product if gets damaged within a given period of time.

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6. Target customer

Target customer

It is one the best tactics to apply in business world. Companies should focus on a particular group of people to sell their products. For example, power banks used to charge mobile etc. were specially made for people who are very busy, can’t be attached to one workplace and have to move from place to other. Then the use of it was done while traveling purposes etc.

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7. Efficiency and domain

Efficiency and domain

It is very necessary for any company to stick to any domain and then excel in it. This is one tactic used in business market. It is wise decision to select a domain for company for which it will work. For example, Microsoft has dominated the market of word, documents, excel sheets and software making it useful for business needs. To avoid competition, Apple has chose design as their domain by their products and thus students and people related to graphic design are attracted more towards apple.

It is very necessary to increase the efficiency of you product as your product defines the company’s reputation.

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8. Investment


This is one of the best tactics we should use in business market. We should plan to invest money we don’t have that is running your business. Investors are in search of such companies whose product and services are good and have a proper plan to increase their company.

Therefore company should show some symptoms to investors to increase their product and services.

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9. Live feeds and news

Live feeds and news

It is now not sufficient to maintain a proper website with good content as people are not aware of your product. A trend has came to do live streaming of your products.

We can use many social media websites like Facebook, instagram and twitter to display our products. It is considered as a good marketing tactics in business world. It has shown that it has grown sales and reputation of the company. When we do live stream, people feel more involved to our products in real time.

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10. Responsivity


It is a necessary tactic in today’s business. We need to response quickly to our customers demands. People have trusted our product, so it becomes our sole responsibility to help our customer and keep them satisfied. Proper services should be provided to customers so that they build trust with our products and help us to increase our business.

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We shall quickly respond to the complaints faced by users and take steps that it shouldn’t be repeated.

These were some of the basics business tactics we should follow in order to increase our business and make a good name in the market.

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