10 Best Used Book Sites to Buy and Sell Second Hand Books Online

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The best used book website is Better World Books. In this article I am going to tell you about Top 10 used book sites to buy and sell second hand books online. People often visit these websites to check used books for sale and buy used books online. Used book sellers sell their used books online using the below mentioned second hand book sites.

Books are always a passion for many persons. For many, reading a book is also a hobby. For many people, books are not just a mere piece of paper. It is their friend, a close friend with whom they can share their emotions, wipe the tears and express their joy. In this tech-savvy world where millions of ebooks and free pdfs of many books are available, the people find for that old binding book. They are even ready to buy a new book instead of downloading the pdf version of the same book. If you are also the same kind of person then this article is for you. It is not your fault to not read the ebooks, it is your interest and passion to read the binding books.

To help you solve this problem here in this article we are providing with many top websites where you can easily find your book and that too at a much reasonable rate. Even if you are not a reading enthusiast and are tensed about the books which are already present in your shelf and want a decent buyer who can take care of those. Then again this place is for you. As here in this article, we are going to provide some of those best sites where you can buy a second hand book or sell a book and can even rent your book. So, after reading this article you can easily avail of your dream book and that too without making a hole in your wallet.

Top 10 websites to buy and sell second hand books online

The top 10 websites to buy and sell used books online are listed below:

1. Better World Books

As the name itself suggests, it always tries to provide better versions of books across the globe. This is a US-based website but that does not mean that only the Americans have access to this website. It is open to many countries. At the top only you are first advised to change the shipping address and a list of numerous countries are there from where you can choose your country. The only bad thing about the website is that you can see the prices of the books either in dollars ( USD ) or in euros. You can also search your favorite book by its name or author or ISBN. You can also look among various categories of books.

The most important thing and you can say a specialty of this site is that it provides or rather deliver books to your doorstep and that too at zero cost. Yes, you are right it provides you free shipping. It also provides exciting offers to save your piggy bank. For example, as the winter is setting in and the weather is becoming chilly, it is the idle time to take a cup of hot coffee in one hand and your favorite author in the other and sitting near a firewood and get lost in the world of imagination.

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Here at this time, it offers the clearance sale. You can also get more than 900k + textbooks over here to meet your school’s needs. Not only that you can also get up to 90% off on textbooks. You search by your favorite author and get the whole database. You can also see the popular books that are mostly read by the readers. If you are a person who likes to bargain and lower the price as much as possible then this site also caters to your needs. This site provides a separate bargain bin where you can get books which are at 20% off and many exciting offers too.

You can also see the best selling authors and their books. Users can also subscribe to their newsletter through your email so that when any new deals are available you are the first one to know the same. You can also see the customer ratings and their comments and how they feel using the product from them. It is not only about buying books you can also sell it over here. You can also donate books over here. You will be amazed to see the figures of books donated and the number of books reused or recycled. If the book does not meet your expectations then you can also easily return the book.

So basically it is an ocean of books and if you take two or drops (books) from it will not empty and to glaze at the beauty of this ocean you have to experience the same.

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2. PustakKosh

It is another website where you can buy sell and even rent books. You probably have heard about renting apartments, houses, and rooms but have you heard about renting your books? Pustakkosh provides you with the rental company of books in India. This site is more of a professional site for your books you can hardly find the moral values books and other fantasy storybooks. Here in this site you can get books on the basis of your subjects or courses enrolled. For example, you can get books for your school as well as you can also get your books for masters. You can also get popular renowned writers like B.L. Thareja and many more.

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You can also get a cash on delivery option over here. If you are a person who thinks that buying a book online is quite expensive and rather will want to buy it from your retailer who offers a 15% discount or max 20% discount, then you have come to the right place because pustakkosh provides you books at 70% off. Thus, you can buy books and also load your piggy bank at the same time.

If anyone is having any problems understanding its terms and conditions then it also provides an online video that you can see on youtube and can get to know about your hows. All you have to do is that just call them up at their phone numbers or can also mail them at their email id and just let them know your request and they will respond you back. You can also see the reviews of satisfied customers.

3. Amazon

Here is your so-called “ Apni Dukaan”. No need to mention about the range of new books that it provides. Moreover, Amazon has an option called “Local Finds” and there you can see all the used books listed to be on sale. You can also sell books here. What else do you want if you are getting the 100% money back if you don’t like the product delivered to your home?

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4. BooksByKilo

As the name itself suggests here you can get different collections of books based on their weight. You can get the premium collection, the standard collection and also the classic collection. The website users can also get the books which are on special offers. You can also get a free delivery on purchase above rupees 1000.

sell second hand books online

5. All Books Online

It is another site where you can not only buy or sell your books, rather you can also exchange your old books and get a new one at a much cheap price. You can search among different categories which are quite different from the others like you can get computer science and IT fiction books and many such amazing and interesting books. You can also read what’s hot section where you can see the trending searches.

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6. Quikr

This site doesn’t require any introduction. Everyone reading this article very well know about this site. You can buy your favorite book from a vast number of choices. You can also sell your books over here. The most important thing about Quikr site is that you can post your listing or the selling book’s advertisement at no cost. Yes, it is completely free. You can post your book completely free by clicking on the “ post free ad ” option.

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7. OLX

Olx is another site that also doesn’t require any introduction. You can search for your stuff in your own location. You can also avail exciting offers and can get special discounts on this festive season.

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8. Save Books

This site provides with a unique concept. As the name itself suggests to save the old books. This site allows you to sell and buy books and that too in your own college campus. You can even donate books. Not only in your college, but this site also allows you to exchange your books in your school, college and university campus. Why only in your campus, you can also buy, sell, donate and exchange books in your own area also.

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9. Used Books for sale

This site provides you with your own bookshelf. It consists of many books under diverse categories like deals of the day, books under rupees 60 and many more. You can also get the Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens at just rupees 65. You can also see the hot deals under the popular section. Just visit this site once and I promise you can’t press the back option without purchasing a book.

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10. Buy Second Hand Book

It is the place where your value ( money) meets satisfaction. You can also get spiritual books, romantic books, and photography books too just over here. It also provides a 100% moneyback guarantee.

best website to sell used books online

Buy second hand books also provides free shipping on all orders above rupees 500. It also has 24*7 online as well as phone customer support.

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