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google alternative

Google alternative search engines are some sites like google that can be used as a replacement of google search engine. Google was launched in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin (students from Stanford university in California). It has been derived from the word googol which literally mean a large number.

It simply means searching any information related to anything on the internet through search engine. It is a basic need of every person.

Google is based on advertisement and makes money through it.

It gives a lot of free service. When you are not being charged for any product, then you become the product.

Websites are the collection of web pages, multimedia and various web resources. These are identified with some domain name. Websites are of many types whether it is government or private websites.

Today we know that all the commercial and social activities or work are connected with internet. As we all know that Google is one of the best search engines out of various alternative available for searching.

If they want to know about anything or collect any information related history, data, current affairs, videos, videos, images, slogans, free courses, clear any doubts or to learn anything, you just need to google it just by typing and results are displayed on the screen within fractions of seconds. Now-a-days people can do their work easily through internet. Everything is online like shopping, advertising, payment, entertainment, lectures, marketing, etc. You can easily get information and education related work easily on internet websites. Internet provide us various websites or link which are very helpful for us.

Top 10 Google Alternative Search Engines

Google is very common search engine that is available in multilingual. But due to redundant advertisement and irrelevant content it becomes annoying and irritating. Most of the people in the world are still using google because they don’t know about other search engines which are better than Google. The top google alternative search engines are mentioned below:



Yahoo is a search engine focusing on connecting, informing and entertaining users. It provides us services like Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Groups, Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Answers, Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! Search and many other websites like social media. This website is so popular. The international site of yahoo is “”. You can create your account on yahoo just like google to check and to send mails.

other sites like google

It is easy to create a new Yahoo account. It allows to configure external email from gmail, hotmail, etc. Click on yahoo main/home page, further click or tap on sign up and the fill the required blanks with your true information, and accept the terms and conditions. Enter the verification code when asked and then click on submit. Now, your account has been created.

Reasons to use Yahoo Search Engine

  1. Yahoo is being used longer than google.
  2. It serves latest news, mail service, live games and score, shopping centre , lifestyle, finance variety of services and many others.
  3. It supports more than thirty five languages.

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2. Bing

This search engine is the second most popular. Microsoft’s bing is secured for digital marketing. This provides features like translations, checking spellings , scores of sports, checking flights. You can download this app from Play store or App Store.

alternative google

Reasons to use bing search engine

  1. It has special features.
  2. Best for video search, which is displayed agree to large thumbnails and allows to play on the same page.
  3. Home page keeps changing background by displaying alluring pictures of places , celebrities, animals , things, sports, art etc.

3. DuckDuckGo

If you seek online privacy then the best alternative of google is duck duck go. It is very popular because it provides standard features and offer best security and privacy. The most striking feature is your online activities are not traceable by website and free from ads. It always fulfil your queries whenever you look for it.

best alternative to google

Why to use DuckDuckGo search engine

  1. DuckDuckGo doesn’t track users.
  2. Minimal or no ads user friendly.
  3. Allow user to search directly on the directly on the other sites.

4. SearX  

This meta search engine is an open source. Their aim is to provide privacy to the users and it does not share your IP addresses and browsing history.

google search alternatives

Why SearX?

  • It is customisable google alternative for privacy.
  • No user tracking is allowed.
  • By default, Cookies are not used.
  • It is secured.

5. Ask

It is an another privacy oriented search engine. Earlier, it was known as Ask Jeeves. It displays the results in question and answer format.

alternative search engines to google

Features of Ask Search engine

  • Ask is Self hosted.
  • For multiple questions, is the answer.

6. SearchEncrypt

It ensures that your activities are safe and not traceable.  Your browsing history gets deleted automatically after every fifteen minutes of your inactiveness.

websites like google

Why should you use Search Encrypt?

  •  To be considered on the basis of privacy, Search encrypt is best search engine.
  • Auto delete or expiry feature is offered for browsing history.

7. Swisscows

It was launched in 2014 and available in many languages. This google alternative’s servers are based in Switzerland, and as you know about the strict rules, laws and policies in that country. The best features are- it does not store your personal data, queries, IP address. It does not show irrelevant data or facts when you search anything. You can give your laptop or mobile to other hand to access your device without any worry.

google search engine alternatives

Why Swisscows?

  • Extremely focused on privacy features.
  • Swisscows provides the grid for suggestions.
  • Good search engine

8. Qwant

This search engine is based in France. It never record your search history and never tracks you. The unique feature of Qwant search engine is it displays its own contents and results.It also provides similar features like bing and DuckDuckGo gives. This search engine highlights current topics and news on its homepage. Whenever you will search any word, this will be categorised in three things- social, web, news in a good manner. Moreover, it also provides distinct section for music lovers which helps to discover new song and lyrics.

other websites like google

Why to choose Qwant?

  • It focuses on privacy.
  • Different feature of music
  • It never tracks your history.

9. Start page

It is merged with google in 2009 and pull up service to search results anonymously. You can customise the theme of search engine ( Dark mode, black, white, default or classic) .

best alternative to google search engine

Reasons for choosing this google alternative

  • Start Page promotes cookie free internet by generating customer url.
  • Details are not stored in browsing history.
  • It does not track your online activities.

10. Gibiru

This search engine manages privacy issues and censorship. It is providing result anonymously. If you will read the disclaimer provided, it ensures that the records are cleaned within fraction of seconds.

search engines similar to google

Why to choose Gibiru?

  • Gibiru perform a good job in managing privacy and censorship.
  • Good alternative of google.

Other Best Google alternative

Disconnect-  This google alternative is quite different from others due to its unique feature. It is an open source which is available for android, iOS, Firefox, opera, etc. This google search engine alternative takes you to the other server for your queries or search and make you anonymous. It means it does not display its own data, results, or facts, but reroutes you. This google alternative does not contain ads which means it is ad-free.

Now a days, we only seek privacy to keep our data, records, and browsing history safe and secured. Google is broken terribly. It mostly shows ads. It is good to know but many students are dependent on these search engines. They have lost their creativity and encouraging copy pasting work. Many people give their opinions and false statements on it, and some conversations are biased, which may lead to conflicts, confusion and chaos. In order to secure  your privacy and escape from spoofing, you must choose other alternatives available of google.

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